Russia Ukraine war: A necessary reflection

A necessary reflection

A necessary reflection 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

Given the global situation that we are all facing, I consider that we must make…


When we look at what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, we all wonder: but how is this possible?

A conflict that began as a small territorial dispute has taken on incredible magnitudes, creating within both countries many deaths, displaced hungry people, countless wounded, children who have lost their mothers, elderly people who ended their days in the worst way, buildings absolutely destroyed, shortages of food and water necessary to live and endless additional calamities.

The First World War also began with the assassination of a political-aristocratic figure, and that led the multitudes to polarize on one side or the other. Subsequently, this OMNIUM-GATHERUM spread to other countries and that was the beginning of that war which was terribly cruel.

On the other hand, World War II began with the personalistic ambitions of Mr. Hitler, which led him to unleash a war that was first European and then involved forty countries.

We are now on the verge of a third conflagration, which, because of new technologies, will be absolutely more horrific, merciless and with the possibility of wiping out much of the human race in our world because of nuclear power.

When we watch the news offered to us by the television stations of our world, then, to top it off, we do not know who to believe, because the EGO of the humanoid has become so cynical that it does not even convey what is really happening. This is called PROPAGANDA WAR.

Now, friends, it is in these situations that we ask ourselves things like these: And what became of religions? Where have the religiosity of the people gone? What became of the FAITH of the so-called religious believers? What have been the use and what is the use of the enormous monuments and buildings of the great religions ─namely: the Vatican, the enormous cathedrals, the pompous statues erected in honor of certain popes and founders of Catholic or Orthodox congregations… ─?

It is in these circumstances that we realize that the supposed religiosity of the multitudes is only a mentaloid thing, a kind of fashion, an imitation of what mom and dad do, something we more or less believe in as long as we do not go to hell after our physical death. Theories and more theories that have simply remained in our subconscious and with which we presume to be honest persons and good people. All of which is not true.

It is very curious to see the very patriarch of the Orthodox Church supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine. What is that? ANSWER: that is called “THE DEVIL SAYING MASS”… And what does the other pope of the Catholics do from the Vatican? Well, he looks out a window on Sundays and describe this war as something that is NOT CHRISTIAN, which we all know.

Obviously, it is easy to see the PHARISEE “I” personified in the Christians and Orthodox of these times, because before this war they went to Mass, held their processions of Holy Week or Christmas, etc.; however, now they have forgotten all this and they even offer to go to fight against one side or the other, making long trips to enlist in the army. And what became of our obedience to the seventh Mosaic commandment that warns us: “YOU SHALL NOT KILL”, and this other one: “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF”?, What became of our Christian vows?, What became of our promises that we have made before God? ANSWER: everything was and still is cheap talk….  The only thing that identifies us is PHARISEEISM, CYNICISM, DEHUMANIZATION, EGOCENTRISM and so on and so forth

In the midst of all this we cannot forget that all wars, deep down, have a trigger. That trigger is called ECONOMIC AMBITIONS.

Russia knows very well that in the areas it has occupied there are many mineral mines that can be used in the future and Ukraine has the same intentions.

However, apart from all this, dear reader, these events always show us the reality of Gnosis when it points out to us the egoic multiplicity as the causa causarum of all our bitterness. “Every war is the child of ignorance,” a freethinker once said. And he was not off the mark, because, deep down, what we are displaying is, simply, an ABSOLUTE LACK OF CONSCIENTIOUS VALUES that lead us to undertake the worst atrocities imaginable. This has happened for thousands of years, even before Christ, and now, with the fattening of our ANIMAL EGO, this situation has become worse.

The most monstrous thing about all this egoic avalanche is that this war will affect, little by little, all corners of our world, because if one of the sides ─namely: NATO or RUSSIA─ sees that it loses the confrontation, then it will not hesitate, moved by the EGO OF VENGEANCE, to use nuclear power, which will affect our atmosphere, our oceans, our lands and crops, our air, etc., etc., and all that will result in millions and millions of deaths. The die is cast, and Babylon the Great, mother of all fornications, will know the rigor of divinity, for there have been so many crimes committed by this race that there will be no mercy at all for us!

And, in the midst of all this PANDEMONIUM, it is worth asking ourselves: and to us, lovers of Gnosis, what fate awaits us in the midst of this chaos that is coming upon us?

In this regard I have to tell you that it is one thing to have known Gnosis and quite another to be practicing it every day. Thus, therefore, only those who carry out an intense psychological work upon themselves and practice with great devotion the Arcanum A.Z.F. and on the other hand sacrifice themselves for their fellowmen, will be assisted by the divine hierarchies. Those were the words of our Avatar, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, while he was with us in this physical world. We must not forget that all of us are dragging many serious karmas from remote existences, and only with the intervention of our Divine Mother Kundalini and our intimate Christ can we be assisted thanks to the mercy of the solar dynasties.

At this juncture, we can only point out, as was well said by our V.M. Samael: “This humanity is ripe for its punishment!”. It only remains for us to retreat into meditation and prayer to the divinity, begging it to allow us to escape in some way from this great catastrophe that is coming.

I add a few sentences for your reflection:

“War creates thieves and peace raises the gallows!”
Lorenzo de’ Medici

“War is a great school of resignation!”
Perez Galdos

“War is a cloak under which murder is hidden!”
Victor Hugo

“War is an attack on mankind!”

“War is the iron cure of humanity!”

─‘Those whom God wants to destroy, He first drives them mad’─.