Revelations of Gnosis

Revelations of Gnosis 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

We have always said that the process of Self-realisation is the consequence of two forces: one we shall call centrifugal and the other centripetal. The centrifugal force is the one that our Inner Real Being does, which is from the inside towards the outside, looking for us. He wants us to be with him, and the centripetal is the one we have to do, from the outside towards the inside, we, through interiorization, seeking that divine particle, that portion of divinity that we carry within which in Gnosis is called the Being.

When these two forces meet, merge, then it is said that the person has remained connected with the divine. As a consequence, that person has become a Master or a Lady Master. But, obviously, the effort of the two forces that I have mentioned is needed.

The Father, the Being, already makes his efforts, if it wasn’t for the Being many terrible things that should have happened to us did not happen, because the Being has a lot of mercy and even though we sometimes deserve to be punished by the Great Law with a karma, with an accident, with an illness, etc. the Being sometimes persuades the lords of the Great Law so that we are not charged for those debts. He already does his work, he who has to do his work is the human being, he has to have longings, −if he already has them−he has to develop them , he has to develop those longings through practices, through esoteric exercises that Gnosis possesses to increase the human will to get the magnetic centers of our inner life to activate for us to have more lucidity during meditation, etc.; these are the efforts we have to make.