The resources of suprasexuality

The resources of suprasexuality

The resources of suprasexuality 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Esteemed friends:
Inverential Peace!

I hasten to send you a few comments related to:


Repeatedly, in different messages, we have been alerting our students about the urgent need to preserve our human seed as something of immense value.

Already in his treatises on Transcendental Gnosticism, our blessed Patriarch clearly emphasized to us that sexual energy is related to:

A. The reproduction of the species.

B. The health of our own organism ─especially of the thinking activity─.

C. The willpower.

It is already proven by eminent psychologists and psychiatrists that all those people linked to masturbation show very high rates of lack of energy and lack of will, all of which makes them creatures that, unconsciously, seek to isolate themselves. Precisely because of this, the vice of masturbation has been called solitary vice,because those addicted to this weakness seek to be alone when it comes to surrendering to such an embarrassing act.

Without a doubt, it is already said by contemporary Gnosis: sexual force is key to the harmonious development of all our infinite possibilities as human beings, and that is why we give people who are eager to give a higher octave ─material and spiritual─ to their lives the supreme key of redemption, which is constituted by what the innate occultism of all times has called: THE ARCANUM A.Z.F.

Obviously, patient reader, the mentioned key allows for the transmutation of our creative energies into an even more subtle energy that enters the bloodstream and that will directly stimulate all the glands of our endocrine system. All this has an impact on the better functioning of our organism and, also, on the implementation of an extraordinarily powerful psychic activity. Apart from these wonderful consequences, the sexual energy wisely transmuted introduces us to that which has esoterically been called the Secret Path,which will transport us to very elevated levels of Being at the psychic level and it will also allow us to eliminate our weaknesses or undesirable psychological aggregates that we carry inside us ─namely: defects, vices, etc., etc.─.

It is obvious that for such a key to work ─the Arcanum A.Z.F.─ the cooperation of the two poles of human sexuality is necessary, that is to say of the feminine force combined with the masculine force during the sexual erotic trance that we in our studies call Sex-Yoga, Agni-Yoga, Tantra-Yoga, Sahaja Maithuna or, simply, Sexual Magic.

It is one hundred percent unquestionable that, for this key to work, it is necessary that both the man and the woman are organically balanced, that is, that they do not present irremediable anomalies organically or psychologically speaking. This means that the spouses should not suffer from hormonal disorders or psychosomatic diseases that are affecting them especially in the brain, because, although it seems incredible, to enter the ladder of the superior levels of the BEING we need to have a basis of NORMALITY, otherwise it is impossible to perform the prodigies that will allow us to abandon the status of RATIONAL MAMMAL for us to reach the true state of MAN with true principles of the soul.

That is our purpose in the field of existence, the very raison d’être for which we were created.

This is why our Patriarch, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, emphasized the following in one of his lectures:

“Therefore, we must annihilate the “I’s” so that the virtues remain in us, and one must fight hard to be able to have each virtue; it is a precious gem that we have to take out from the bottom of the abyss with the tip of the sword.

Virtue is not a matter of pietist poses, virtue is not a matter of feigned meekness or puritanism of bad taste, no. The virtues must be achieved through a great many struggles, fighting with the tip of the sword against the dark hosts that we carry inside.

VIRTUE has a root that is vir, of virility, of the virile. Only with virility, only through struggle, can one obtain one of those precious gems that corresponds to some virtue. You see that the work we have to do is long, hard, costly.

One needs to change. We could not change if we did not eliminate the undesirable elements that we carry within. We need to move to a higher level of the Being; furthermore, we need to ascend from level to level until reaching the highest part of all levels of the Being, and this is only possible by dying in ourselves from instant to instant, from moment to moment. Only with death does the new come; if the seed does not die the plant is not born.”

─Excerpt from the lecture entitled “Portents of awakened Consciousness,” volume 1, p. 123, of the work The Fifth Gospel by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor─.

Having said all the above, it is interesting to note that the V.M. Samael emphasizes VIRILITY, the strength of will, as a fundamental spring for achieving our psychological and spiritual or psychic achievements. Hence the assertions of Gnosticism according to which GAYS, TRANSVESTITES, LESBIANS, TRANSSEXUALS are LOST CASES when we talk about what we call INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION OF THE BEING… It is impossible for such people to implement all these efforts to which we have referred in previous paragraphs, because their own organisms, their own brains do not even work within normality…

We now clearly understand the reason for those words of the biblical Deuteronomy 23:1 when we were warned that “He who has bruised testicles, or his manly limb amputated, shall not enter the congregation of the Lord…”.

In our critical days we witness the glorification of what has been stupidly called GAY PRIDE, as if having an abnormal condition were a reason to be proud of. That is the last straw. And, as if that were not enough, even many armed forces of various countries already accept LESBIANS, HOMOSEXUALS, TRANSSEXUALS in their ranks …, all of which is a real absurdity, because according to logic you need determination when fighting or in combat and who can ensure one hundred percent that a gay soldier or a lesbian soldier will not fall in love with the enemy and that leads him to betray the rest of the platoon? There are a great many consequences that can be derived from these states of abnormality…

So, dear friends, the well-conducted sexual energy is the supreme key that will allow for our superior and radical transformation. The rest belongs to the world of insubstantial theories created by ignorance of contemporary Homo sapiens.  

I now give you a few sentences related to the subject matter:

“Manhood begins when we have in any way made truce with necessity.”

“Virtue may be nothing but the urbanity of the soul.”

“In order to be virtuous, you need nature, reason and habit.”

“If it didn’t cost to be virtuous, would we have any merit in being virtuous?”
St. John Chrysostom

“In the core of a virtuous man there is a God.”

─’One abyss calls another abyss’─.