The absurd arguments of the “I” of lust that lead us to fornication

The absurd arguments of the “I” of lust that lead us to fornication

The absurd arguments of the “I” of lust that lead us to fornication 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear friends:

I propose to send you these reflections on:


If there is a curiosity in the truly abominable animal Ego, it is, precisely, SEXUAL CURIOSITY.  This phenomenon of our sexual abnormality was justified by Freud, the so-called “father of psychoanalysis”, in his ignorance, alluding to the fact that from childhood our libido tries to express itself and he even gave a ridiculous name to this tendency. What Mr. Freud never knew is that the Ego, from the age of four, already seeks to take possession of the physical vehicle of the infant and his psyche, until at the age of seven it is already established in what the Ego itself calls: ITS NEW PROPERTY…

When the Ego is already in its established domains, then, from an early age, it already pushes infants to “play with their genitals” and from there many subsequent forms of MASTURBATION AND FORNICATION are born. Many people have been able to verify the sad fact of seeing a boy of just four or five years of age wanting to lift the skirt of his little sister or of a neighbor. People, instead of taking that as a warning of what is happening in the child’s psyche, just laugh, roar with laughter and even praise the potential scoundrel saying things like these: “Aaaahhhh, he is like his father!,” or this other one: “Aaaahhhh, he is like a little lion!, wow!,” etc., etc., etc.

One of the extravagant tendencies of the lustful “I” is the one that tries to fornicate with foreigners, and there have even been phrases spoken about this absurd phenomenon, such as: “Wow, in bed there is no one like the Swedish girls!”, or this other: “The best thing is to ‘make love’ with the black girls, those ones are really hot!”, or this other one: “Aaaahhhh, there is nothing like fornicating with Asian women, they do wonders!”, etc., etc., etc.

All this series of combinations are typical of the LUSTFUL “I” WHO LOVES FOREIGN WOMEN…, among other things. It is obvious that in all these situations there is NO LOVE, only what we call ANIMAL DESIRE, period.

There is no doubt that LUST knows no limits, because it is the very origin of our angelic fall. Therefore, we must affirm that this entity is truly wicked.

On one occasion your servant was walking the streets of France and, passing in front of a magazine kiosk, I unintentionally saw the cover of a pornographic magazine and what your servant observed was really delusional. On that cover was a woman fornicating with a horse. This is known today as zoophilia. It is also known that many humanoids, totally eaten away by the “I” of lust, get to carry out sexual acts with goats, chickens, pigs and any other animal in nature. This already indicates a DEGENERATION AND SOME DERANGEMENT of the psyche. If any of these cases would want to redeem themselves, it would be very difficult, dear reader, because it is not easy to get the psyche out of such a labyrinth of dark attitudes.

During World War II, and also during the Vietnam War, many generals of the armies ─Russian, German, American, etc., etc.─ gave their soldiers permission to RELEASE THEIR INSTINCTS by raping women left and right in the occupied territories. That was a disgrace that is rarely talked about today. And then photographs of the “Russian heroes who had liberated Germany” or headlines praising the Americans as liberators of Europe, appeared on the front pages of the newspapers… Afterwards, thousands of women, disgusted by that situation of which they had been victims, had two options, namely:

A. Get an abortion.

B. Resign themselves to raising a child who was the fruit of a violent rape, with nothing, absolutely nothing of what we call LOVE.

And to top it all off, many of those children who were born never knew their physical father. This was all a moral and ethical disaster.

The wars destroy all the codes established in the famous GENEVA CONVENTIONS, or that other known as the CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS… It is good to let you know that neither girls, nor adolescents, nor adult women, nor old ladies escaped from those rapes… This was one hundred percent terrifying and macabre.

On one occasion in which your servant gave a lecture on SEXUAL TANTRISM in France, as part of our Gnostic teachings, I had a rather strange person among the attendees. This person used to dress in black and in winter he added a black cape to his clothing. Well, after having clearly explained during my lecture that Alchemy could only be practiced between a man and a woman in firmly established homes, that person raised his hand to ask a question, to which I agreed. Then, that humanoid asked me in front of all the attendees:

─ Can one practice Alchemy with a stone?…

I did not believe what I had heard and the rest of the attendees looked at me astonished by what they had heard. My answer to such a question was as follows:

─Sir, here we are only talking about natural things, here we are not talking about things AGAINST NATURE!!!! ─And then I added:─ You are not qualified for our studies, I am very sorry!!! Find yourself another school where your questions seem normal…

The interesting thing about all this is that later I found out that that twisted guy was the director of a high school in the city of Grenoble and he also belonged to a strange sect….. Enigmas, enigmas, enigmas …

When the biological organism of the present human masses is already exhausted for having been fornicating all the years of its life and several times throughout each week, then the SCIENCE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST offers the irredeemable fornicator the possibility of continuing to lose his mercury by using a drug that we know today as VIAGRA. This medicine causes erections in the elderly and many people have called the discovery of this pill as a MIRACLE! This is how we are, esteemed reader. Now they are trying to make a pill that causes the same effects but in women. The excuse is based on that of helping frigid women, or on the fact of helping them to reach ORGASM, that is, female ejaculation. It is obvious that, in this way, the human couples go through a vertiginous race to try to reach, together, the sexual climax… This is how humanity has been educated and that is why this human race considers the transmutation of creative energies absurd and detests the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS, all of which, logically, makes it a society SELF-CONDEMNED TO THE ABYSS…

Many other absurdities continue to be committed in various locations in our world. We already knew the case of the manufacture of inflatable dolls with which the pseudo-men of this time could satisfy their lustful delusions. This, in addition to being a true sexual aberration, is sold today in those stores known as SEX SHOPS. But the most absurd is that, in our current days, a motor has been added to these plastic dolls that sucks the phallus of the FORNICATORS to lead them to the loss of their seminal liquor. In other worlds, these things, distinguished reader, would be considered as ABNORMALITIES TYPICAL OF PSYCHICALLY ILL PEOPLE, but in ours they are considered as elements that help the organic and mental health of the so-called “human beings.” All this is a true PSYCHOLOGICAL MADNESS and it clearly explains to us why our race is completely degenerated.

Apart from all that we have already described in previous lines, we now understand why the White Brotherhood considers our society as a failure and that is, precisely, the reason why the SOLAR DYNASTIES have made the decision to DESTROY IT.

Let us meditate, patient reader, on all these things in order to try to make light in our psychological depths and NEVER AGAIN let ourselves be dragged by that Beast that wants to control us from within to finally take us to its kingdom, which is none other than that of the submerged worlds of involution. Remember, likewise, that the Bible makes this very clear when it emphasizes: “All sin shall be forgiven except the sin against the Holy Spirit…”

Allow me to add some sentences for your reflection:

“For nothing known in human evil is like mockery, and the devil is the great mocker, the emperor and father of all mockers. And if laughter can become holy and liberating and, finally, good, it is not a laughter of mockery but a laughter of contentment.”

 “Do not let the reproaches and mockery of your friends keep you from changing your life. Would you rather remain vicious and please them rather than displeasing them and practice virtue?”

“Virtue rather than vice makes evil more jealous.”

“The vices of man are engraved in the bronze and his virtues are written in the water.”

─’Thus, the only apple has grown for general misery’─.
Kwen Khan Khu