A reflection on our lifestyle

A reflection on our lifestyle

A reflection on our lifestyle 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

It is absolutely unquestionable that all the problems we face today in our daily lives derive from the way we have directed our existence on the stage of creation. We have been created, according to the Holy Scriptures, in the image of our Creator, but it seems that we really like to defy the Great Architect of the Universe and we want, according to our myopia, to amend or correct his work.

Let us start by saying that, in order to feed ourselves and sustain our rhythm of life, we have wanted to give free rein to our greed, and this egoic manifestation has wanted, regardless of the material cost or loss of health, to amass great fortunes by organically altering our food and in this way, we supposedly ensure that we will never lack them. However, we are so stupid that we fail to understand that over the years our organisms are going to deteriorate more quickly and we will begin to suffer from unknown diseases, apart from those we already know: cancer, gastroenteritis, diabetes, etc., etc.

Obviously, behind all these alterations there are tenebrous lobbies that get richer every day, and they have even created large biochemical corporations to continue their vandalism, all this, incredibly, with the support of world governments and even of the very World Health Organization itself ─WHO─. Certainly, everything is calculated in such a way that, if we start to get sick, these same lobbies have already prepared large pharmaceutical industries that will offer us other chemical compounds that, although they will not cure us, they will only relieve our ailments and, what is worse, will generate side effects that can probably lead us to death. The ministries of health of the various world governments do not intervene in this other pharmaceutical business either, nor does the much-vaunted WHO.

It has been these pharmaceutical corporations that have created strange vaccines to attack, precisely, a new form of virus that they have called SARS-CoV-2. And the most incredible thing is that these vaccines did not even follow the normal protocol that they have to follow, that is to say, to test them on animals for at least four years. None of that mattered to these corporations and they even had the cynicism to declare that in reality these vaccines will not put an end to the aforementioned virus. They now even predict a new outbreak of this virus worldwide.

Faced with all this, the media –obviously bought off– are silent and do not warn the population about these risks. We must not forget that at this point it is not even known where or from what chemical laboratory –American, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc., etc.– those viruses escaped, that today torment the whole world and have even caused a terrible genocide, before which the experiments attributed to Nazism are reduced to dwarfs.

It is clear that in all this the manifestation of that psychological aggregate that we call greed is evident.

Beyond our diet, it is good that we also focus on our way of dressing. Today there is an immense amount of clothing made with materials that produce various problems in our health, from skin problems to problems in our blood system ─strange allergies, etc.─. And, as if that were not enough, our clothing is no longer to cover our body and protect us from the cold or heat, no. Now it is all about displaying our bodies arrogantly wanting to provoke the lustful admiration of our fellow men. There are the fashion shows starring brainless women who do not even realize that they are being used for the benefit of certain companies that care little about degenerating women and society as a whole.

It is obvious that, having turned the simple use of a piece of clothing into a showcase for lustful provocations, it is only normal that more and more attacks against women have begun to be perpetrated: gang rapes, rapes accompanied by the death of the raped woman and an endless number of etceteras that follow this aberration.

Here enter, again, not only drug traffickers ─individuals that are absolutely deranged in their brain─, who obtain from certain plants the ingredient that drives the human psyche mad, but also designer drugs created by companies linked to pharmacy. In this way it is only normal that our society is filled, more and more, with crimes and disorders of great caliber, before which the very authorities themselves feel powerless when it comes to prosecuting such crimes and punishing the guilty.

These imbalances extend their tentacles into the construction industry. That is why it is easy to see thousands of people begging on the streets of big cities because they do not have money to pay the rent of an apartment and much less the purchase or rent of a house… And what became of our humanism and our cheap Christian faith? Why have we made hypocrisy our true religion and where will our self-centeredness totally contrary to christocentrism lead us…?

Not even the elements of Nature have been spared from our “civilized” savagery. Our oceans are now horrific garbage dumps that are causing the death of thousands of marine species. The rational and inhumane mammal has created a fishing system in which huge trawl nets are used, greedily wanting to obtain a good catch that, to make matters worse, can not always be sold later in the markets because of them being saturated, with which many of those fish will die and rot.

A few days ago, the Japanese, in an unscrupulous way, finally dumped the radioactive waters of the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see people who, having eaten from that fish, are contaminated with nuclear waste, which will alter their health, their genetics for several generations. And who authorized this calamity? Answer: The Japanese government itself with the approval of the ridiculous international organisations that are to ensure the health of humanity. The other governments of the world were silent so as not to create a commercial enmity with Japan. This is how things are, friends. This is called complicity with crime in international law.

And what about the air we breathe? Now, in addition to having punctured and destroyed the ozone layer that filters ultraviolet rays so that they do not make us sick, our oxygen is much less than what we consumed decades ago. Today diseases such as asthma, bronchopulmonary problems, hypertension problems, etc., etc., etc. are common.

And we owe all this to the pseudo-politicians of our times who led countries to compete wanting to be the first to achieve the “conquest of space”. These space races are sold to people as scientific progress, but in reality, it is about wanting to subdue each other through the threat of nuclear bombs. This is putting into action the fury of anger and hatred thathave spread over our orb. And we ask again: What became of our vows to love our neighbor as ourselves? In the end everything has been reduced to mere insubstantial verbiage typical of our ABSOLUTE UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Not even the Atlanteans, with all their technology linked to magic, were so imbecilic as to destroy the ozone layer of our world.

And in the midst of this pandemonium the blind and degenerate crowds continue to enjoy their illusory little world linked to car races ─super polluting─, to the boxing championships ─criminal in every way─, to the vaunted Olympic Games, which, by the way, no longer serve to invite the social masses to take care of their bodies to make them healthy, many of the athletes who compete in them take various drugs to win the cups or medals that are promised to the winners. Everything has become a political competition between nations and those “winners” are hoisted by the various countries as the sign that their human might is unattainable to others. This is called pride. Pride breeds wars and hatred throughout history…..

The religious world of our day is the laughing stock of our time. The religious principles of Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., etc., etc. no longer matter. Only the forms of those religions have survived, but the depth of them is, nowadays, part of the filth of our social masses. Suffice it to remember that only in the Vatican, in the Roman Curia, some 89% of cardinals are pedophiles, homosexuals, child molesters, etc. And we ask ourselves: If religions are made to educate souls, how is it possible for this to happen?

A few days ago, inside a plane that Pope Francis boarded, a journalist asked the pontiff in a direct way:

“What does Your Holiness think of the homosexual phenomenon?”

That false vicar of Christ answered:

Who am I to judge them?” ─And he added: “Poor people!”

So why does he set himself up as vicar of Christ? The Christian faith, in addition to establishingthat WE MUST NOT FORNICATE, also establishes from Genesis that there is a man for every woman and a woman for every man…..

It is clear, dear friends, that, as long as our Consciousness is sleeping, all our thoughts, feelings and actions will be null, lacking logic, irrational and, therefore, typical of beasts. In this way the human race has lost its status as a thinking creature endowed with metaphysical faculties latent in its depths, to end up being a larva that walks but goes nowhere.

I end this reflection with a sentence attributed to Solomon, the Wise:

“When it comes to judging our mistakes, man is never an impartial judge.”

─‘The world likes to be deceived’─.