The Science of Meditation

The Science of Meditation 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Meditation can be defined as science, as an art or as a discipline, and even as a technique. We can define meditation as a Science because it is a science, it has some scientific parameters that can be verified. It can be called an art because one has to be an artist in the subject of relaxation and in the silence of mind. It can be called a technique because one has to learn the technique of meditation, and there are technicians and no technicians in meditation. And it also can be conceived as a discipline because, in order to become an athlete of meditation, an esoteric discipline is required.

As a meditation technique, it requires to know some steps. As science, it must be studied in relation to its objectives. As a discipline, it is part of the Path of the Yogi and of the Path of the Gnostic Fakir. Therefore, on this basis we can say that meditation is, to a great extent, the essence of the true inner work. Without meditation it is impossible to make a serious study on our psychological work, speaking in Gnostic terms. Without meditation we cannot calibrate our progress towards the Being.