La Via Seca o Via Directa de la Alquimia

Relevant concomitances about the Dry Path or Direct Path of Alchemy

Relevant concomitances about the Dry Path or Direct Path of Alchemy 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

I am sending you these reflections concerning:


When we read the works of the Father of contemporary Gnosticism: V.M. Samael Aun Weor, and, above all, those concerning the SPIRITUAL BIRTH as one of the three factors for the Revolution of Consciousness, we find the secret and sacred science of Alchemy. In this science, two ways of experimentation are presented for the devotee interested in acquiring his spiritual rebirth or Philosopher’s Stone. In this respect, many Masters of the transmutatory art of antiquity had already pronounced themselves alluding to a series of details to be taken into account when deciding to march toward the confection of the Great inner Work…

Even the alchemist who lived at the beginning of the 20th century, called Fulcanelli, in his book The Dwellings of the Philosophers, wrote the following about the Dry Path:

“But in contrast to the Humid Path, in which glass utensils allow for easy control and precise observation, the Dry Path cannot enlighten the operator at any given moment of the work [read: the devotee receives very little information about the progress of the work]. Similarly, even if the time factor, reduced to a minimum, is a serious advantage in the practice of Ars Brevis, in contrast, the need for high temperatures has the disadvantage of the absolute uncertainty as to the progress of the operations. Everything takes place in the most profound mystery inside the carefully closed crucible [read: of sexuality], immersed in the center of the incandescent coals. It is important, then, to be very experienced and to know well the behavior and the power of the fire, because, from the beginning to the end, it will not be possible to discover in it the slightest indication. All the reactions typical to the Humid Path [read: Nirvanic] are indicated by the classical authors, so it is possible for the studious artist to acquire quite precise points of reference authorizing him to undertake his long and difficult work. Here, on the contrary, devoid of any guidance, the traveler, fearless to the point of recklessness, enters this arid and burnt desert. There is no route traced, no sign, no landmark; nothing but the apparent inertia of the earth, of the rock and of the sand. The brilliant kaleidoscope of the colored phases does not in the least enliven his indecisive progress [read: not even astral experiences inform him about his path]; he blindly continues his journey, with no other certainty than that of his faith, and with no other hope than his trust in divine mercy…”

It is indisputable, patient reader, that the teachings given by our Avatar, as he himself emphasized, belong to the Direct Path or Dry Path that we have just outlined in previous lines. It is, therefore, a path in which we will have to live all the processes shown by the Great Kabir of Galilee in a single existence… And this is very painful. This must be kept in mind.

When your servant began raising his Serpents of Fire, at the height of the serpent related to my ASTRAL vehicle, the Adept who conducted the ceremony that indicated the end of the journey of that serpent, told me the following in that ritual:

“You must know that all your processes, throughout your life, will be accompanied by MORAL PAIN!” ─And he added: “Are you willing to live them?”

My immediate answer was:

“Yes, I am willing!” ─even knowing what awaited me…

That intensified terribly when my Real Being made the determination to march on the Direct Path. Then I had to get used to the mixture of experiencing these mysteries always accompanied by pain, pain and more pain.

But here is a question, dear readers: why does this have to be so, in such a tortuous way?

Answer: simply because the Direct Path seeks to take us out of the frightful wheel of births and deaths ─read: Samsara─, and for this purpose we have to leave the cosmic stage in order to be established in the AIN SOPH of the Kabbalah. This is what is called Inner Liberation…

Obviously, eminent reader, it is the Father of all Lights who has to decide which alchemical path we will have to live, we simply have to obey…, that’s all.

Therefore, we have to prepare ourselves deeply, in a psychological way, to face the challenges that this Hermetic Path brings us.

For this purpose, we must know that, as we advance in this journey, we will go through agony after agony and that will seem, at a certain moment, as something NEVER-ENDING…

We will be deprived of the bonds and affective forces that bind us to things and people, and all those detachments will provoke in our psychological and animic flesh frightful pains and deep bitterness in a constant manner…

If I write all these things to you, it is only with the intention of warning you of this calamitous path which, nevertheless, is the only real and true one that will connect us with our Father who is in secret.

It would not be strange, then, that those who have children will probably experience, as part of their via crucis, having to see their own descendants turned into their own Judas; or perhaps you will have to face the sad reality of seeing your own companions of the path up to a point, then NO LONGER UNDERSTAND YOU because they will have taken the Humid Path ─Nirvanic─ and you perhaps the Dry Path. All these are aspects that need to be reflected upon because once embarked on the boat of alchemical science, there is no turning back…….

Anguish, anxiety, uncertainty, will be the companions of all those who, wanting to do a good inner work on the Dry Path, fear to be marching on wrong paths. To top it all, our Patriarch, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, already said it in his works: “On this Secret Path, when one believes that he is doing very well, it turns out to be doing very badly, and when we believe that we are doing very badly, then it is probable that we are doing very well!!!”

This is how things are, dear readers!

That is why, to triumph in the so-called GREAT INNER WORK, one needs to shield himself against the secret inner enemies ─the undesirable psychological aggregates─ and external enemies ─like the Black Lodge─, and for this purpose prayer to our Divine Mother and to our Father, who are both in secret, is necessary. All this will strengthen our FAITH and that will be, on this uncertain route, our guidance, our beacon of light, our luminous star that will mark at any moment the North in our journey toward the BEING…

Allow me to give you some sentences for your reflection:

“When life gives abilities, it gives responsibilities as well.”
Romulo Gallegos

“For everything there is a determined moment, and every fact has its time marked in heaven.”

“There is no wise person without faith.”

“The man of faith is eternal in his hope.”
Lucas Fernández de Ayala

─ ‘Only from the sky come the flowers, only from the sky come the virtues’─.
Nahuatl maxim