autentično bratstvo među braćom

What does it truly mean to have an authentic fraternity among brothers?

What does it truly mean to have an authentic fraternity among brothers? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Beloved readers:

I want to send all of you these reflections about the following:


First of all, dear friends, allow me to tell you that the word FRATERNITY has its origin in Latin language: FRATERNITAS, all of which has to be translated as ‘BROTHERHOOD’…

Since the V.M. Samael created the contemporary Gnosticism, he always wanted the souls who adhered to Gnosis to become true brothers and sisters of the Secret Path with our teachings. This was and has always been the great aspiration of our Patricarch. However, even if it is sad to say it, during his life in this three-dimensional world our Avatar did not manage to see that so longed-for fruit and, on the contrary, due to the atrocities that the devotees of Gnosis did to each other, there came a moment in which the Master Samael had to say: “In view of the fact that the devotees of these teachings do not want to die within themselves and love each other like true brothers, I have no other option but to remove from our lexicon the word BROTHER OR SISTER and replace these words with the syllables of Mr. or Mrs….”

Many years have passed in this manner and, finally, when the Master had to abandon his physical body, there was not only a disbandment in the gnostic groups of that time, but also, factions were created that attacked each other in a fierce manner. We were sad witnesses of that tragic panorama that lasted approximately thirty-five to forty years and it almost destroyed our teachings.

Today, fortunately, we are in other times and things have changed somewhat, not much, but they have improved. However, we have to tell the truth ─”there are no lies between brothers”─ and this truth often has bitter and heartbreaking overtones. First of all, I have to tell you that:

