Apparitions of God-Mother

Why does God Mother like to appear to mankind in every century and in every place?

Why does God Mother like to appear to mankind in every century and in every place? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest friends: I want to send you this message to address in it the following:


Let us begin by saying that what we call God Mother or Eternal Divine Feminine is an unfolding of the Theomegalogos that, thanks to Gnosis, we can come to understand and comprehend when we study what is known as the Sephirotic Tree of the Kabbalah.

We have always been told that God can be conceived theologically as manifested and also as unmanifested. We all already know that the manifested God is called Elohim in Gnosticism and as unmanifested we then encompass him in the word Aelohim. The unmanifested God does not come to Creation, that is to say, to the Maha-Manvantara; but the manifested one is indeed present in the Creation unfolded into Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Virtues, etc., etc., etc.

Since our BEING is a portion of that which we call God, He is also within us unfolded forming the particular kabbalistic Sephirotic Tree. This is how we have our Kether, our Chokmah, our Binah; this divine triad is the Most Holy Trinity of which early Christianity always spoke to us and from which the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Christian Church divorced, finally coming to consider this whole scheme as something indefinable for them, which is why they ended up considering it a dogma of faith.

Gnosticism, through the millennia and centuries, has never accepted dogmas because Gnosis considers that where a dogma appears it is because, simply, there is ignorance, ignorance of the divine, theological emptiness, etcetera.

Gnostically speaking, the Binah of the Gnostic Kabbalah is the equivalent of what is known as the Holy Spirit in Christianity, and that Holy Spirit in Hebrew terms would be the IOD-HEVE –interpret this as masculine-feminine– IOD is a particle that translates male and HEVE is another particle that has to be translated as female’. In this way, this Sephiroth BINAH, which alludes to the Holy Spirit, we must understand it as the union of two forces: one masculine and one feminine.

This is the reason why it is said, theologically, that the Virgin Mary ─symbol of our inner Virgin Mother─, when the Holy Spirit appeared to her in the form of a white dove to announce that she would be the mother of the Messiah ─V.M. Aberamentho─, what was actually happening in the maternal womb of the great Initiate Mary was nothing else than the forces of the divine masculine aspect being activated to realize in her the divine conception of that great Master of Masters.

However, curiously, in many truly sacred religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Lamaism, etc., other virgins have been equally fecundated by that divine masculine force ─IOD─ because, deep down, companions, they are a very sacred eternal binomial. This is how SHIVA-SHAKTI are spoken of to point to those two powers contained in the Sephiroth BINAH. In many Christian paintings and icons, Mary has been depicted –to indicate God Mother within us– for centuries and is always accompanied by her husband: the Holy Spirit.

Thanks to Gnosis, today we know that V.M. Aberamentho was really conceived in the womb of his inner Divine Mother, and this process was set in motion from the moment Mary ─his physical mother─ was fecundated by a human man. In short: God Mother self-fecundates herself in the inner metaphysical universe of every Initiate who has been worthy of that grace.

Now, delving into this energetic-theological phenomenon, we must also know that God Mother has five manifestations that all lovers of Gnosis already know about, namely:

  • NUT: The immaculate Mother Space ─Mulaprakriti of the Hindustani─.
  • ISIS: Our blessed inner Mother —Devi-Kundalini–.
  • MOTHER NATURE: The Lady of Creation, the Mother of Nature.
  • MOTHER DEATH: The one who accompanies us even in the abyss while we involute.
  • ELEMENTAL MAGE: The Divine Lady capable of training us in sacred magic and how to control our instincts.

Well, dear friends, She, the holy feminine manifestation of God, has always wanted to show herself to the human multitudes precisely to bear witness that the Universe, and everything that exists in it, has an intelligence that possesses, among other qualities, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotency

That is why we have been told, kabbalistically speaking, that the Sephiroth Binah enjoys the faculty of wisdom. Binah has wisdom and grace to enlighten geniuses like Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, etc., etc., etc. She has wisdom to guide men and women in their noble and transcendental tasks. Wisdom to know how to choose the souls to whom She wants to deliver a message that She considers important for our humanity –remember here the children who saw the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in a place in Portugal, in Europe, and received three messages that had to be transmitted to our vaunted civilization–.

By the way, the third message that the Vatican always refused to reveal came to be none other than: “Satan will sit on the throne of Peter.” And so it has been, because such a place is today a den in which there is a power struggle and, likewise, a temple dedicated to pedophilia, pederasty, homosexuality and other poisonous herbs.

These messages that She has wanted to transmit were conveyed through her husband: the Holy Spirit, who, like Her, is immaculate, absolutely pure and wise.

Before great catastrophes that have loomed over our world, She, the Immaculate One, has sent various messages to the social masses of our world using various channels for their manifestation. There was talk of apparitions of Our Lady before the First World War, before the Second World War and there is already talk of apparitions of God Mother on the eve of a Third World War. It is the LOVE of the Divine Lady  that induces her to want to warn us of all kinds of evils that can plague the human race and of the consequences of the ignorance of the rational mammals mistakenly called men.

Although it seems incredible, there are traditions that narrate the apparitions of God Mother in the imperial times of ancient Rome. Then, God Mother was venerated in the form of the Goddess Diana or perhaps as Venus. This led the Romans to venerate her on the street corners of the Caesarean city. Likewise, in other latitudes of our world God Mother wanted to show Herself as Astarte, Paula, Sophia, Cybele, Aka, Isis, Hecate, etc., etc., etc.

Having said all of the above, esteemed readers, we can only take into account, seriously, everything we have said here to remember that not only our three-dimensional physical body has been a work of Mother Nature, as well as all of Nature that surrounds us in our world, without forgetting that the starry sky that we observe at night is also the face of Her always watching us for our own protection.

I give you now some sentences for reflection:

“Thank the flame for its light, but do not forget the foot of the lamp that constantly and patiently holds it in the shadow.”
Rabindranath Tagore

“Truth and beauty with indestructible energy make their way into the light.”

“Of all the elements that Nature has created, light is the highest creation.”

“Man has been made, not to see the light, but to see only the things that the light illuminates.”

“Heaven uses us in the way we use the torch: it does not illuminate for itself but for us.”

─‘Give us peace’─.