The Great Law

The Great Law 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

In the previous class ‘Phenomena after Death’ we understood the mystery of Death. We learnt that it is a universal phenomenon that affects everyone and we can be better prepared for it. In this class, we address these questions: • What governs the processes of life and death? Even though everyone goes through the experience of birth and death, there are differences between how people live and how they die. How do these differences arise? • Why are some people mostly happy? Why do some people suffer a lot? • How can we become lucky like others? • At times, why does life appear to be un-fair to us? • Is there a destiny? Why is my destiny like this? Can I change it? How? All these questions have bothered many people across ages. In this class, we find answers to all these questions. In this class we learn: 1. There is a superior logic that explains the differences in the human condition across the world 2. This logic has been given in many cultures before, it has only been called by different names 3. We call this logic, a Law – the Great Law that governs everything 4. We understand this logic – the Great Law in detail, with many examples 5. We learn how everyone and everything is governed by this law 6. We understand the need for this Great Law 7. We see the possibility that if we understand and live according to this law, we can actually have a happy life 8. We learn how to apply this law in our daily life 9. We identify the obstacles we will face 10. We learn about ways to overcome these obstacles 11. We learn how this law is administered 12. We also learn about a special factor that will help us become successful in applying this law