The destinies of Gnosis

The destinies of Gnosis

The destinies of Gnosis 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved friends:

I approach you through this message in which I transcribe for you some words that our Avatar, V.M. Samael Aun Weor opportunely pronounced, concerning…


First of all, allow me to tell you that this is an interview carried out with our Guru and which is contained in volume 3 of the precious work that we have entitled THE FIFTH GOSPEL. In the mentioned interview, the V.M. Samael answers some questions that a disciple asked him. So, here it is:

Master: So, it is not possible for someone to be saved in the midst of the flames. The select population will have to be taken out, and taken out long before the cataclysm. But in spite of everything, I say, select people are already beginning to be taken from here, from Earth. There are cases of people disappearing overnight; it is not known what they did, and it is that they are already taken, transported to other planets. This is happening all around the Earth.

Disciple: Venerable Master, with regard to those people who disappear overnight, whether on airplanes, ships, etc., we would like to know: were these chosen ones initiated people? Even though they may have worked with Maithuna, however, they have been taken out from the planet. What can you tell us about this?

Master: Well, some of them are Initiates; others, even if they are not yet Initiates, are at least select people, people who give hope, select seed. What the White Brotherhood is interested in is that the people are not perverse, that the seed is truly select, that it serves for the crossbreeding; crossbreeding ―I repeat― that happens in other worlds, with people from other worlds.

So, the people of the future Sixth Great Race, who will form the Celestial Jerusalem, will undoubtedly be people mixed with inhabitants of other worlds. It will be a superior type of humanity, will it not?

Disciple: So, let us suppose that within the Gnostic Movement there are many people who may not have finished with their inner perversity, and every Gnostic aspires, then, to be one of those chosen ones. In this case, if we do not succeed in eliminating that aspect, would we also be eliminated from that selection?

Master: Unquestionably, those who are not truly marching along the Path of the Razor’s Edge can be eliminated from that selection.

But if they are working sincerely, honestly, then they are not eliminated. Because when one is working, he is working and then he is considered and  can be selected ―the one who is working―.

Disciple: Master, you had told us in previous months that there will be a time when you will be more active in the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement and that you will be everywhere, that you will go to worlds, to planets, you will bring samples from other places and you will present them to scientists.

Many brothers ask us: “When will we see the Master?”, although we have told them that they can invoke you in astral and see you as long as they become conscious in astral. But that you will personally show up everywhere and be more active.

Master: Well, undoubtedly, my dear brothers, there is a Great Law of superior order that forbids me to leave Mexico. I have to live here all my life. But in any case we are working hard for humanity. For a long time, I have been developing an intensive activity, and proof of this are all the books we have written and also the gigantic International Gnostic Movement.

What does happen is that I am now doing a higher order job, because we are delivering the message, and it is divided into three parts. The first part can be considered kindergarten: they are the books with which we start the campaign, the struggle. The second is the Higher Teaching contained in the Christmas Messages of each year. The third has not yet been written, it will be much later.

Then we will have to give something extraordinary to humanity. I am already personally in contact with a group of intergalactic travelers. Obviously, I will join that group and we will have to bring from other worlds certain instructions for the terrestrial humanity, very interesting data about their cultures, about their civilizations, etc. And, in addition ―and that is the most interesting thing― proof, mineral elements, vegetals and even living organisms that will be placed on the scientists’ table.

This has an objective and a purpose, because nothing is done just for the sake of it, all this has a purpose. Which one? To make the mentalities of these humanoids turn toward the Cosmos, towards infinity, to attract radiation from other worlds to Earth to saturate this planet, to effectively help it with such saturations.”

Allow me now to leave you a few sentences that invite you to reflect:

“There is no great man without the pedestal of circumstance.”
Frederick the Great

“A good today is worth two tomorrows.”

«Unfortunately, opinion has more strength than truth.”

“Our opinions are the rule and measure of our acts.”

─‘With the consent of all’─.