Cesar, Statue in Rome - The Ray of the Force

What does the Ray of Force entail?

What does the Ray of Force entail? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear companions:


I am pleased to come to you to try to decipher what it must mean for us, lovers of Gnosis, what we call THE RAY OF FORCE.

First of all, we must know that the White Brotherhood works with seven fundamental rays, namely:

  1. The Ray of Medicine ─Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Hermes Trismegistus, etc. ─.
  2. The Ray of the Great Law ─V.M. Anubis and his 42 jackals of Divine Justice─.
  3. The Ray of Politics ─Saint Germain and Cagliostro─.
  4. The Ray of Willpower ─the BEING of great strategists: Napoleon, Simón Bolívar, etc.─.
  5. The Ray of Force ─V.M. Samael Aun Weor, Kwen Khan Khu, etc., etc.
  6. The Ray of Wisdom ─Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, etc. ─.
  7. The Ray of Art ─Beethoven… ─.

However, our Patriarch ─V.M. Samael─ says in his works: “No material or spiritual project is sustained and endures if it is not supported by the Force…”

Precisely, in order to address a message to this perverse humanity in this Kali-Yuga, an AVATAR OF FORCE was needed because this civilization is rotten to the core and if the Avatar of Aquarius had been a Master, for example, of the Ray of Wisdom, surely the rational humanoids that populate the Earth would have quickly questioned his message appealing to intellectualism that wants to pass itself off as wise. A forceful, strong and very clear message was needed, capable of shaking the psyche of the multitudes, and yet this humanity is so hardened by evil that the vast majority of rational mammals have despised it.

In ancient times, specifically in ancient Rome, the foundations of the Roman Empire were established by the famous GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR, who was precisely the Bodhisattva of the BEING that we know today with the name of Samael Aun


It is good to remember that in the Book of Revelation by Saint John, the angel who holds the keys of the abyss to lock up lost souls is the fifth of the seven, and it is his role, as a task imposed by the Creator, to unleash the volcanoes and earthquakes that will put an end to our race. And therefore we must not forget that Samael is the king of volcanoes and earthquakes, as we call him in our doctrine. On many occasions, the V.M. Samael told us: “You are never closer to the abyss than when you are near the fifth of the seven and you are never closer to the heavens than when you are near the fifth of the seven…”; terrible words, friends.

In our magic Chains, with which we ask various divine entities to be assisted, we always end up using, precisely, the mantra OM BE FORCE to make sure that the help we have requested from the divine hierarchies be fulfilled!, be realized!, be  materialized!

Obviously each BEING has his own strength, but we cannot forget that, depending on the quality of the Philosopher’s Stone that his Bodhisattva has made, then when wanting to use their forces some will be stronger than others. This is undeniable…

What is important to all of us is that, as we pray to our BEING each day, we must be PERSEVERING AND STRONG so as not to falter and to be able to have continuity of purpose. Our World Salvation Army must move under the tonic of force. Our army IS NOT NIRVANIC, dear friends, so declares V.M. Samael in one of his conferences contained in THE FIFTH GOSPEL that we now have to study every day.

If we look internally at the MARTIAN ANGELIC CHOIRS, we will always see them marching disciplined and lashing out strongly against the darkness. They are almost always dressed as ancient soldiers of Roman times or as current elite soldiers. This is very interesting.

Let us meditate deeply, patient readers, on the work we are carrying out under the orders of this supreme commander of the celestial militias. Let us always remember that he is a Cosmocrator and he was the only one capable of locking up the Antichrist ─Yahweh─ in the underworld. It also took the Lord of the Force to rescue the prince of the demons that the books of Black Magic during centuries called BEELZEBUB, and he did this because he saw in the heart of that lost soul atoms of light that were impossible to find in other demonic entities. That is the greatness and magnanimity of our CHRIST OF AQUARIUS.

With the death of the animal Ego we will recover the forces belonging to our BEING and with them we will achieve the salvation of our souls.

I now add a few sentences for reflection:

“I adore strength, but the strength I adore can be shown by an elephant as well as an ant.”

“A weak flame takes shape to the breath of the smallest little wind, but the hurricane extinguishes a fire at the root.”

“Force prevails over law.”
Phrase attributed to Bismarck

─‘Sing joyfully to God, all the Earth’─.