A very important dialectical clarification

A very important dialectical clarification 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest readers:

I allow myself to write you some words for the purpose of doing:


Recently, dear reader, I had the opportunity to contemplate the speech of a lady who, in her televised show, forcefully claimed that SAMAEL AUN WEOR was not Gnostic.

According to that woman and her statements, the V.M. Samael was, in his doctrine, precisely contrary to the ancient Gnostic tradition, but the dialectical reasons brandished for this claim were truly all TOO POOR to take into account.

This video, which attacks the Samaelian Gnosticism, aims to create an ABSURD image by comparing the 20th century Gnosticism with the pre-Christian and post-Christian Gnosticism.

To get into the subject, we have to consider, first of all, that those ancient Gnostics, such as Basilides, Valentin, Carpocrates, Epiphanius, Plato, Plotinus, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Tales of Miletus, Heraclitus, etc., etc., etc., belonged to secret or metaphysical schools in which the whole doctrine was kept in the MOST ABSOLUTE SECRECY, and all the members of those communities had sworn to NEVER REVEAL THE SECRETS OF THOSE ORDERS, unless they then agreed to have their lives taken away or being expelled from the Temples of Mysteries… This know-it-all who disserts in that video knows none of this.

Unquestionably, those ADEPTS who experienced Gnosis, or, rather, SELF-GNOSIS, were true ascetics in the most complete sense of the word, and they were ABSOLUTELY CHASTE because they had learnt the ARCANUM A.Z.F. in these sacred schools as part of their studies. Such ARCANUM is the master key to all Mysteries, and without it it’s impossible to achieve the yearned-for Intimate Self-Realization of the BEING; wherewith, by the way, those MASTERS were children of the Holy Spirit because they never fornicated, like the multitudes of our much-vaunted 20th century. This is also ignored by the lady making those dissertations.

They were other times, illustrious reader, and the wisdom that were to bring a person to the summit of the Kingdom of the Father was not within the reach of everybody; so as to have access to it, it was necessary to first be tested in many ways. Let us remember the famous four trials to which those aspiring to the mysteries were subjected, related to the four elements, and if someone came out successful from such tests he was then accepted as a NEOPHYTE to begin to try to understand the nature of the BEING…

Obviously, with the arrival of the Great Kabir Jesus, the V.M. Aberamentho, the veil was torn and, through the experimentation of a TERRIBLE DRAMA properly prepared by him and his apostles, humanity was shown the way back to the Father who is in the heavens of Consciousness─. The GREAT MASTER himself said: “He who wants to come after me, may he take his cross [Sexual Magic], may he deny himself [death of the Ego] and may he follow me…”, following him meant TO SACRIFICE ONESELF FOR HUMANITY. This is what was indicated to the multitudes by that drama, which still to this day has not been understood even by the stupid theologians of our time, who only like to make forums to try to INTELLECTUALIZE about the redemption of the Soul, they really like to do that…

The aforementioned video against Samaelian Gnosticism ignores the existence of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD that for millennia has been watching over this human anthill and from whose bosom the MESSENGERS, PROPHETS, INITIATES, AVATARS, etc., etc., etc. have sprung. This indicates utmost ignorance on the part of that lady in question.

She firmly believes that the only Gnosis is that of two thousand years ago, which only spoke in PARABLES and only to a few chosen ones. This woman stayed far behind in the early history of the Gnostic groups of the Qumran or Nag-Hammadi caves. She should apply this phrase attributed to Mark Twain on herself: “It is difficult to make an ignorant man see that he has been fooled”.

In this pseudo-video the V.M Samael is criticized for having declared himself Avatar of the Age of Aquarius. But is it the fault of the V.M. Samael Aun Weor that he received such a title?

In the same way, Master Samael Aun Weor is criticized for declaring himself a Prophet of Jehovah. Have not all the prophecies made by our Patriarch been fulfilled? The V.M. Samael said in 1950 that man would reach the Moon and it happened. He asserted that there is life on Mars, at the Martian equator, and now the intellectualoid earthlings, after having denied any possibility of finding life on Mars, have found WATER IN THE POLES of that planet and canals have been found that bring that water to the equator… In his work MY RETURN TO TIBET, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor stated that earthlings would reach the Moon and that they would build a station there to try to go to other worlds, and now we know that NASA’s plans are nothing else than to create that station for expeditions to Mars and other worlds. They have even set a date for the arrival of earthlings on Mars: it would be in the year 2030. What about this? Was it true or not, what that Prophet of Jehovah said?

