The ages between the races

The ages between the races 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Highly appreciated readers:


With immense joy I hasten to send you some texts of the very Venerable Master FULCANELLI, collected in a last work, which few know about, entitled: FINIS GLORIAE MUNDI, ‘End of the Glory of the World’.

First of all, this work indicates that Fulcanelli is still alive, as has been said a thousand times, because he obtained the elixir of long life, of which Mr. Jacques d’Arés testifies, to whom Fulcanelli himself directed the texts for publication, let us see:

“I confess to having been surprised –one would be much less so, and I must even say that I was dumbfounded– when at the end of June 1999 I received a long letter dated the 25th of the same month, accompanying a manuscript with the title Finis Gloriae Mundi. I immediately looked for the signature on this letter, and my surprise doubled when reading the last line:


Fulcanelli-Frater Adeptus Heliopolitensis’.

The above, friends, constitutes a historical fact that breaks the atheism of this obsolete race in which we live and gives its place to the hermetic science that we have called ALCHEMY throughout time.

However, the information that your servant wants to send you is referring to the fact that, finally, thanks to divinity, this Adept, Fulcanelli, in this work sheds a lot of light on those times that have caused us so much headaches when we want to explain what happened between one race and another, or how much time has actually passed since the sinking of Atlantis occurred and many other secrets.

Without further ado, I leave you now with some excerpts from the work of this great Adept of Heliopolis, here they are:

“When we briefly commented on the obelisk of Dammartin-sous-Tigeaux, we deciphered it from the scriptures –II Peter, 3:5-7– and from the Greek tradition. They assure that the world passes alternately through purifying water and fire, with intervals that we estimated to ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED YEARS.

Obviously, one should not take this last number literally: we were not so ignorant as to think that a flood –and especially the biblical Flood– would have devastated the planet around the year 700. Even so it is true, if we accept the testimony of the chronicler Gregorio de Tours, that the two centuries during which the kings of the first race reigned over the Franks, they would have seen numerous climatic and cosmic disorders such as the Aurora Borealis over the Ardennes, falls of inflamed meteorites in the Gulf of Morbihan, or the submergence of the forest of Avranches forming, since then, the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. These limited convulsions could not be compared to a complete purification of our globe. We blushed at having to specify such elementary points, but the commentaries, when by chance we came to know them, made us fall into a mixture of hilarity and fury.

They would not have deserved a single line of public rectification if they had not contributed to maintaining the unhealthy expectation of an imminent cataclysm. Expectation exacerbated by demiurge apprentices who are nothing more than blowers [read: pseudoscientists], but unfortunately very dangerous blowers. What, then, is a year for the alchemist who follows the teachings of nature, but a cycle that embraces the entirety of the zodiac? In this way the solar year and the precessional year,  the planetary years and the draconitic ones that regulate the eclipses, and also those long years that the Black Sun travels and that the Greeks designated with the myth of Phaethon will be calculated, according to the needs. The one thousand two hundred years that we evoked before without having specified the basic unity represent, therefore, the elevation of the zodiac to a power and perfection of the order of hundreds, a symbolic number in the manner of the Book of Daniel or of the Book of Revelation, when St. John speaks of the one thousand two hundred days during which the male child will be fed in the wilderness.

However, we had not yet observed in our crucible the last revolution, and we have contributed to the uncertainties and perspectives of the time through our comments. When we sent Eugenio Canseliet the manuscript of THE PHILOSOPHICAL DWELLINGS, the geologists had just discovered, inscribed in the memory of the rocks, the enigmatic alternation of the magnetic North and South throughout the ages. We had reason to think that such an inversion was explained by having turned the entire sphere on its own axis, which would not happen unless accompanied by appalling cataclysms. Magnetic revolutions, which also occur in the crucible, are alchemically observed more easily on the short route than on the others. We had the intense surprise of finding in our operations that these sensitive convulsive shocks did not occur fatally if the field was transformed into work around matter. Later, as the mysteries of the CENTRAL FIRE is known more precisely by the advances of geological science, we know that the inversion of the magnetic poles does not mean the rotation of the planetary mass. Therefore, the double helicoid of the obelisk of Dammartin-sous-Tigeaux does not symbolize the apparent march of the Sun, as we had imprudently assumed, but, relating it to the movement of the whole to its apex, the internal magnetic double spiral of our globe and the temporary formation of a tetrapole.

