The danger of losing our ethical values until becoming animal-like creatures

The danger of losing our ethical values until becoming animal-like creatures

The danger of losing our ethical values until becoming animal-like creatures 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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When we try to remember and compare our present with our past we realize that, certainly, through the way of living that exists in our days we have been losing a great many values over time, and this has dragged us toward an enormously superfluous, artificial life devoid of transcendental things.

Let us start by saying that when we were children, about 50 or 60 years ago, the vision we had of life was absolutely different from that of our days.

So, back then we liked to play with small boats made of paper that we then placed on the waters that ran next to our sidewalks and we contemplated them to see how far that mini-boat was going to go. Other times, likewise, we accompanied our small boat a few streets to see how far it had managed to travel.

On the other hand, those were the times of flying kites made of paper and balanced with a tail of very thin fabric. We launched such a kite into the air and, by means of a sufficiently long string, we made that toy rise and, once it had reached the heights, we made it go from one side of space to the other. We could spend hours and hours doing that. Our emotional center was very delighted, especially when the wind increased its strength…

Also, at that time an American institution called YMCA gave children wood and other tools, and each boy built a cart at home with which later, in a chosen place, races with them were promoted, and all this provoked not only joy and excitement in the children, but also in their parents or adults in general.

And what will we say about the game with marbles? All the girls signed up for such fun and it was a game that sharpened, not only the senses ─sight and touch─, but they formed cheerful groups that laughed at the loser ─healthily─ or encouraged the winner, all in an atmosphere of healthy fun. The same happened with the spinning top or whipping top, to which we wound a rope that served to throw it against the ground and sometimes against the top of the loser. Those situations drew constant laughter after which everyone went home.

The girls played at being housewives. They had some mini-pots and other kitchen utensils and among themselves they played cooking the supposed soup, which in reality was nothing more than a little water that each one drank in due course. Other times they played being mothers with their dolls. I cannot help but remembering the games that consisted of becoming, for a few moments, a doctor. Our parents bought us a “doctor” kit that included, among other things, a toy stethoscope that allowed us, supposedly, to know how the lungs of the “apparently ill persons” were doing and also the pulsations of their heart. Obviously, some were doctors and others were sick people, but that created a wonderful atmosphere of entertainment for children. It is unquestionable that to all these funny things we would have to add the “pedal carts” with which we moved around inside our homes.

And what about playing the skipping rope that two boys or girls moved while a third one jumped so as not to get entangled in it? There is no doubt that those games made us happy and no one was at risk or in danger.

Now here is the question, dear reader: How many children do we see in our days spending their childhood with this happiness? Answer: Very few, we could say NONE.

Why? Well, simply, because our current cruel civilization considers that all these forms of fun were and are silliness, nonsense, stupidities, and what is given to children today are the aberrant cell phones, the hypnotic computers or laptops, etc., etc., etc., all with the excuse that it is better for the child to get used to being intelligent, even if it means that he does not really live his childhood

When a human creature does not live its stages, his personality becomes deformed and all this will have repercussions in its later stages ─adolescence, adulthood, mature age and old age─.

To top it off, the arrival of television was for one part magnificent to show what was happening somewhere in the world, to show the advances of science in many of its fields and even to make children laugh with the cartoons of that time. Let us remember Popeye the Sailor, Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, the Pink Panther andcountless characters that delighted, not only children, but even their very parents …

Subsequently, this singular invention ─the TV─ began to be the means to start to pervert our society. At first, the films entertained viewers by presenting stories of the old American West ─Gone with the Wind─, Alice in Wonderland… Today, dear friends, things have changed a great deal. If we want to watch a film we must make sure that we do not fill our psyche with useless violence, blatant infrasexuality and other evil things, because all of that innocence was thrown into the trash and they started to produce films for us that were more and more perverted and degenerated and, unfortunately, everyone accepted that as something normal. Today we are used to watching films in which the main characters appear completely naked, and the last straw is that they show them fornicating. Obviously, all of this celluloid material has accumulated in our psychism until saturating us and, in this way, we are moving away from the BEING and drawing closer to the NON-BEING, THE “I”.

As if all this were not enough, now the multitudes, already maddened, have proclaimed the existence of  the LGBT phenomenon, which, according to its precursors, grants the freedom to all humanoids to choose between remaining  a man or a woman ─as Nature brought them into the world─, or transforming themselves, artificially, into something else, or directly requesting governments through their institutions ─social medical services─ to make them undergo a surgery and give them hormones to change their sexuality. The most incredible thing is that our society calls this progress and another part of it remains indifferent even though it is contemplating a real catastrophe in the species called “human”.

There would be many things that we could continue to enumerate in these pages to reaffirm that we no longer deserve the epithet of civilization. Now we should be called barbaric, dangerous and criminal groups that like to destroy each other… We know that behind these nefarious transformations of our world there have existed and continue to exist certain monstrous intelligences that are the ones that dictate what should be the fate of the rest of the rational mammals. Even the very governments of our world fear those characters who hide behind secret societies in various parts of our planet. These monstrous minds have planned and are setting in motion the Third World War that is beginning right under our noses, but, as we have said before, our Consciousnesses are so fast asleep that we do not care about anything any more…

Where will we end up? Answer: In total chaos and in our own self-destruction.

─‘Glory to God in the highest’─.