Study of the Occult Anatomy of Man

Study of the Occult Anatomy of Man 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

Who are we? Are we our body? Are we our clothes, our family, our house, our job etc. etc.? We may try to control our external life, but what about our inner life? Our feelings, thoughts, ideas? Do we have any control over them? How can we discover happiness inside ourselves? How can we Master our feelings, thoughts and ideas? In this class, we learn: 1. We have enough information about the outside world, but very little information about our inner world. 2. Just as there exists an ‘outer country’ where we live, so there exists an intimate ‘psychological country’. 3. People are always aware of the city or region where they live; unfortunately, they do not know the psychological place where they are. 4. Discovering this inner world, inside ourselves, is fundamental to knowing ourselves. 5. Only by knowing ourselves, can we be truly happy. 6. What would we find inside ourselves, as we begin this journey of self-discovery? 7. What tools must we use for this journey of self-discovery?