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MESSAGE OF 1957 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear reader:

Reviewing old documents issued by the V.M. Samael and which, thanks to destiny, came into my hands many years ago, I transcribe for you, on this occasion, some extracts from the message that our Patriarch, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, addressed to all the Gnostic people of that time. I consider that this message is highly relevant today, in our time.

It is entitled:


By the Kalki Avatar of the New Age of Aquarius, Samael Aun Weor

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ─Colombia─

“Soon there will be war between the East and the West for the good of mankind, this is what the Lord Jehovah says. No one knows the day or the hour but the Father who is in heaven. The evil of the world has become bipolarized into two opposing great powers: capitalism and communism. The Western capitalist forces are of a luciferic order. The Eastern communist forces are of an ahrimanic-demonic order. Soon, these two monsters from the East and the West will go into battle and destroy each other. It is necessary to burn the evil of the world with fire in order to initiate the New Aquarian Age.

Listen up, Gnostic soldiers! The New Aquarian Age is a birth of Nature and every birth is painful. Before starting the New Aquarian Age, all countries will have to pay their great karmic debts. This poor suffering humanity will have to climb a great Golgotha. The time has come for the great desolation foreseen by Daniel the prophet. Babylonia the Great is fallen, the mother of all fornications and all abominations of the Earth.

The Moon will bring disease, epidemics and misery to the BIG WHORE whose number is 666 [namely: viruses, unknown diseases, etc.]. Mercury will bring its warlike science that becomes blood. Venus will bring tears and desolation to every home on Earth [namely: global gender-based violence, lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, pederasty, etc.]. The Sun will destroy the great cities with living fire [remember the terrible fires that have broken out on all continents]. Mars will throw men onto the battlefields and into the Abyss [there is not a country in the world today that does not have wars or serious social conflicts]. Jupiter will dethrone the kings and magistrates to prepare the way for the kings of the inner Orient [note that all monarchies have been disqualified by the CORRUPTION that has proliferated in them]. And Saturn will cause the death of billions of human lives [we are currently witnessing an unexplained mortality from the coronavirus]…

When all this has happened [after many years], then the New Age of Aquarius will shine forth amidst the august thunder of thought.

The Arcanum 21 ─the Fool─ now enters to govern the New Year of 1957. Really horrible things are expected in the New Year of 1957. Do not forget, Gnostic brothers, that Hitler launched himself into war with the same disastrous Arcanum 21. The New Age of Aquarius will be initiated in blood and fire. This is not a question of uniting little schools, lodges, etc., as many people believe. The New Age of Aquarius is a birth of Nature and every birth is painful.

Right now the East and the West are preparing for battle.

Spain will undergo a total transformation [after a terrible dictatorship, Spain finally came to know democracy].

The East will be victorious. Europe will be Sovietized [let us remember that Europe was divided into two blocs after World War II and communism took over  many places]. Later on, in the Americas, there will be a large confederation of states [remember the OAS, Organization of American States]. In the year 2018 even the simple hand lamps will be atomic [although we, the earthlings of today, do not know that these hand lamps exist, because only scientists have them in their nuclear laboratories in the East and in the West, this I personally investigated myself]. By the year 2500, all cities will have interplanetary ship stations. Inhabitants of other planets of the Solar System will come and teach man how to build flying spheres. Then, in Aquarius, humanity will be able to visit all the planets of the Solar System. That will be an extra help that will be given to this terrestrial humanity…

Know that, Gnostic brothers, not all human beings will be able to live in the physical body in Aquarius. The Great White Lodge is, at this moment, selecting the personnel. Only the souls who do not have the mark of the Beast on their foreheads and in their hands will be able to reincarnate in Aquarius. An Age of Light among the wicked would be impossible. The human personnel must be carefully selected.”

That is why we have already said in previous messages that WE HAVE TO DEFINE OURSELVES NOW, because whoever is not defined will have only two options in the Koradhi Race.

A.        TO INVOLUTE even if their 108 existences have not finished.

B.        To remain in suspension in the superior worlds until the Golden, Silver and Copper Age of the Koradhi Race has passed, in order to incarnate once again in the Black Age of Koradhi, which is the vibration that corresponds to it.