This knowledge is recent. An article by Mr. Valet and Mr. Courtillot –Les inversions du champ magnetique terrestre, La recherche, N. 246, 1992– describes the geomagnetic history of our planet along with some of its causes. It only remains to draw the conclusions of what they have placed so well before the eyes of the reader. We see in their diagrams the reversal of the poles happening rapidly and then they cease for very long periods of about a hundred million solar years, namely a quarter or a station of the average rotation of our galaxy. When, after such stops, the poles restart their dance, this new setting in motion will coincide, as shown by Paleontology, with the drastic renewal of fauna and flora, at the same time that volcanic convulsions and purifying floods seem to occur. Two of these have been dated with sufficient precision. The end of the second corresponds to the extinction of the great saurians of the secondary era.

Since the appearance of the present humanity, although we are on a geological scale in a phase of rapid alternation, the Earth has known only a brief reversal of poles. Thanks to the diagrams of Valet and Courtillot, we have calculated the approximate date: the movement that brought  the magnetic pole back to the vicinity of the geographical North took place around the year 8,000 BC. At that time humanity left behind the wild life of nomadic hunters, domesticated the animals, cultivated the soil, built the first villages and, in this way, cemented the germ of the great historical civilizations. This coincidence is not just by chance. […]​​​​​

Thus, scrutinizing the Earth’s past as physicists probe the depths of the seas, geologists rediscover some fragments of the secret of the Great Art whose crucible is Nature and whose artist is the Creator Himself. Despite the immeasurability of the scale of time, the rhythm of revolution of the magnetic poles of the Earth reproduces, in an astonishing manner the rhythm that can be observed in the short route: a thousand years are for God like one day, say the psalmist and the apostle ─Psalm 89, 4 and II Peter, 3-8─. […]​​​​​​​​

Each of the revolutions of the magnetic poles is accompanied, it seems, by disturbances in the climates and in the lands. As the movement of reversal began around the year 10,000 BC., the end of the last ice age occurred. The ice fields receded, while the marine waters progressively rose and submerged the coastal areas. Now then, it is the date given by the priests of Sais to the Athenian legislator Solon for the disappearance of Atlantis, according to the testimony of Plato.

At the beginning of this century we could still attest to the account of the great philosopher who placed the wonderful island “beyond the Pillars of Hercules”, attributing to it an area “larger than Asia and Libya combined”. The efforts of archaeologists have convinced us that the priests of Sais had a partial knowledge of their own archives, and that they confused two cataclysms of incomparable scope. […]

But beyond this recent cataclysm, the memory of oceanic convulsions and a submersion that intervened millennia before “beyond the Pillars of Hercules” still dominated in the temple of Sais. […]

The authors who sing its funeral dirge agree on this essential point: Atlantis would have collapsed because of the abuse committed by its priest-mages on matter and on souls. Mr. Bergier [author of a work he wrote in collaboration with Mr. André Ruellan] saw in this myth an “undertow of the future,” the anticipation of the fate of our own civilization. When he wrote those pages, very few gave credit to traditional sciences. Their warning fell on deaf ears. […]

In the century of Louis XIV the blowers [false alchemists] dreamed of filling their cellars with piles of gold, thus competing with the vain splendor of the kings. The stupidities of today are hardly minor and less naive, albeit they are considerably more sinister. It is the hidden power over the soul of the world and that of the peoples that inebriate them, using to achieve it, indifferently, the trivial means of politics or economics and the knowledge arising from an overflowing science. On the one hand, it dares to remove the germ of life by manufacturing, to spread terror, viruses with incurable effects for ordinary medicine, some so fulminating that not even universal medicine would have time to operate. On the other hand, the inversion of the magnetic poles is simulated or distortions are made on the terrestrial field to bring the multitudes to states of hypnosis, mediumistic availability or blind fury. Or the regulation of climate and weather is deliberately attacked. In short, theurgy is perverted, and monsters are invoked that even the most degenerate Assyrian mages would not have dared to take out of their abysses. Mythical Atlanteans risked these degrading practices in broad daylight; the real blowers [read: the pseudoscientists] of today add to the perversion of practices that of secrecy.”

─Excerpts from the work Finis Gloriae Mundi, by the V.M. Fulcanelli─.

