The Fifth Gospel

The Fifth Gospel 980 551 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
The Fifth Gospel

Since the immemorial times of Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna, Mani and some distinguished spirits, passing on to the true ancient Templars lead by the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, the famous and brave Joan of Arc, etc., etc., etc., the much-desired Path of Hermes capable of re-connecting the human soul with its Divine Spirit, has never been shown to humanity as done by the Venerable Master and Avatar of the Age of Aquarius –Samael Aun Weor– …

This great work entitled THE FIFTH GOSPEL, with all its enigmatic and profound content, constitutes the greatest effort that a Divine Hierarchy has made so far in order to try to completely remove the Veil of Mystery, the Veil of Isis, so that every person of any sex, color, language, continent or religious creed, may finally have access to the gate of Truth and, at the same time, have the knowledge of the rules and methods necessary to delve into the majesty surrounding the Kingdom of the Eternal.

Indeed, dear reader, it has been thanks to the incarnation of the Fifth Angel of the Apocalypse –V.M. Samael– that today we are living witnesses to the supreme revelation of the most hidden keys that make possible the regeneration of the Rational Humanoid in order to turn him once again into the Adam who, according to the most remote traditions, God created in his image and likeness with the purpose of making him sovereign and king of Nature itself.

Man, dear reader, carries inside him the infinite possibilities that allow him, not only to get to know himself, but also the Cosmos or Universe of which he is a part of, so that later, if he so wishes, he can merge with Agnosthos Theos of the Gnostic tradition. Praise to the blessed Buddha Maitreya! Praise to the Rider of the White Horse from the Book of Revelation! Praise to Samael Aun Weor and his fifth trumpet, the Fifth Gospel, without which it is impossible to comprehend the previous four!!!

May the centuries hear it, may the ages listen, may eternity remember it! Samael Aun Weor has risen, has exalted himself, and this Aryan race has now in its hands the last word: either it decides, once and for all, to return to the Kingdom of Light, or it will have to be subjected to the judgment of the nations, ending up entering the buried Abyss of the Infernal Worlds, of which all the Sacred Scriptures speak!!!