The law of contrasts

The law of contrasts 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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The Law of Contrasts is the foundation of relativity.

This law is part of the cosmic dualism that subjugates the rational mammal.

As long as the sleeping Consciousness is bottled-up among the Ego, it will always unfold in the midst of contrasts.

That is why there are the good and the bad, the black and the white, the dark and the luminous, the beautiful and the horrible, the angelic and the macabre, the high and the low, the daring and the cowardly, the profound and the superficial, the mediocre and the transcendental, the day and the night, time and eternity, the heavens and the hells, health and sickness, the serious and the ridiculous, the selfless and the irresponsible, the triumph and the defeat, the atom and the galaxy, the macrocosmic and the microcosmic, the pleasant and the unpleasant, etc., etc., etc.

When Consciousness becomes cosmic and frees itself from the “I” and all its ties, then it lives connected to what we call in Gnosis the Great Reality.

The Great Reality has levels and levels of being captured… The greater the capture of the Great Reality, the closer we are to the Illuminating Void.

The Illuminating Void is beyond relativity. Therefore, the Illuminating Void is the prelude of the Great Talidad.

In the Great Talidad there is only life free in all its movement, free from all comparison, free from all contrast. Every inhabitant of the Talidad only longs to get lost in the immensity of it.

The Talidad is the Great Breath, unknown to itself. Whoever is established in the Great Talidad is one step away from the Absolute Abstract Space.

When humanity committed the crime of ignoring the BEING to prefer to become SOMEONE, then it committed the heresy of separativity and fell prisoner into the hands of relativity.

Hence we say OMNIA IN DUOBUS, DUO IN UNO, UNOS IN NIHILO, ‘everything in duality, duality in oneness, oneness in nothingness’…..

Nothingness is the TAO of the Orientals. Tao is the supreme synthesis of creation.

When the Cosmic Night arrives everything is reduced to self-realized atoms, with the ability to manifest itself again in the future Maha-Manvantara if the Theomegalogos so decides…


Allow me to leave you a few sentences for reflection:

“Great men are simple and average men are bombastic, for the same reason that cowards are bullies and brave men are not.”

“Man rises above the earth with two wings: with simplicity and with purity. Simplicity must be in the intention and purity in the affection.”

“Ingratitude is the daughter of pride.”

“It is easier to write against pride than to overcome it.”

“Ruin architect is pride: the foundations are placed high and the tiles in the foundations.”