The much-vaunted video against the V.M. Samael Aun Weor says that our Patriarch was an egomaniac. That is a gross lie, for we all know the fight that he deployed against all MYTHOMANIA, ALL BIG-HEADEDNESS, ALL MISANTHROPHY, etc., etc., and if this lady would have read the work FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION she would have perfectly realized that Master Samael Aun Weor speaks of deeply respecting the FREE WILL and, at the same time, on infinite occasions the Father of contemporary Gnosis reiterated:  “Do not follow me, follow yourselves”, wanting to tell all of us: NO ONE CAN SAVE ANYONE, EACH ONE HAS TO SAVE THEMSELVES. The presenter in the aforementioned video seems to have been unaware of this.

It is undeniable that in order to manage to return to the BEING, which could then make us communicate with God ─namely: the Eternal Father, the BEING─ a guide, a GURU, is necessary. This has been the case since the beginning of all Ages, and the V.M. Samael has developed his works precisely for the purpose of leading us towards achieving the Intimate Self-Realization of our BEING. What crime did Master Samael commit in wanting to show a signpost to this humanity that is absolutely lost???

The presenter said that it was absurd to want to create an inner energy through TANTRA because that is not mentioned in the ancient Gnostic texts, and that the ancient Gnostics regarded sex as secondary, suspicious, sinful. But what this presenter continues to ignore is that it is not possible to redeem any of our souls if we do not wash away THE ORIGINAL SIN ─namely: fornication─, and this is only possible with the ARCANUM OF THE ARCANA, the ARCANUM A.Z.F., which meticulously explains the union of male-female polarities without sexual ejaculation. What is sinful about sex? Whoever sees sex as something filthy, it is because his mind is full of filth, but that is not the fault of Gnosticism. We Gnostics know that the only way to reconcile with the Holy Spirit is through SEXUAL REGENERATION. St Paul said it well: “Every sin shall be forgiven except that which attempts against the Holy Spirit”. May this lady understand that the Holy Spirit is fire, and the fire that redeems is the SEXUAL FIRE. That has been the VERY SERIOUS ERROR of the Catholic Church and of the Christian Orthodox Church: to want the GRACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WHILE BEING FORNICATORS. What a blasphemy and what a stupidity!

Likewise, this sleeper claimed that the pairing between man and woman was not necessary to reach God because the ancient Gnostics said that within man himself there were the two polarities: MASCULINE and FEMININE, and that was enough, because human beings came into spiritual contact with those two polarities and thus came into contact with God. All this sounds VERY ROMANTIC, but the crude truth is that the human BEING does have an ETERNAL AND ADORABLE FEMALE FORCE ─in the case of a man─, who is nothing else than the BUDDHI of Buddhism, or the Valkyrie of the Norse myths, or the GEBURAH of the Hebrew Sephirotic Tree; but to unite with that LADY WHO IS PART OF ETERNITY, or with the KNIGHT WHO SIGHS SINCE AGES AGO FOR HIS BELOVED ─the Human Soul– in the case of a woman, it is necessary to have first purified oneself in the mind, in the heart and in sex itself, understood?

Another thing that blind presenter didn’t understand is that the EGO is a barrier between GOD, ─namely: the BEING─ and us. The Ego must be beheaded precisely so that the soul may be freed from the bonds that prevent it from experiencing the KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS. It is the EGO that prevents this presenter from understanding and comprehending these realities. We find it very regrettable.

She also said that the V.M. Samael Aun Weor was not Gnostic because he loved the BIBLE and the BIBLE was full of dogmas to ancient Gnostics ─according to her─. But at the same time the aforementioned lady ignores that Master Samael Aun Weor always stated that the Bible we know is absolutely mutilated and that the real BIBLE is written in a language WHICH HAS NOT YET BEEN UNDERSTOOD and that it is well stored in a museum in North America. What about this?

The ANTI-GNOSTIC video also states that there was a CREATOR DEMIURGE that the Gnostics of antiquity spoke about and that the V.M. Samael Aun Weor does not mention him at all. Again, we find ourselves before someone who laughs at what she does not know and, as Victor Hugo, the great French writer, said: “He who laughs at what he does not know is on the way to being an idiot.” If that lady would have read the work THE SECRET DOCTRINE OF ANAHUAC, and particularly the chapter entitled “Gnostic Anthropology”, she would have seen there that the V.M. Samael Aun Weor mentions the Demiurge, but he breaks him down gnostically, explaining him better than the old treatises of Gnosticism that have existed.

