Why is the phenomenon of bipolarity becoming so strong?

Why is the phenomenon of bipolarity becoming so strong? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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Mysteriously, we are observing that cases of BIPOLAR disorders in the psyche of a great many people are increasing all over the world.

Modern psychiatry and psychology, stuck in their dogmas of yesteryear, will have come to cheap conclusions such as the one that tells us that, surely, all these diseases are genetic. We will never deny that genetics plays a very important role in the physical and psychological health of the inhabitants of this planet, but one thing is certain: before, these disorders were not known in a massive way but today, however, they are beginning to become more and more frequent.

It is no secret to anyone that the disease they now call stress is an ailment of our time, because past generations did not know it. However, the way of life we have created in this horrible time has made the aforementioned stress more common than potatoes and onions. We have created a society based on COMPETITIVENESS and SPEED, in such a way that it seems that tomorrow our world will end.

This has led to a proliferation, everywhere, of sites that offer massages to relax the body and, specifically, the nervous system. There are good professionals in this field and, also, charlatans who want to cure everything with a massage.

Traditional Chinese medicine has good advice to reduce this anomaly with quite good effectiveness by using the balance of the YIN and YANG currents in our body, hence we recommend these techniques. I am not only referring to CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE but to other alternatives that this oriental medication can offer us at some moment in our lives.

However, we must not forget, dear readers, that bipolarity is a psychosomatic disease, that is, something that relates our cellular biological body to the energetic functioning of our psyche, and this is where we, the Gnostics, must focus our attention.

V.M. Samael tells us clearly in his work entitled IGNEOUS ROSE that our psyche, or our mind, possesses 300,000 clans that it is indispensable to balance in order to have a lucid mind that becomes a recipient of the great truths that are hidden in nature itself and in our multidimensional cosmos. There our Avatar tells us that the loss of our seminal liquor causes, every time we fornicate, great short circuits in our spine and, specifically, in our nervous system, making us then prone, more and more, to the anomalies that arise from these acts. That is why our Patriarch emphasizes in another of his works that we need to “seminize” our brain, which we achieve through the act of transmutation of our sexual energies when we practice SEX YOGA, TANTRA-YOGA or KUNDALINI-YOGA. We warn psychiatrists and psychologists that we are not talking about putting SEMEN into our brains, which would make us go mad, no. Alchemy, or science of transmutation, what it does is, effectively, to transform our seminal energy ─it is called Mercury in the Alchemy practiced in medieval times─ into another much more subtle energy that goes up through the two channels ─called Ida and Pingala in India that are found on both sides of our spine and, while this happens, all our endocrine glands are receiving superior stimuli, as well as, consequently, all our hormones…

It is clear that if we fornicate bestially every day, we will be taking our nervous system to the slaughterhouse. For this very simple reason, our society, today more than ever, is sick and it is already beginning to enter massive social madness. Note that in the great earthly metropolises, shootings, suicides, homicides, parricides, matricides, femicides, etc., etc., etc. are on the increase.

And if we add to this the stress generated by our current way of life, well then, the abominable food is served.

Undoubtedly, the SCIENCE OF MEDITATION provides enormous help when we try to organize our psyche and its 300,000 clans. Meditation is making our mind fall into rest and this is balancing it more and more as we become athletes of this technique.

It is obvious –and we have said it thousands of times– that it is also not possible to bring the desired INNER PEACE until we eliminate the causes of the psychic disorder. These causes are none other than our ten thousand undesirable aggregates that have distorted the normal functioning of our psychic apparatus. As our secret enemies —namely: the “I’s”— are eliminated with the procedures indicated by Gnosticism, then we will begin to feel that we are once again the true masters of our lives; before that it is impossible.

There is no doubt that the famous little machines shown today as toys and that have been called video games, begin to disturb, from our childhood, our poor psyche, and if we also add to these dirty manias the fact of spending seven years of primary studies, five years of secondary school plus five, six or seven years of university education, then the end result will be A VERY ALTERED PSYCHE that is NOT PREPARED to face the terrible impressions that each day of our life brings us. Let us remember that the fact of becoming INTELLECTUAL in no way makes us immune to the MENTAL DISTURBANCES that the sickly society produces every day.

