Revelations about the Trips of Soul

Revelations about the Trips of Soul 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

In the previous class we described the differences between Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation. We described that all souls go through these phenomena. We described the conditions which determine if a soul can return or reincarnate. In this class, we address these questions: What do the souls experience when they return? What happens to the souls as they go through their journey across multiple lives? What governs the different lives of a soul in their journey? In this class we learn: 1. Evolution explains only half the phenomenon a soul can experience in a life 2. There is another equally powerful force that governs the journey of a soul – Involution. Not much has been said about Involution till date. We describe this force and its real effects on our life in this class. 3. The interplay of these two powerful forces – Evolution and Involution, determines how some souls live powerful lives while others suffer a lot 4. We also learn how we can transform our life by applying a third superior force in our daily life 5. With the help of this third unique force, we can effectively break the chains of Evolution and Involution and live a genuinely free life