The ability to feel the pain of other people

The ability to feel the pain of other people 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Highly beloved friends:

I want to send you a few words concerning:


Appreciated readers, much is said or discussed about the pain suffered by our fellowmen, whether they are close to our lives or not. Everyone, mechanically, when in the presence of the pain of other people merely repeats hollow phrases that we draw from our minds by associating ideas, and with that packet of thoughts we then make things like this spring from our lips: “Oh, wow, I’m sorry!”, or perhaps:  “Oh my…!”, or this one:  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m saddened…”.

However, it is very sad, because of the state in which we find ourselves, to be in front of a person who is probably going through a huge tragedy within him because of certain events that have come into his life, and that we are not able to truly stand in emotional solidarity with the affected one. This, although it seems that it has no transcendence, does have it and much, especially when it comes to trying to understand and assist those who we call companions of the path

I am reminded of a situation I was able to know, which happened in one of those groups that existed back in the 1970s in a northern country in which Gnosis was trying to establish itself. A woman in that group went into depression due to some very painful circumstances that she was living at the time. The other ones who made up that Association knew what was happening with that lady, everyone knew it. However, no companion deigned to pay a visit to that soul, and no one phoned her to know something about her moral or emotional state.

That girl, because of her inner collapse, began to miss the activities of our Association, but the rest of our members continued the activities as if nothing happened… No one missed that companion. Everyone was in their personal little world and that was enough for them.

One of these days, the members of the Association received the fateful news that made it known to everyone that that woman had committed suicide. Everyone was momentarily surprised, but the worst and most curious thing is that, after one day, EVERYTHING WAS immediately FORGOTTEN as if nothing had happened. How is this possible? And even more so within something we supposedly call fraternity?

It was curious, very curious, to see the rest of the members talk about what had happened. They were just mechanically repeating hollow phrases that were ABSOLUTELY DEVOID OF LOVE OR COMPASSION. The most serious thing was to see those companions paraphrase gnostic phrases that were obviously known by heart, such as: “Well, she lacked more self-observation! That’s how the “I” is, she couldn’t figure it out!”Etc., etc., etc… And no one came near the home of the deceased to try to give comfort to her relatives, that was the last straw.

Friends, we must know that the path of self-realization of our BEING involves, above all, developing our humanistic capacities of solidarity, long before we think about having or not having INITIATIONS, SERPENTS, DEGREES, POWERS, MOUNTAINS and all the long correlate of mystical things that we can live as we make our pilgrimage… THIS MUST BE VERY CLEAR within our psyche, for it is the basis of one day obtaining a TRUE MASTERY…

This has been the cause of why in contemporary Gnosticism created by our blessed Patriarch Samael Aun Weor, there have been huge amounts of absurd situations related to companions who were even on the Secret Path. The Divine Mother and our Father are not interested in the “shoddy Masters”, who are able to make speeches at any given time but who in everyday life are simple men or women of straw, insensitive and egotistic to the utmost.

These things, even if they may not seem so, also belong to the AWAKENING OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Moreover, I must tell you that the HIGHER THE PERCENTAGE OF TRUE AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS, THE MORE PAIN WE WILL FEEL about everything around us in this infernal Kali-Yuga. I am not, in these pages, inclined to praise those who love to sing their PSYCHOLOGICAL SONG everywhere, no. I am not referring to that egomaniac gesture of always wanting to be the center of attention for others. I am referring to our need to understand the true nature of what is called LOVE IN ALL ITS EXTENSION, nothing more and nothing less…

I have met companions who, having walked part of the Hermetic Path, have lost their Father or Mother at a given moment and, when I have asked them about these loved ones, they have replied to me: “Ahhh, my Father has already moved on to another kind of life!”,  “Yes, my mother died, I hope she will be helped!”, and nothing else. As I am telling you they have responded with NOTHING ELSE… However, these companions feel VERY ELEVATED, VERY TRANSCENDED and I have preferred not to enter into controversy with them.

Dear readers, we must be strictly careful to grow in an integral way. True spiritual growth must take into account all these details, otherwise one day we will be able to have, perhaps, a faulty PHILOSOPHER’S STONE that we will of course lose at another time for lacking a SOLID FOUNDATION concerning all these things that we have just mentioned. It is essential to develop THE FIRES OF THE HEART, and this is not only achieved with alchemies, but with the help of the DEATH OF OUR EGOTISM and deep reflections carried out.

What characterizes A ROBUST PHILOSOPHER’S STONE is, precisely, that all its angles have been polished, and that means having voluntarily wanted to pass through PROFOUND MORAL CRISES through which all the WELL KNOWN and MECHANICAL ATTITUDES that we have been building with the help of the CURSED ANIMAL EGO throughout our existences are rotting and disappearing.

In several of his works, the V.M. Samael tells us: “Do you want to help a marriage that is about to break up? Work on that couple with the elemental forces of the pomegranate! This is how you will get closer to the nature of the Father!!!”.

And why is Master Samael telling us these things? Well, just because we NEED TO DEVELOP LOVE SO AS TO BE ABLE TO LIVE THE PATH AND BE ABLE TO BE ASSISTED BY THE SOLAR DYNASTIES! He who has understanding may he understand, for here is wisdom!

I conclude, dear reader, by adding to this message a few appropriate sentences:

“Suffer for God, with patience, poverty, sickness, works and affronts, and you will be rewarded”.
Saint Teresa of Avila

“We heal from suffering when we fully feel it.”
Marcel Proust

“The more we love the more we suffer. The sum of the possible pains for each soul is proportional to its degree of perfection.”

“When man truly loves, his passion penetrates everything and he is capable of going past the earth.
Ruben Darius

“Love is man’s great refuge from loneliness; the immense loneliness imposed on him by nature, the species, eternal laws.”
Henri Battle

─‘Don’t give in to mistakes’─.

Your brother,
International Coordinator