We ourselves, the lovers of Gnosis, if we do not really live it, if we do not practice it apart from studying it theoretically, the only thing we will achieve is to increase our level of acquired knowledge, and that is stored in our memory; nothing else. If we do not become devotees of meditation, interiorization, true Alchemy and do not permanently implement the SENSE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF-OBSERVATION to detect in time any imbalance that is beginning to occur in any of the centers of our organic machine ─intellectual center, emotional center, motor center, instinctive center and sexual center─,  then, simply, we will be dragged by the identification with the impressions we receive and, obviously, we will be enveloped by the chaos of the “I”. This is the urgency of becoming skilled in the technique of MEDITATION.

These are not just simple words to be taken lightly, no. The comprehension of this cannot be postponed so as not to fall victim to these ruinous psychological states. On the other hand, spending long hours in front of a computer screen or computer is not beneficial for our eyes and much less for our psyche, because we will go to sleep ─if we manage to sleep─ with our psyche altered by the thousands and thousands of images that we have been receiving for hours of using what has been called in our sad days the INTERNET. Already many psychologists, although they are not the majority, begin to realize that the radiations emitted by the WIFI system produce very harmful effects on the human psyche ─PAY HEED TO THIS WARNING─, and they already begin to recommend to many people to turn off the WIFI system at the time of going to sleep…..

When the famous 5G antennas are installed and we have been inoculated with the sinister vaccines that carry inside them a material called GRAPHENE, then our society will become zombie-like and we will begin to act according to the indications that will be emitted from these antennas. This has been programmed in this way by the enemies of humanity, to whom we are simply animals whom God bestowed ahuman appearance so as not to frighten them. This is the end result of our vaunted civilization.

I take advantage of this message, brothers and sisters, to tell you that, certainly, the term BIPOLAR refers to a person who in his psyche has two poles, one apparently logical and another that makes him distort his vision of life. At this point, it is good to know that, while it is true that BIPOLARITY can affect anyone who is not careful with their psyche, on the other hand, those of us who know the SAHAJA MAITHUNA, or the KRIYA-YOGA, run the risk of becoming HANASMUSSEN, that is, people who are controlled by two polarities: ONE WHITE AND THE OTHER BLACK. White is the BEING himself, our inner reality; the black one is the EGO. Therefore, if we do not use our alchemical practice to direct the Sacred Fire against our ten thousand energetic enemies, we will become HANASMUSSEN, abortions of the Divine Mother, infernal monstrosities. Remember that the same practice that can serve to disintegrate the secret enemy, can also serve to feed and strengthen it greatly until it becomes a TRUE MONSTER whose only destiny is INVOLUTION. The only way not to fall into this misfortune is BY SUBLIMATING A LOT THE SACRAMENT OF LOVE.

So, dear friends, if the influences of the Law of Solioonensius were already upon us, causing us serious disturbances in our mental vehicle, the cherry on this cake has come to be the evil identification with the Machiavellian technology of the GREAT BEAST. It is clear that if in this existence WE DO NOT SUFFER BIPOLARITY, it can be very easy that in our next return to this three-dimensional world we already bring too much disorder in our mind and, consequently, we become BIPOLAR; something similar to the practitioners of MEDIUMNISM who, by lending themselves as vehicles to personalities of deceased people, have caused holes in their mental apparatus and then they cannot control being possessed by entities of various kinds, including demons.

I leave you now a few sentences for reflection:

“All men are crazy and, despite their care, they differ only in that some are crazier than others.”

“Madmen think and all have some idea, the exaggeration of which has broken the spring of their intelligence. The insane are sick in spirit and heart, wretched souls even if they seem full of life and strength.”
Emilio Zola

“When one does not find tranquility in oneself, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.”
Madame Guilbert

“Death characterizes man, and our vigor is in our immortal soul.”

“Happiness is not a reward but a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment but a result.”

─’Christ bless this house’─.