Michelangelo, The Dream of Human Life. The time of this Aryan race has ended

Why has the time of this Aryan race already ended for the White Brotherhood?

Why has the time of this Aryan race already ended for the White Brotherhood? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Esteemed readers:

Inverential Peace!

I am pleased to write to all of you in order to try to find an answer to the enigma concerning:


Esteemed readers, through our teachings we have clearly known that we are in the RIGOR OF THE KALI-YUGA. This means kabalistically that the current period corresponds to the empire of darkness and entails the total degeneration of humanity. Already in 1950, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor tells us, the White Brotherhood, gathered in a holy assembly, determined that this humanity has failed and had become demonic. “Moreover, the best thing would be to eliminate it right now…”

This determination was based on the conclusive fact that the pseudo-human genre NO LONGER HAD SOLAR IDEAS and, despite having lived TWO WORLD WARS by then, the masses of humanoids still only wanted to return to the revelry of the past ─namely: fornication, alcohol, drugs, fashion, money, the stock market, human trafficking, prostitution, fame, exploitation of oil, diamonds, gold, etc., etc., etc. It is worth saying that before World War I, opium was already trafficked to the entire world from Hong Kong, which at that time was an English colony. In Hong Kong, prostitution was alarmingly abundant as well as the TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN…..

However, without speaking of the malignant abuses carried out by all the parties involved in the conflict of World War II, once it was over, let us remember it well, a dreadful, very strong degeneration hurled upon humanity, which began with music ─intentionally prepared to degenerate the youth─ that is to say: twist, rock and roll and other dances that were accompanied by the consumption of various drugs, which began with marijuana and were then followed by LSD, heroin, amphetamines, and all the way to COCAINE and designer drugs, which today are used even by governments of some countries as an instrument to acquire money to be used for their strange purposes ─namely: Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, etc., etc., etc.─.

All the Machiavellian fury of World War II was crowned, very perversely, by the launching of the atomic bomb on the defenseless populations of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ─in Japan─ to force the Japanese to surrender to the United States. Why was there not a body-to-body combat in the Pacific? Why should such cruelty be directed against a defenseless population? Where were the principles of ethics and morals? They were simply NOWHERE. In wars that the Ego encourages with its multiplicity, it is customery to use the absurd proverb according to which: all is fair in love and in war! That is the rhetoric of the Beast that we carry inside and whose identity number is 666.

While all this was going on, in China, the black mage Mao Tse Tung prepared the crowds to inject them with the virus of atheism and drag millions of Chinese into communism, obviously with the support of the darkness and the demon Adrammelech, who lives in those lands. Today China is a superpower but IN EVIL AND FOR EVIL, and preparing itself every day to be the yellow horse mentioned in the Apocalypse of Saint John and which is called DEATH…

In those days ─we are talking about the 1950’s─ during that sacred meeting of the Solar Brotherhood, the V.M. Samael pleaded before the White Brotherhood and before the Great Law for a short pause before punishing this entropic world society, proposing to give one last chance to the groups of humanoids that populate the face of our world by creating a revolutionary movement that CLEARLY SAYS what are the tools to use to abandon ENTROPY and, therefore, SAVE AT LEAST THE HAT OF THE DROWNING HUMANITY…

It was then that our Patriarch threw the supreme key, that had been kept in the Temples of Mysteries, out the window ─metaphorically speaking─ and which would allow the true TOTAL REGENERATION of the pseudo-human race that currently exists in the four cardinal points. It was in those moments, likewise, when the Avatar of Aquarius openly explained the so-called THREE FACTORS OF THE REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS, namely:

• TO DIE psychologically.

• TO BE BORN: Creation of a rich spiritual life thanks to the art of transmutation.

• SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITY in order to help the human being to detach itself from the karma that binds it to the Wheel of Fatalities ─namely: Samsara─.

However, immediately after the Contemporary Gnosticism began its journey in our world, the so-called BLACK LODGE quickly set in motion its mechanisms to appease the aforementioned INNER REVOLUTION, promoting with its methods the increase of the sleep in the dormant Consciousness of society. So, if the Patriarch Samael showed humanity the work that he first called THE GATE OF ENTRY TO INITIATION ─which would later take the name of THE PERFECT MATRIMONY─, at the same time, mysteriously, the PORNOGRAFIC PLAYBOY magazine appeared, which, precisely, recommended the opposite of what the GREAT WHITE LODGE wanted to teach the masses…

Since the psychic and animic nature of the people is terribly weak due to the vice of fornication and drug consumption, it is indubitable that the DIONYSIAN WAVE, that generated the entrance of our world into the regency of the constellation of Aquarius, did the rest. The V.M. Samael clearly explains to us that this wave was poorly captured by the human psyche and, instead of being used to increase the mental revolution, the three-brained biped, trapped by the ANIMAL EGO, transformed this wave into A PSYCHO-SEXUAL CHAOS that gave rise to the HIPPIE WAVE and its deafening festivals of the sixties and seventies. Suffice it to remember the famous Woodstock festival, during which thousands and thousands of women became pregnant and their children never even knew who their biological father were, since they swam in the mud of COLLECTIVE FORNICATION for days on end.

