Developing the Oneiric Memory

Developing the Oneiric Memory 850 480 Universal
Upon waking from normal sleep, every Gnostic student should make a retrospective exercise on the process of sleep, in order to remember all those places where he was visiting during the hours of sleep. We already know that the Ego travels a lot in the astral, for that reason it is necessary to remember when waking up from normal sleep where we were and all those things that we saw and heard. The Masters instruct their disciples when they are outside of the physical body. It is urgent to know how to meditate deeply and, later, to practice what we learn during the hours of sleep. We should not move at the time of awakening, because with this movement the astral is agitated and the memories are lost. It is urgent to combine retrospective exercises with the following mantras: RAOM GAOM. Every word is divided into two syllables. You should emphasize the vowel O. These mantras are to the student what dynamite is to the miner. Just as the miner opens the way through the entrails of the earth with the help of dynamite, so the student will open the way to the memories of the subconscious with the help of these mantras.

Samael Aun Weor
The Perfect Matrimony, chapter 16