Conceptions of Contemporary Gnosticism

Conceptions of Contemporary Gnosticism 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

In the name of Master Samael, devoted to the doctrine, I would tell all the Gnostics in the world, to those who work and those who don’t work in Alchemy, to make an enormous effort, urgently, in the death of the I, because that is the trap that you have to know how to avoid. The I is a trap in our life, and everyone has fallen into the trap. We have to get out of that trap and be alert once you manage to get out of the trap, so as not to fall again.

But the backbone of being able to participate in the kingdom of Consciousness ─what religions call the Kingdom of Heaven─ is the degree of death that one has. So, with an acceptable degree of death; the rest, believe me, is secondary. I include here the fabrication of the Philosopher’s Stone, the liberation from the Law of Karma with the third factor; it’s secondary.

But if one dies, then we have many doors open, and doors that will be open to us because the Father wants us to self-realize. But in order to self-realize we need to disappear as people and reappear as Beings, as self-realized Beings. The Father wants us to be with him. Therefore, my only message would be to insist on the death.