  1. We cannot speak of BROTHERHOOD, in the deepest sense of the word, when, due to our prejudices, we cannot celebrate a PRATIMOKSHA, or DISCHARGE CEREMONY, in order to help us eliminate our animalistic psychological aggregates that keep our Consciousness bottled up. Some Gnostic institutions celebrate that PRATIMOKSHA but the devotee goes to kneel down before an altar and, MENTALLY, confesses his committed crimes. This is like TAKING COMMUNION WITH MILLSTONES FOR PARCHMENT HOSTS, because a PRATIMOKSHA is either done or it is not, but it must not be an ambiguous thing that looks like it is but in essence IT IS NOT… LET US NOT DECEIVE OURSELVES.
  2. There is also no BROTHERHOOD where no one can entrust a personal secret to anyone, because that “anyone” ends up, sooner or later, telling it to everyone else… How on earth could we do a PRATIMOKSHA???
  3. A true BROTHERHOOD is one in which its members are not suspicious of the affection of one or the other, all of which would generate a state of UNCERTAINTY that would lead us to question if we can absolutely trust in that sister or brother…
  4. In a legitimate BROTHERHOOD there are no RESENTMENTS for this or that phrase that so-and-so said to us many years ago. If we hold onto resentments it is because our SELF-LOVE has turned into stone and, in such conditions, we will have a difficulty in being assisted by the INNER FATHER-MOTHER.
  5. Likewise, it is ridiculous that even brothers who have done the GREAT INNER WORK do not in any way want to be TRUE BROTHERS with others who have also achieved it. In this case, the error is even more serious, because this supposed Masters are dishonoring their Father and their Mother by failing to first of all comply with the sacred TEN COMMANDEMNTS. 
  6. In a BROTHERHOOD all its members should LOVE equally those who have financial resources and those who do not have them, and treat them all with the same confidence. Before the Father we are all equal, whether we have financial resources or not.
  7. All the member of an authentic BROTHERHOOD would always want to study our holy doctrine and would be concerned about the well-being of their other brothers. Where EGOISM and that of “I live my life, the rest does not matter to me” prevails, it is evident that we have not understood what FRATERNITY means…..
  8. In a BROTHERHOOD no one wants to take advantage of anyone. The only thing that is sought for is the happiness that comes from the RECIPROCAL love that they mutually bestow upon each other.
  9. When there is a BROTHERHOOD no one is afraid to tell about their animic experiences that they have received because they would be sure that those experiences would not awaken the ENVY or slander of the others.
  10. A true BROTHERHOOD is based of its Founding President ─for us, the V.M. Samael─, and we would never fall into the stupidity of being UNGRATEFUL to the one who gave us a SACRED GOSPEL for the salvation of our souls. The parasite of BETRAYAL only moves where there are MYTHOMANIACS or people full of MYSTICAL PRIDE.
  11. A HEALTHY BROTHERHOOD would never accept HYPOCRISY, because that would mean that we are FALSE in our feelings. And who can come close to the Father full of false feelings? Impossible. Enigmas, enigmas, enigmas…!!!
  12. In a strong BROTHERHOOD, our HUGS are sincere, real, profound, and if we affectionately kiss another brother or sister, it must never be the KISS OF JUDAS, which then turns into backbiting or malignant comments on our part toward that person whom we have kissed.
  13. BROTHERHOOD produces the beautiful miracle of making us feel accompanied in our sadness, in our physical or psychological agonies, and this gives us the impulse to renew our moral strength and continue fighting in the field of our existence. In this case WE WILL NEVER FEEL ALONE.
  14. BROTHERHOOD will never generate the absurd feeling of YOU MUST PAY ME BACK FOR THE FAVORS I DID FOR YOU, because LOVE IS DISINTERESTED, it does not want anything in return.
  15. The bonds of a true BROTHERHOOD will lead us to UNIMAGINABLE SACRIFICES for our other brothers or sisters, free of the parasites of LAZINESS, NEGLIGENCE, CONFORMISM, ABANDONMENT OF OTHERS, etc., etc., etc.
  16. When we are part of a BROTHERHOOD the word SORRY must be received by our heart and we must TRULY FORGIVE those who, consciously or unconsciously, have hurt us in some way at a given moment… Where there is FORGIVENESS there are no silent resentments that we disguise with apparent INNER WORK that is not true. In that case it would be called CYNICISM.
  17. No one, in a legitimate brotherhood, sets up a TRAP for others in order to later on sarcastically laugh at the person whom we have assaulted. This would be typical of WOLVES DRESSED IN SHEEP SKIN but not authentic brothers. 
  18. FIDELITY accompanies our actions in a serious BROTHERHOOD and this leads us to consolidate ourselves in the realm of HONESTY toward each other.
  19. BROTHERHOOD is not full of mentaloid assumptions by us toward others, because those assumptions only produce mental disturbances, horrible loneliness and permanent pain for us.
  20. BROTHERHOOD is nourished with the good use of the word, calm, simplicity, the veneration of LOVE and everything that produces tranquility in our soul.
  21. The strength of BROTHERHOOD creates bonds that never break and provide us with WONDERFUL RECURRENCES that can help us overcome many karmic obstacles that we, probably, bring into existence.
  22. Our ELDER BROTHERS have made themselves by working within themselves on that which hindered them from being able to live in the realm of FRATERNITY.
  23. By getting used to the BROTHERHOOD we will end up getting closer, each day, to the sacred vibrations of our Father who is in secret, until He, likewise, allows us to be ONE WITH HIM.
  24. BROTHERHOOD was the power that kept the twelve apostles together with their most holy PRECEPTOR ─the V.M. ABERAMENTHO─, and that union exists between them forever and ever.

As long as we have not filled ourselves with these requirements mentioned in these pages, we will not be able to speak of a legitimate BROTHERHOOD.

I now leave you some sentences for reflection:

“Men set their own price ─high or low as they see it fit─ and no one is worth more than what they make themselves be worth.”

“Nothing is easier than being honored when being rich; the difficulties begin with poverty.”

“Forgiveness is worth more than revenge, because one is the effect of a sweet and human nature, and the other is of a fierce and brutal organization.”

“Time brings forth new obstacles whose existence we never thought possible; victory is not considered certain until the fight is over.”

─‘Knock, reproducing the fourth knock in obedience to the prophecy’─.
Kwen Khan Khu