Unquestionably, the frenzy of the “I” would not stop at that. No. Later, the same Dionysian Wave, misinterpreted by the deranged psyche of the earthling, began to create so-called LIBERATION MOVEMENTS, which defended the so-called FREE SEX ─understand as: FREE FORNICATION wherever and however─, FREEDOM TO ABORT, FREEDOM TO RENT MATERNAL WOMBS, FREEDOM TO CONSUME DRUGS, until finally claiming, and this is the absurd, the right to BE QUEERS or GAYS, LESBIANS, TRAVESTIS, BISEXUAL, etc., etc., etc.

CONCLUSION: all that wave of PERVERSITY spread over the entire face of the Earth and to this was added the COLD WAR between East and West of our sad planetary dwelling. Obviously, the minds, maddened in themselves because of all the aforementioned, were not prepared in any way to objectively see what would be the result of the HAVOC that was being prepared by certain evil intelligences that work for the Kingdom of Darkness in our world. It was then that these satanic souls provoked the VIETNAM WAR, which cost the lives of fifty thousand Americans and also two million Vietnamese civilians. And all for what? The answer: For nothing!, because today the United States and Vietnam have excellent relations.

Since evil does not rest, then it caused another horrific outbreak: THE WAR OF YUGOSLAVIA, which, once again, confronted the West and the East, with a result of thousands, thousands and thousands of dead and missing who are still claimed by both sides without anyone giving an answer.

As if that were not enough, then we attended the AFRICAN ETHNIC WAR that confronted the Hutus and the Tutsis in a really macabre way, since both Ethnic groups were killing each other with knives, machetes, by arson, incessant rapes of women, massacre of children whose hands or feet were amputated, just like in adults, etc., etc., etc.

This anti-human barbarism left the number, no more and no less, of eleven million dead. Much more than the vaunted number that the Jews incessantly repeat regarding their deaths at the hands of the Nazis ─six million─. And all that was contemplated by the undaunted EUROPEAN UNION and, likewise, the country that boasts of bringing PEACE to the world: the United States of America. No one moved a finger, they just settled for watching that tragedy. Where was the humanity of our race?

In the East ─specifically in Russia─ before the SECOND WORLD WAR, Mr. Stalin had already ordered the killing of millions of Russians that he considered DANGEROUS to his dictatorial regime. This was referred to as the STALINIST PURGES that is not a secret today for anyone.

Capitalism and communism were causing wars and wars throughout Central and South America, and this is something that continues even today. The same thing has happened in the Middle East, creating wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq and right now we are witnessing a war that has already claimed millions of victims, such as the conflict created in Syria, which has not only decimated entire populations but it has also caused the greatest exodus of exiles in human history.

Let us add to these wars the infernal situation that has existed for decades in the Palestinian territory. Palestine, in addition to being a land CLEARLY STOLEN by the State of Israel to gradually annex its illegitimate nation, endures daily famines, shortages of water, electricity, hospitals, medicines, etc., etc., etc., and the confrontations between the Palestinians and the Israelis do not cease, as one claims revenge and the other stupidly affirm that Palestine and Jerusalem are part of its history, something that does not withstand an in-depth analysis according to many Western and Eastern historians. Now, with the silence of the hypocritical EUROPEAN UNION and the unconditional support of the United States, Israel has already announced out loud that it plans to annex the West Bank, a territory that has always enjoyed freedom and autonomy in the midst of that hornet’s nest that is the Middle East. The international community, as always, limits itself to observing and KEEPING SILENCE so as not to face the commercial boycotts that lords of Israel could impose on them at any time. This shows that there is no light in the current pseudo-human race that would provide glimpses of CHARITY, HUMANITY, ETHICS, SOLIDARITY, BROTHERHOOD, CHRISTENDOM, etc., etc., etc.

Right now the entire world is watching in amazement at the growing confrontation between RUSSIA and CHINA against the UNITED STATES. Each warring power exhibits, crudely and without qualms, its sophisticated armaments that they would use in the event of a new WORLD CONFLAGRATION, which would devastate entire continents, since all those involved in the conflict threaten each other with THE ATOMIC BOMB…

As we contemplate all this panorama, dear reader, it is obvious THAT THE NATURE OF THE PSEUDOHUMAN GENRE of our world is CONDEMNED IN ADVANCE, not only by the GREAT LAW OF KARMA, but also by the WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Our teachings have circulated across the five continents of our globe and, despite the fact that we have used all means to publicize Gnosticism, the response of the Earthly humanoid has been NIL compared to the efforts that have been made to try to attract him to the light.

Although it seems unbelievable to the unwary who still dream of WORLD PEACE and an ERA OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL, the PATIENCE of the GREAT LAW AND THE CONSCIOUS CIRCLE OF SOLAR HUMANITY HAS A LIMIT and the misnamed human progeny has crossed those limits in every way.

Having said all of the above, we can only enter into deep reflections, patient reader…

“War creates thieves and peace raises the gallows.”
Lorenzo de Medici

“War is a purple under which murder is hidden.”
Victor Hugo

“War is an attack against mankind.”

“Where the fatherland wants to be a unique and true end, it achieves success to the detriment of the soul; where it recognizes that the superior is superior to it, success escapes it but it wins the soul “»
Rabindranath Tagore

 “There is something as necessary as the daily bread, and it is the daily peace, without which the bread itself is bitter. Give us, Lord, daily peace We should add this to the Lord’s Prayer.”

─‘The first man is from the Earth, Earthly; the second man is from heaven, heavenly’─.
Saint Paul. 1 Cor. 15:47.