The sacred mystery of the Holy Week

The sacred mystery of the Holy Week 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu


I write you a few short lines to get a little closer to understanding:


In early Christianity, and even more so in Gnosticism, the so-called MAJOR WEEK or HOLY WEEK is of utmost importance because of the drama that the V.M. Aberamentho performed 2,000 years ago, a drama that clearly defines the postures of THE BEAST and those of his arch-enemy THE CHRIST.

When we study the Sephirotic Tree from a Gnostic point of view we find that the attribute of Chokmah is INTELLIGENCE, and only the INTELLIGENCE OF CHRIST can counteract the INTELLIGENCE OF THE ANTICHRIST. Only He can face those Ahrimanian energies in our abysmal depths and fight them until they are completely defeated. But for that to happen the Cooperation of the one who wants to BE SAVED and his INTIMATE SAVIOUR is needed. That is the duality that exists eternally between good and evil.

Here, at this very point, is where we, lovers of eternal Gnosis, must focus our efforts. Because all the drama of the CHRISTIC PASSION is a call to the RENUNCIATION of what we are at every instant and at every moment. We recall that, once crucified on his cross, his first words addressed to the Eternal Father were: “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do!”.

In these words the Savior wanted to make it clear to history that, while the Consciousness sleeps, it is capable of ANY ABOMINABLE THING, anything…, however incredible it may seem to us.

This moves us to reflection so that, every time we really want to forgive, we must remember that every person, while asleep, is not in control of his actions, but it is his TEN THOUSAND AGGREGATES who act, feel and think. In the face of such an outlook, it is obvious that we have to consider life as the school we have come to in order to learn to FORGIVE. Unfortunately, esteemed reader, FORGIVING does not mean BECOMING A PARTNER IN CRIME, no. But that means that we must ALWAYS LEAVE A DOOR OPEN TO HOPE and perhaps one day that person who has committed a crime feels REGRET and wants to REDEEM himself. In these horrible days of Kali-Yuga the laws of humanoids are made to venerate REVENGE. For this reason, the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for blood crimes still exists in many countries, and the crowds are happy with such legal criteria, based on the AN EYE FOR EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. That is how we have been raised in this society, generation after generation. And the worst part is that in those countries where capital punishment is praised, God is praised in parallel. And how is that possible? Well, simply because we are a HYPOCRITICAL society, a PHARISEAN society through and through…

The intimate Christ ─the V.M. Samael tells us in his posthumous work the PISTIS SOPHIA UNVEILEDnegotiates our own karma with the Lords of Karma and is able to make distracting maneuvers to deceive the Archons….. Thus far reaches the mercy of our intimate Lord in his works. That is why the Christ is the representation of the INCARNATED SAVING TRUTH……

In the last part of the PISTIS SOPHIA UNVEILED, the one that was not unveiled by our Patriarch Samael Aun Weor, it is said that we need to be declared righteous to enter the kingdom of the heavens…, and only those who are free from the ORIGINAL SIN ─namely: FORNICATION─ can be declared righteous, and who are ABSOLUTELY DEAD PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

Obviously, in all these reflections we find, in a clear manner, a serious invitation to DESTROY OUR SELF-LOVE, OUR PRIDE ─of every kind─, OUR VANITY, OUR SELF-CONSIDERATION, factors that we, unfortunately, love very much.

That is why the V.M. Samael describes the INTIMATE CHRIST as the representative of THE HOLY NEGATION, just as the Father is the HOLY AFFIRMATION and the Holy Spirit is the HOLY RECONCILIATION.

It is therefore clear, dear reader, that CHRIST AND HIS WORK seek to instruct the soul for it to reach its perfection in the eyes of the Father. He is, therefore, the INSTRUCTOR OF THE WORLD, the eternal SALVATOR SALVANDUS, quite a masterful mystery.

Therefore, let us meditate during this MAJOR WEEK in what is our contribution to the efforts of the intimate Christ in each of us. Let us not take these dates as just a few more days of the calendar, for the time given to us in our existence is limited and we must take advantage of it profoundly to work with OUR PARTKDOLG DUTY OF BEING…



I now add a few sentences for you, to be meditated on:

“Forgiveness is worth more than revenge, because one is the effect of a sweet and human nature, and another of a fierce and brutal organization.”

We forgive to the extent that we love.”
La Rochefoucauld

“Forgive so as to be forgiven, forget so as to be forgotten.”
Saint Isidore of Seville

“Whoever among you is free of sin may he throw the first stone”.
Gospel according to St.  John

“He who has no mercy on others will find none for himself.”
Ruben Darius

“Limitless mercy for all living beings is the strongest and surest proof of moral conduct.”

─’Being born, we die every day’─.

I send all of you my fraternal greetings,