Parallel to these statements by the Venerable Fulcanelli, the Avatar of Aquarius ─V.M. Samael Aun Weor─ makes the following assertions in the work THE FIFTH GOSPEL, let’s see:

“Our planet Earth, my friends, has not always been as it is now, it has changed its geological physiognomy several times. If we examine the four Scott-Elliot maps, we will see that the Earth, a million years ago, was completely different.

These four geographical maps deserve to be taken into consideration. They resemble four maps that existed, and still continue existing, in some underground crypts of Central Asia. Such maps are unknown to the know-it-alls of materialistic science. They are kept secret for the purpose of keeping them intact, for we know very well that the gentlemen of false science are always willing to alter everything in order to justify their much-vaunted theories.

The first of those Scott-Elliot maps catches much of our attention, it is very interesting. In it you see what the world was like about eight hundred thousand years B.C.

Then, the region of the brachycephalics of the much-vaunted ultramodern anthropology did not exist. From the Bering Strait, through Siberia and Europe, to France and Germany, all there was was water. Neither Siberia nor Europe had emerged from the bottom of the oceans, strictly speaking.

Of Africa there was only the eastern part, because the west and south of that continent were submerged between the raging waves of the ocean. That small continent, which then existed in East Africa, was known as Grabontzi.

South America was sunk amid the waters of the ocean, it had not come into existence. The United States, Canada, Alaska, all of that was submerged in the ocean and yet Mexico existed! It seems incredible that eight hundred thousand years B.C. Mexico already existed. When Europe did not yet exist, Mexico existed! When South America had not come out from the bottom of the ocean, Mexico existed! This invites us to understand that among the bowels of this sacred land of Mexico, as archaic as the world, there are extraordinary archaeological and esoteric treasures that have not yet been discovered by the shovel of archaeologists.

Lemuria was at that time a gigantic continent that extended into the Pacific, that covered all that area of Australia, Oceania, the Indian Ocean – which is so gigantic – and that projected across the Pacific to those places where South America later emerged. You see how gigantic Lemuria was, how enormous! The physiognomy of the terrestrial globe was completely different about eight hundred thousand years B.C. […]

Eight hundred thousand years ago, Mexico had a solemn, wonderful population, separated from the Bering Strait by the great oceans. Thus, materialistic science is talking about what it has not seen, what it does not know. We are talking on the basis of maps like those of Scott-Elliot, about those other similar ones that are found in some underground crypts of the Himalayan mountain range, in Central Asia.

(Seventh Conference on Treasures of Gnostic Anthropology)

Atlantis went through terrible and frightening catastrophes before disappearing completely. The first catastrophe happened eight hundred thousand years ago or so; the second two hundred thousand years ago and the third occurred eleven thousand years ago, of which the traditions of all human races have more or less confusing memories as “the Universal Flood”.

The Great Aryan Race – Fifth Sun in the Aztec calendar – is represented by the great fifth statue of Bamiyan, of which we are the seventh subrace.

(Gnostic syncretism in the Aztec calendar)

Obviously, we do not agree with the part in which Fulcanelli claims that our civilization would have begun 10,000 years ago, when, according to him, man ceased to be a hunter to devote himself to the cultivation of the land, etc., etc. Nor do we believe that a human race will last the approximately one hundred million years that a complete galactic spin lasts.

However, appreciated reader, it is easy to deduce from these texts that, although a race lasts the 25,960 years that make up the cosmic or Platonic year with its twelve zodiacal eras and starting in Aquarius ─as our Venerable Patriarch explains─ NOT ALL COSMIC YEARS are populated by a new race, because some of them will pass in the very long processes that our planet needs to prepare for the next human experiment. In those regenerative journeys, the Elemental Geniuses will work intensely with their forces of nature provoking all kinds of geological movements with volcanoes, earthquakes, winds and movements of the seas, with the purpose of creating, as soon as possible, new conditions for the next race.

That is why Master Samael speaks of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years ago when referring to the ancient human races.

This would answer the question we have been asking ourselves for so long about how to fit in time the races that preceded ours.

Obviously, during the times when the Earth regenerates, most souls can remain in the astral world waiting for new opportunities to take on human bodies and aspire to their self-realization in the next race.

To finish, I give you a few sentences to reflect upon:

“The supreme skill is to know well the importance of things.”
La Rochefoucauld

“You can be more skilled than others, but it is dangerous to imply it.”

“Resolve to follow the most excellent behavior and out of habit you will delight in it.”

“The great theater for virtue is conscience.”

“Conscience is the voice of the soul.”

“As the flock, so the king.”