“Therefore, the INNER SELF-REALIZATION is the only thing that can give us true peace. The entry of the Sun into Aquarius demands INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION. A congregation, or better said, a new human group of SELF-REALIZED men is urgently needed to establish a new order and save the world. The GREAT WHITE LODGE of SECRET TIBET is going to attempt a new era of peace, and the UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN Gnostic Movement [this was the name of the first organization that Master Samael created at that time] is the vehicle of expression founded by the WHITE LODGE for this purpose and goal. Humanity is totally lost, but THE WHITE LODGE OF SECRET TIBET proposes to make a last effort to save the lost. This is similar to the sick person who is already about to die and yet the doctor gives him medicine and does what he can, even though the case is already lost.

The students of all pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools believe in one day reaching perfection and Final Liberation through the LAW OF EVOLUTION. We, the Gnostics, can never deny the LAW OF EVOLUTION. It would be absurd to deny the LAW OF EVOLUTION. There is also the LAW OF INVOLUTION. EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION, these two mechanical laws are processed simultaneously in all of Nature.

We cannot deny these two laws, but neither can we logically accept that MECHANICS can lead us to the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION. No mechanics can SELF-AWAKEN OURSELVES. No mechanics can INTIMATELY SELF-REALIZE OURSELVES. This SELF-REALIZATION can only be the result of conscious and positive work upon oneself. No mechanics can do this job for us. We believe in EVOLUTION and we believe in INVOLUTION but we can never believe, we can never accept, that the MECHANICAL LAW of EVOLUTION can SELF-AWAKEN our Consciousness and lead us, mechanically, to PROFOUND INNER SELF-REALIZATION.

Many living species are the product of EVOLUTION and many others are the product of INVOLUTION. For example: the dog, the donkey, the house lizard and many species of monkeys, chimpanzees, etc., are species that have resulted from INVOLUTION and are in downright INVOLUTION. The horse, the eagle, etc., are the result of EVOLUTION.

It also happens that many species evolve for some time and then INVOLUTE, degenerate. Much has been said about the cannibals and savages of the deep jungles, the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist students, as well as many Darwinists totally bottled up in the DOGMA OF EVOLUTION, suppose that those tribes are primitive men on the way to EVOLUTION. Nothing could be further away from the truth than that absurd assumption. Really, the savages are the result of INVOLUTION, of degeneration. Those races come from other races and other civilizations.

The cannibals and primitive savages have glorious and formidable traditions behind them. Actually, they come from people who reached the PEAK of Civilization. Ants and bees, which many pseud-occultists assume to be species in direct? and positive EVOLUTION, are really creatures in the process of total involution. In archaic times, before the intellectual animal mistakenly called man appeared on Earth, there were, according to tradition, races of Demi-Gods and Titans. There is no race that does not remember those Demi-Gods and Titans in their traditions.

The unfortunate thing was that the first tests were of the MARXIST COMMUNIST type. These races set out to create the communist society and they succeeded. They began by banning all religion and establishing bloody dictatorships. At first it took great intellectual efforts and will-power of steel to create the communist-style society, then everything became mechanical, free initiative was annihilated and, as a result, thinking became useless. An unused organ atrophies, those people stopped using their intelligence and the brain atrophied. Later, mechanical movements became hereditary, being transmitted instinctively from parents to children.

Centuries went by, civilizations were born and died, several Stone Ages were born and died. Those creatures INVOLUTED, they became smaller, their forms altered with the centuries. The Marxist social communist type of movements continued to be inherited. Today, we are amazed at the perfect organization of an anthill or a beehive, we only regret that these species no longer have the brilliant intelligence of other times. Really, bees and ants descend from glorious PRE-HUMAN races that committed the mistake of creating the MARXIST SOCIALIST society.”

The bees and ants, as the Patriarch Samael says, are in involution, although, curiously, the Egyptians called bees “tears of Ra” because of the honey they produce. These creatures, bees and ants, come from past Maha-Manvantaras.

 “EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION are totally mechanical laws. Such laws exist, but the bad thing, the wrong thing is to attribute to such laws factors that they do not have.

Inevitably, there comes a total change in every order of things. SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION must unite with the light of GNOSIS. Politics will go through tremendous transformations. The atomic wars inevitably have to produce many cataclysms and finally A FRIGHTFUL AND TERRIBLE PLANETARY CATACLYSM which will put an end to THE ARYAN RACE.

