Gnosis in front of the Current World

Gnosis in front of the Current World 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

The man, within what we call the egoism, thinking only of himself, thinking only of accumulation of riches, of the competition of one against the other, forgetting all the ethical, spiritual, animic and psychological principles, has built a system of life which does not take into account at all the good of others, the public interest, and the only thing it takes into account is, well, to enrich the animal Ego of each person.

To that is due, as a whole, that all society in the different strata to which it is divided: religious, political, economical and even philosophical strata has experienced a degradation; to such a point that today no-one believes in anyone, no-one sees any alternative.

To govern countries, first the politicians would have to be governors of themselves, that is to say, they would have to be lords of themselves. And the politicians have what everyone has within, that is to say, a horrifying psychological dispersion. The mind of politicians, like the mind of any person, functions in the process of “more”: more money, more posts, more power, more competition, etc., and the process of the more has taken the human being to the search for accumulation of goods without thinking, as I already have said before, the good of others.

Then one would have to reverse again the process, and instead of being egocentric it would have to be “anthropocentric”, in the superior sense of the word; it would have to be on the basis of others.