Transcendental Gnostic Themes

Transcendental Gnostic Themes 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

The one who wants to understand the inner work, one day, in his life, has to take the moral resolution of wanting to change. As long as the person does not take this moral resolution, he can read all the Master’s books, he can attend all our congresses, he can try to meditate, etc., but if he has not taken the moral resolution of wanting to change, he will not achieve anything; if this ingredient does not exist, the moral resolution with oneself that makes one say: «It’s over, from today onwards I cannot continue being like this.» When the person takes the moral resolution of wanting to change seriously, that is when Gnosis starts to bear its fruits, because that moral resolution makes him apply the negation of himself seriously.

And the difference that exists between the multitude of students who read Gnosis and the one who applies it is that he becomes, the one who applies it, an enemy of himself and does not want to tolerate, one more day, that the I continue to deceive him. That is the key: to take the moral resolution with oneself, each on his own, to not force anyone to do anything.

Everyone who really wants to experience Gnosis has to come to this conviction, not an intellectual conviction, but a profound one; not an idea, no, it is a conviction and an intimate resolution, and that is what keeps him on the Path. Obviously, to this is added perseverance in the practices given by Gnosis, in the methodology given by Gnosis, in the willpower that has to increase every day…