The Impact of Impressions

The Impact of Impressions 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

Can we create the kind of life we want? Yes! However, transformation of our life begins with something fundamental: transformation of impressions. In this class, we learn: 1. We receive 3 sorts of nourishment to live: food, air and impressions. 2. We can survive without food for some days, even without air for a few minutes but we cannot survive for a single moment without the impressions. 3. Our life is nothing but the impressions we receive through the five senses: image, sound, smell, taste and sensations. If we had no eyes to see, nor ears to hear, nor fingers to touch, nor a nose to smell, nor even a tongue to taste the food which comes into our organism, the so-called “physical world” would not exist for us. 4. We have organs to digest and transform the food that we eat (stomach) and the air that we breathe (lungs), however, we do not have an organ to transform the impressions we receive. 5. Un-transformed impressions become “I’s” or egos; compelling us to react; creating suffering for us and for others. 6. Life compels us to react continuously. All those reactions make up our personal lives. By changing these very reactions, we can change our life. 7. By following certain practices given in this class, we can develop the ability to transform the impressions that life brings to us, into superior forces. 8. This is the key to transform our life radically.