This event will not be the first nor the last, let us remember the Atlantean humanity and the Atlantean continent. The archaic traditions say that the ATLANTEANS used a mysterious force called VRIL, whose abuse provoked the REVOLUTION OF THE AXES OF THE EARTH, the changing of the bed of the oceans and the SUBMERSION OF THE ATLANTIS. This energy, this VRIL, is the atomic energy itself.

The disintegration of the atom will eventually lead to the decomposition of the chain atom. The result is to TAKE the planet Earth BACK IN TIME to the ARCHAIC past. From that remote past, nature has been working with the forces of molecular cohesion. Now we work with its antithesis, with the forces of atomic disintegration. This means the return toward the chaos, toward the nebula, and therefore the actualization of the old archaic cataclysms.

Concrete facts are proving us right, logic is on our side. The Earth is trembling everywhere, it is trembling in the Americas, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa, in Oceania, at the bottom of the seas, etc., frightening cyclones are unleashed devastating cities, monster children are being born everywhere, unknown diseases are appearing that science cannot cure [namely: HIV, Cancer, Ebola…]. This is all the result of the atomic explosions. Fortunately, scientists have not yet been able to divide the ELECTRON. Unfortunately, they are trying and will finally succeed, but this will be more serious. When they achieve this, the destruction will be terrifying and will even reach the MENTAL WORLD, then the INFINITE TERROR WILL REIGN SOVEREIGNLY on the planet Earth.”

You can see here how the human being already managed to split the electron:

 “The entry of the SUN IN AQUARIUS is both wonderful and terrible. Uranus is explosive and TREMENDELY REVOLUTIONARY, and the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL called man is not prepared to handle such explosive and revolutionary forces. Any bad quadrature or planetary conjunction in the future may be enough for man to identify himself totally with the negative framework of Uranus. The sure result will be the ATOMIC WAR, which will provoke, after a certain time, the GREAT PLANETARY CATACLYSM of frightful earthquakes

Men who abhor war have worked for PEACE since ancient times, but all their efforts have been in vain, all campaigns for PEACE are in vain, all propaganda for PEACE is in vain. Really, all the conferences and treatises of PEACE are nothing but HYPOCRISY and MENTAL LAZINESS of those who do not want to work upon themselves to achieve INNER PEACE.

War is due to many causes that man ignores. Some of these causes are within man, others are outside of man. Wars are due to PLANETARY INFLUENCES, to cosmic forces; any bad position of the stars or any cosmic catastrophe is enough for millions of men to launch themselves into war.

Man is not capable of resisting these cosmic forces because, FRANKLY, he is NOT A MAN YET. If he were a real Man he would resist those tremendous cosmic forces and then there would be no wars. Unfortunately, MAN is not yet able to DO ANYTHING. The so-called MAN is just a machine moved by cosmic forces. Only the BEING can DO and the so-called MAN STILL DOES NOT HAVE THE BEING. Man has only the “I” within him and this is not the BEING. We must distinguish between the “I” and the BEING. The “I” is multiple, it is legion. The BEING is integral, UNITOTAL. The “I” is formed by thousands of little “I’s” separated from each other. They often do not know each other and even wage war against each other. MAN IS A PLURALITY and his TRUE NAME IS LEGION. He still does not have a truly defined INDIVIDUALITY. The so-called “man” does not yet have a SELF-CONSCIOUS, SINGULAR BEING. Man is divided into legion of little “I’s…”

We carry the causes of war within us. The “I’s” of greed, cruelty, egotism, hatred, etc., are within man himself. When these “I’s” are dissolved on the basis of comprehension and SANCTITY, when man possesses THE SACRED FIRE, then he will have INCARNATED his real BEING.

Only the BEING can overcome bad planetary influences. Only the BEING can handle those cosmic forces that produce war. Only he who possesses the BEING can be called a real Man…



Let us now reflect on the following sentences:

“The beginnings! That is, the dreams, the hopes, the enthusiasm. Those commencements are often more beautiful than the most triumphant victories.  At least because every hope is beautiful, and every achievement takes away the pleasure of waiting and gives the human weariness of what has been achieved. The possession of glory is the same as the possession of a woman…!”
Ruben Dario

“The first step toward wisdom is to free oneself from foolishness.”
Leonardo da Vinci

“If we do not plant the tree of wisdom when we are young, it cannot lend us its shade in old age.”
Lord Chesterfield

Kwen Khan Khu