Personal Events

Personal Events 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Full intimate self-observation of the Myself is unpostponable when it comes to discovering wrong psychological states.

Unquestionably, wrong inner states can be corrected through correct procedures.

Inasmuch as inner life is the magnet that attracts external events, we need with maximum unpostponable urgency to eliminate the erroneous psychological states from our psyche.

Correcting wrong psychological states is indispensable when one wants to fundamentally alter the nature of certain undesirable events.

Altering our relationship with certain events is possible if we eliminate from inside ourselves certain absurd psychological states.

Destructive external situations could become harmless and even constructive through the intelligent correction of the erroneous inner states.

One can change the nature of the unpleasant events that occur to us when one purifies oneself intimately.

The one who never corrects the absurd psychological states, believing himself to be very strong, becomes a victim of circumstances.

Tidying up our disordered inner house is vital when one wants to change the course of an unhappy existence.

People complain about everything, they suffer, they cry, they protest, they would like to change their life, to get out of the misfortune in which they are; unfortunately, they do not work on themselves.

People do not want to realize that the inner life attracts external circumstances, and that if the latter are painful it is due to the absurd inner states.

What is external is only the reflection of what is internal; whoever changes internally originates a new order of things.

External events would never be as important as the way we react to them.

Did you remain serene before the insulter? Did you receive with pleasure the unpleasant manifestations of your fellow men?

In what way did you react to the infidelity of the loved one? Did you get carried away by the venom of jealousy? Did you kill? Are you in jail?

Hospitals, cemeteries or pantheons, prisons… are full of sincerely mistaken people who reacted in an absurd way to external events.

The best weapon a man can use in life is a correct psychological state.

One can disarm wild beasts and unmask traitors through appropriate inner states.

The wrong inner states make us defenseless victims of human perversity.

Learn to face the most unpleasant events of practical life with an appropriate inner attitude…

Do not identify with any event; remember that everything passes; learn to see life as a movie, and you will receive the benefits…

Do not forget that events of no value could lead you to misfortune if you do not eliminate the wrong inner states from your psyche.

Every exterior event needs, unquestionably, the appropriate ticket, that is to say, the precise psychological state.

Revolutionary Psychology, Chapter IX, “Personal Events”
Samael Aun Weor