The World of Mind

The World of Mind 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

In this class, we address these questions: How do we use our mind? Are we using our mind properly? Or are we slaves of it? Do we have control over it or does it control us? How can we deal with our mind? Our thoughts? Can we be free from the worries of our mind? Can we be happy? In this class we learn: 1. Mind is not the same as the Brain. 2. We learn the differences between the two 3. We learn the origin of thoughts 4. We learn about the purpose of both – the brain and the mind 5. We learn about the functioning of our mind 6. We learn about the appropriate and inappropriate uses of the mind 7. We learn about the reactions of an uncontrolled mind, the difficulties it poses to us in daily life, eventually removing love from our lives 8. We explore that it is possible to become a Master of our own mind 9. We study techniques to become a Master of our own mind 10. We learn that mastering our own mind is mastering our life 11. We see how doing so can lead to a happy life 12. We understand the procedure to reclaim love in our life, in our family and in our relationships An excerpt from the class: “Those who think that the Mind is the Brain are completely mistaken. The Mind is energy; it is subtle; it can become independent of matter; in a hypnotic state or during normal sleep it can go to very distant places to see and hear what is going on there. Brain is the physical part that is enclosed inside a human skull.”