The nature of evil

The nature of evil 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Beloved readers:

Making some disquisitions, I find it pleasant to tell you about:


Talking about THE NATURE OF EVIL is certainly not an easy thing to do, since it is a subject with many roots that are lost in the terrifying night of all ages.

For the dead religions –Catholic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., etc., etc.– the matter, according to them, is easy, because they associate EVIL simply with any entity, call it DEVIL, SATAN, DEMON…, EVIL ENTITY, and to it are attributed, in general, all the problems of society and humanity. The dead religions are NOT AT ALL INTERESTED in really knowing the depths and structure of EVIL, but instead, they deal with this matter with deep DISINTEREST because in the end, according to them, even if EVIL MAKES US SIN we will solve it at Sunday Mass with a confession and a communion. This is how dead religions work. To top it off, in the case of Christians –Catholic or Orthodox– they believe that Jesus died on the cross and with his death all the crimes we commit now or in thousands and thousands of years are purged. Thus works the FANTASY in which the distorted Christian doctrine was enclosed. Nothing more absurd than to think that the martyr of Calvary, out of LOVE –they say–, underwent a horrific torture so that we would continue sinning at our leisure. THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY.

For us Gnostics, EVIL is not a simple attitude that can manifest itself on any given day, in any given place or in any given person, no. For Gnosis, the origin and nature of evil must be sought in the very origins of creation in which we are also involved.

Gnostic anthropogenesis speaks to us abundantly, through the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, about how the innocent humanity of Lemurian times was distorted in its nature because of what the so-called exegetes call FALSE DEMIURGE, and that Gnosis recognizes as a commission headed by an archphysicist named ANGEL SAKAKI. According to Gnosis, this commission caused the Luciferian or Luciferian force to remain, for some time, outside the control of the BEING in each person, and that lack of control provoked in the innocent Lemurians desires that, finally, led them to want to lose their sacred energies, with which, to make it worse, they developed an atomic ─energetic─ tail that extended outside of the human coccyx and said tail went on to become of a physical or cellular nature. This tail came to be called, in ancient esotericism, KUNDARTIGUADOR ORGAN. There are people who, practicing Sexual Magic today, combined with Black Magic, come to develop that energetic tail. In such cases these people become BLACK MAGICIANS, MEN OR WOMEN, WITH A SERIES OF EVIL POTENTIALITIES…, and they move on to become a part of the ranks of the armies of the BLACK LODGE.

Apart from all this, dear reader, Gnosis informs us that this abominable organ produced in the human psyche, since then, more and more evil vibrations that went to the bottom of it and began to create what the official psychology of our days has come to call “I”, EGO, ONESELF, etc., etc., etc.

Unquestionably that innocent humanity of that time lost its innocence, an event shown in the Bible by the temptation that the serpent, or Luciferian fire, presented to the inhabitants of Paradise –Adam and Eve–. When the latter were contaminated, they procreated the two sons representing GOOD and EVIL, named Cain and Abel. Cain was a hunter ─Genesis tells us─ and Abel was a shepherd. In Cain, we have to see the Cainite mind, which is always hunting for fortunes, fame, prestige, money, honors, etc., etc. In Abel, we must see the image of the man who perseveres in following the Secret Path and strives to help others –the sheep– to follow it. However, Genesis itself tells us that CAIN KILLED ABEL with the jaw of a donkey. This is an allusion to the fact that, finally, over time, brutality, the “I” –Cain– imposed himself on the Essence –the Soul– and brought it down with arguments and arguments –that is the donkey’s jaw, for the donkey represents the mind in esotericism–.

What followed we all know: the “I”, CAIN, THE EGO, multiplied more and more in the animic nature of human beings, and our humanity dedicated itself to the perverse vice of FORNICATION to make this vice something that today is very WELL-RECEIVED and even AWARDED IN OUR SOCIETY.

It is known, for those who have studied Gnosis, that as FORNICATION is practiced more and more, the human being is left dispossessed of the only energies that can give him light in his psyche and that allow him to fabricate Soul. Thus, the greater the number of FORNICATIONS, the greater the amount of darkness that takes over what we call Soul. Our Soul is then possessed by highly evil energies, which separate us more and more from our primeval reality: the BEING. We could say, without being mistaken, that humanity remained, with the passing of millennia and centuries, more and more in darkness, and this caused it to finally end up, as it happens today, justifying EVIL IN A THOUSAND WAYS. It is clear that such a situation is untenable and what happens next is simple to infer: MAN WILL END UP ANNIHILATING HIS OWN RACE UNTIL IT IS EXTERMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and that is what we esoterically call KALI-YUGA or Age of Darkness, in which we live and find ourselves presently.