The Avatar of Aquarius is described as someone who likes to PLAGIARIZE, which is absurd, because Master Samael himself says in many of his works that what is not of his own garnering would appear in quotation marks because he does not like to adorn himself with borrowed plumes. The fact that Master Samael has spoken about RUNES does not at all mean that he is copying them from the V.M. Huiracocha ─Krumm Heller─, for such RUNES are very ancient and many have mentioned them, and when some terms are used in the doctrine and those terms relate to Gurdjieff, it does not mean that the Master copies Gurdjieff, for those terms belong to no one, they are Tibetan terms or Atlantean terms.

It is curious that the lady who tries to discredit the V.M. Samael has resorted to VAMPIRISM, commented by the Avatar, trying to break the image of the Patriarch of the Gnostic Movement, because the author of the video claims that if the V.M. Samael were a true Patriarch he would not DESPISE HOMOSEXUALS but he would love them. That is the same position as that of the Catholic Church and its aberrations, wanting to justify, in some way, its Roman curia, which is completely rotten. That was the THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA that the Catholic Church has always wanted to hide, for such a secret stated: “Satan will sit on the throne of Peter”… And this is what has happened…

Master Samael never claimed that he would resurrect three days after his death… The only thing that did happen was that at the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium, then located in Santa Marta ─Columbia─, Master Samael spent three days in a coma and on the third day he returned to himself. By then he had made contact with his TRUE REALITY, his Intimate Christ, and he himself bore witness to such glory. Still, the Avatar of Aquarius, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, never liked to go about acting as a miracle-worker, for he declared that the powers belong to the BEING and they should only be used when the BEING deems it necessary…

With regard to the EGYPTIAN MUMMY that the presenter casts doubt on, the author of these lines has already had two testimonies of it. The last was at a Latin American airport, where the V.M. Samael presented himself to me as a social communicator when I asked him what he was dedicated to in life. But, obviously, my words will crash against the ATHEISM of that lady and many other video presenters because they themselves are empty of principles and find it impossible to believe these phenomena. These people are only good at sleeping, eating, working, fornicating, and, again, going back to sleep; such is the vicious circle of the train of life that they lead.

As for the V.M. Samael Aun Weor declaring himself to be Buddha Maitreya, thus seeking personalism or a leading role in the metaphysical environment, I would like to tell the young presenter that Master Samael did not award himself such a title. Quite the opposite. What happened is that the much-revered Holy Order of Tibet named the V.M. Samael Buddha Maitreya, for there was already a prophecy within Buddhism that spoke of the return of Buddha Maitreya. In addition, this prophecy said that Buddha Maitreya would come from the West to twin both hemispheres spiritually: the Eastern with the Western. And, precisely, even if it does not please the young woman who criticizes Samaelian Gnosticism, what indeed was certain is that the Father of contemporary Gnosis finally explained TRUE BUDDHISM, and that is why there are many wonderful esoteric accounts accompanied by practices to be performed in his works so that what is read can be confirmed by the reader himself. But here we again find the problem of the SLEEPING CONSCIOUSNESS on the part of our critics. If the young presenter of the anti-gnostic video could ever make the so-called ASTRAL TRAVEL in her life, she could attend the Holy Order of Tibet herself and, right there, they could confirm that Samael Aun Weor is certainly the Buddha Maitreya. By the way, I emphasize to the young woman in that video that true Buddhism, to be effective, has to be TANTRIC, because without Tantra Buddhism ends up being one more cage of theories, as Catholicism, the Orthodox Christian Church, Hinduism, Brahmanism and many other doctrines have been.

I want to finish by telling everyone that the titles that a truly self-realized Master receives are awarded, internally, by the sacred confraternity of the White Brotherhood; they are not degrees that they hang upon themselves. So, when we are told that the BEING of the V.M. Samael is a COSMOCRATOR, regent of the planet Mars, how is that BEING to blame for performing that task??? Hasn’t it always been known in astrology that each planet has a Ruling Angel or Archangel? What has happened and continues to happen is that people were never really informed by their failed religions about these mysteries because their own churches held those things as simple MYTHS or ASSUMPTIONS, but to us Gnostics, those things ARE REALITIES THAT WE CAN EXPERIENCE DIRECTLY THANKS to the soul projection, thus we can travel through the cosmos and meet with such divine entities. That is something else and that is why we the Gnostics ARE NOT GULLIBLE AND WE ARE NOBODY’S FOOL. That is all.

Allow me to cite a few sentences for reflection:

“The heart is wiser than the intellect”.

“Intelligent people have a right over the ignorant: the right to instruct them.”

“The interesting thing is not a fact in itself, but its explanation.”
Bernard Shaw

“Those who say ignorance say blindness, worries, error, superstition, despotism, misery and immorality.”
Victor Hugo

“Ignorance is a donkey that makes the one who ride it stumble at every step and it makes a fool of the one that leads it.”