Why is it almost impossible for us to die psychologically within ourselves?

Why is it almost impossible for us to die psychologically within ourselves? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear friends:

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Esteemed readers, the message that I am sending you right now will be read by all of you, intellectually understood by all, but only A FEW will understand it intimately in the innermost depth of their hearts.

Our teachings, our doctrine, always emphasize on the IMPERIOUS NEED of our mystical death. It has been said millions of times by all those who have reached Mastery ─well attained─ in relation to the experience of the Secret Path. The Kabir of Galilee himself always emphasized: “If the grain does not die, the plant does not grow,” etc., etc., etc.

We read those sentences continually in the books of our blessed Avatar of Aquarius, but, obviously, the carapace, the shell of our beloved ANIMAL EGO, really, does not allow us to reach the DEEP COMPREHENSION of that need …, and as long as we have not reached this comprehension at all levels of our psyche, the famous longing to DIE WITHIN OURSELVES will always be very heavy for all of us.

Making a thorough analysis, patient reader, we have to say that, without the following ingredients, it is more than impossible to achieve the destruction of our secret enemy that has separated us from the Light for thousands of years. Let us look at those ingredients:

A. We need to come to feel DISGUSTED WITH OURSELVES.

B. It is necessary to feel DISGUSTED OF WHAT WE ARE.


D. It is essential to beg, beg, beg the GREAT LAW to allow us to attain the death of MYSELF, of ONESELF, because we must not forget that with many of our aggregates we have acquired GREAT KARMAS for the harm we have caused to others and ourselves. That is the reason or origin of the CAUSAL “I’s”.

E. Likewise, it is extremely necessary for REMORSE to constantly accompany us in order to feel ashamed because of our inner state…

In order to get all these ingredients, esteemed reader, it is obvious that we need to live, permanently, in a state of SELF-OBSERVATION and SELF-REFLECTION, which will always be accompanied by our meditations. Undoubtedly, you will tell me: “WE ALREADY KNOW ALL THIS …”. And then I ask you: why, then, have you not died? The answer is only one: we know things even by heart but we have never analyzed or reflected on all that in depth…..

Those women who have had abortions, have they ever deeply felt that they were MURDERERS and they launched themselves went on rampage against the Holy Spirit and against the Divine Mother, who is God in us???

Those women who had their ovaries removed or had their tubes tied in order to FORNICATE whenever they wanted and without having, according to the “I”, the worry of getting pregnant, have they felt real REMORSE for everything they did?

Those men who had a VASECTOMY so as not to make their wife pregnant or the various women with whom they slept in the bed of Procrustes, have they felt shame and moral pain for having betrayed the Holy Spirit and their own BEING, making it impossible for Him to use our physical body to carry out His SELF-REALIZATION???

Those who, wanting to defy God, underwent sex change surgeries and became men ─if they were women─ or women ─if they were men─, have they ever felt remorse for these macabre deeds???

All those people whose aggregates of lust ended up leading them to become GAYS or LESBIANS, did they ever wonder if they were normal, if they were getting deranged, or did they possibly not care?

When the ABNORMAL seems NORMAL to us we have crossed the rational limits to fall into the arms of INCOHERENCE. This is how our pseudo-human genus is psychically, morally and spiritually.

Let us not forget that the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE made man in his image and likeness. So if we are something that is neither male nor female, what are we? All those who say that they have CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET, to top it all off, they say it with PRIDE, as if they had reached a transcendental step in their lives, and the last straw is that, worldwide, now the famous LGTB collectives have created the so called “GAY PRIDE” which exhibits parades and party spectacles. Where are we going? What are these people proud of? Of being abnormal?…

We can look for a thousand scientific excuses to create SOPHISMS OF INTELLECTUAL DISTRACTION, something in which we have become experts, but the SAD REALITY is that we are immersed in TOTAL CHAOS at all levels of our existence.

We must know, on the other hand, that, on top of that, “all sin shall be forgiven except the one that attempts against the Holy Spirit.” That which is not forgiven must be paid for with great pain or terrible moral pains that are equally painful. All the attacks that we cause on our Mother Earth, in various ways, until we have reached the point of making it uninhabitable little by little, killing thousands and thousands of species that are already in extinction…, does it not count…? Of course it counts and a lot. All the kingdoms of nature are being violated, altered in their genes, in animals and plants, for evil purposes and seeking highly egoic profits.

I remember a stupid Israeli scientist who even bragged about creating a featherless chicken on the pretext that it saved butchers hours of work. Is this an excuse? Does this elemental not even have the right to live its short life at least with its plumage? How far will our cruelty go?… The worst thing about all this is that this is considered SCIENTIFIC ADVANCE AND ACHIEVEMENT OF A CIVILIZATION…

If we observe all these events we will realize a sad reality: nobody cares about ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING that is happening. We might wonder why. THE ANSWER IS: because we have become ABSOLUTELY EGOIC and we are only interested in our personal lives. Under these conditions: do we have the right to be heard by the GREAT LAW when we ask to be helped to DIE IN OURSELVES?

When a person begins to expand his SENSE OF SELF-OBSERVATION, he begins to go through great moral traumas, enormous sadness, terrible shame, because he begins to see clearly that he has spent the time of his life and other existences totally BLIND, IGNORING THAT HE HAD BECOME A MONSTER, in an inhuman ENTITY with human appearance….. If this goes deeper and deeper in the person, he begins to feel DISGUSTED WITH HIMSELF and, consequently, DISGUSTED WITH HIS LIFE AND THE CURRENT LIFE.

“As long as DESIRES dominate us, we will be tied to SAMSARA”, said SIDDHARTA GAUTAMA, the Buddha AMITABHA.

This is a real disgrace. We have thousands and thousands of desires of various kinds, all connected with the SEVEN DEADLY SINS, and then? Do we feel remorse for being in this state or do we perhaps consider that it is normal to be possessed by various animal instincts and desires and continue like this until the end of our days…? Which would be very tragic!

It is indispensable, dear reader, in order to DIE WITHIN OURSELVES, to activate our Consciousness, to fight for the PSYCHIC AWAKENING at all costs, and for this there is the Gnostic fakirism ─voluntary sufferings and conscious sacrifices─. There is a need to fill ourselves with superior forces that activate our psyche and for that we have the RUNES and the ZODIACAL EXERCISES that our blessed Avatar gave us: the V.M. SAMAEL AUN WEOR. Why do we not do our esoteric practices? Why do we want to leave everything to time? It is important to understand that TIME DOES NOT PERFECT, TIME IS THE EGO ITSELF, TIME IS A DECEPTION… If we think that TIME PERFECTS, at this point we would already have to be Gods and Goddesses and, nevertheless, why are we becoming worse all the time????

It takes being profound, distinguished reader. If there is no depth in our longings we will die, we will lose our physical body and we will continue in the internal worlds with our DREAMS of always…


I now leave you some sentences for reflection:

 “Honesty is always accompanied by shame and shame by honesty.”

“Honor is pure crystal that breaks with one breath.”
Lope de Vega

 “The man who loses his honor for his business, loses his business and his honor.”

“Virtue is an austere and triumphant book in which every father must make his child write?”
Victor hugo