So far it seems that we have come to understand THE NATURE OF EVIL, but that is not the reality, my dear friends. That nature that inclines us to evil must be sought beyond the angelic fall of which Genesis speaks to us. Thanks, again, to millenary Gnosticism and Gnostic cosmogenesis, we can now know that before the Lemurian race there was another one called Hyperborean –which lived in the north of our world– and before the Hyperboreans there was the so-called POLAR or PROTOPLASMIC RACE, whose only link with the three-dimensional physical world was a protoplasm –that was the physical vehicle of the Protoplasmatics–. This race existed where the poles of our current world are located today. The Earth has changed poles several times, dear reader, and hence the famous glaciations…

Well, it is good to know that in the times of the Hyperboreans, the human being –who descended from the superior worlds energetically– already knew war, and war is evil in action. And we must ask ourselves: but how has that been possible if the “I” had not been generated, if the ORIGINAL SIN had not occurred? Enigmas, enigmas, enigmas…

Gnosis gives an answer to this mystery. What is the answer, reader friend? To come to understand this delicate situation we must remember with Hinduism that the Universe was created thanks to the combination of what they call GUNAS or characteristics of the MULAPRAKRITI or COSMIC MOTHER. The Cosmic Mother refers to the COSMIC WOMB that was fecundated by the ray of creation, which the Kabbalah of all time has called OKIDANOKH RAY. Everything, absolutely everything, was created with cosmic ─energetic─ matter, and that COSMIC MATTER was and is constituted by three types of energy: RAYASIC ENERGY, TAMASIC ENERGY AND SATTVIC ENERGY. Everything in creation contains these three ingredients: things, Nature and its three kingdoms, the infinite Cosmos, etc., etc., etc.

Thus ─Gnosis tells us─ there are RAYSIC foods: spicy, sour, bitter, pungent, meats like that of pork and foods full of fats; there are, on the other hand, TAMASIC foods, like everything that is lifeless: packaged in metal cans, in jars with additives so that they are preserved for years, UHT milks, ultra-frozen foods, etc., etc., etc.; and, finally, there are SATTVIC foods, such as fruits, organic vegetables, legume foods, fresh fish, meat from lamb, from poultry, etc., etc., etc.

In the same way that there are these three types of food, dear reader, there are rayasic, tamasic and sattvic metals. Therefore, we can also talk about rayasic people: angry, very emotional, very instinctive, etc.; tamasic people: lazy, slow, lifeless, without energy, people without emotions, without motivation, etc., etc., etc.; and sattvic people: people who know how to balance their emotional, intellectual, motor, instinctive and sexual centers, people who love Yoga, gymnastics, people who do not abuse sports or alcohols, dynamic people but without reaching frenzy in their actions, etc., etc., etc.

That said, may the reader now allow us to tell you that when creation originated in what we Gnostics call ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE, the PRIMORDIAL energy that was to descend was perfectly balanced in the characteristics that it was made up of, that is, in its Gunas. The Rayasic, Tamasic and Sattvic Gunas, Gnosis tells us, were in a profound and complete balance. However, when that PRIMORDIAL energy began to move away from the original starting point, the characteristics of that matter began to become unbalanced as creation moved away from the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE to approach the three-dimensional physical world. It was there, in those beginnings, when, due to this imbalance, what we would call a cosmic disorder began to generate. Unquestionably, the descent of creation began to suffer disturbances, and within that disturbed material were the millions of ESSENCES that descended for the first time to manifestation. For this reason ─Gnosticism tells us─, already in the times of the Hyperboreans, the Rayasic Guna operated on the animic nature of them leading them to know WAR. And let us not forget, on the other hand, that Gnosis tells us that at the beginning of Lemuria human creatures, NOT POSSESSING EGO, were not tied to existence and, instead, possessed a faculty called in pure metaphysics INSTINCTIVE PERCEPTION OF COSMIC TRUTHS. This DIVINE PERCEPTION allowed the Lemurians to foresee the future that awaited the human species and, because of this perception, the Lemurians planned a COLLECTIVE SELF-EXTERMINATION or SUICIDE. This is what very ancient desiderata tell us.

Faced with such a situation, the so-called CONSCIOUS CIRCLE OF HUMANITY –which watches over the humanities and the worlds– decided to send the famous sacred commission, at the head of which ─we said before─ was the archphysicist ANGEL SAKAKI. It is written that this commission studied the serious situation that THE LEMURIANS were experiencing and then decided to release the Luciferian force from the control of the BEING in each human creature. This event is symbolically indicated in the Bible in that passage in which it is said that God produced a dream in Adam –who was then androgynous– to extract Eve from his ribs –namely the separation into opposite sexes that occurred before the Lemurians bit the symbolic apple and developed the aforementioned Kundartiguador organ─. This is the real EVENT that hides behind all that drama of the angelic fall. However, as our reader will have already understood and comprehended, it was not the angelic fall that engendered evil, but, rather, before that EVIL was already included in the imbalance of the aforementioned characteristics of cosmic matter that we call GUNAS and of which we have already spoken.

This, dear reader friend, dear readers, is the authentic origin of EVIL and the VERY NATURE OF EVIL.

Congratulations to Gnosis, which always gives us answers to the enigmas of life and death… That is why the word GNOSIS translates as COGNITIVE KNOWLEDGE and is the only formula to go beyond GOOD AND EVIL.

Let us end with Erasmus saying: “Human life is nothing but a comedy in which, under a borrowed mask, everyone plays his role until the impresario forces him to leave the stage.”

I’ll send you a few words for your thoughts:

“It is a great comfort to think that, the evil you suffer, everyone has suffered it before and everyone will suffer it.”

“Doing evil by will is worse than doing it by force.”

“Do no evil and evil will not exist.”

“Just not doing good is already a great evil.”
Saint Francis de Sales

“There are few wicked people who do not already in life carry hell in their souls.”

─‘It’s my fault’─.