The Path that gives Meaning to our Lives

The Path that gives Meaning to our Lives 1280 720 V.M. Samael Aun Weor
This presentation is part of a self-study course provided by AGEAC

Do you know that there is a path that leads to the hidden knowledge, the superior knowledge? Did you know that it is possible to walk this path in daily life? Do you know the real meaning of the Christian cross, the Egyptian Ankh cross, or the Indian swastika? Did you know that all of them represent the same thing? In this class, we learn: 1. There is a secret way that leads to the superior knowledge. 2. This secret way has been mentioned in all sacred books in all cultures, yet many people do not know it. 3. We can find this secret path in our daily life. 4. The 4 tests one must face to enter this secret path. 5. This secret path is the way of the Super-Man; the way where one can conquer extraordinary powers, attributes, and gifts.