Los tiempos del fin

Concomitances of our Avatar on the end times

Concomitances of our Avatar on the end times 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Well-remembered friends:

With great pleasure I send you the words of the Avatar of Aquarius referring to…


One thing to take into account, esteemed readers, is the fact that these conferences of Master Samael were dictated back in 1971 and then the Master had already glimpsed in his Samadhis all these secret and sacred plans of the divine humanities for us, the inhabitants of this world we call EARTH. This confirms that our beloved Patriarch had by then already acquired omniscience, and that quality allowed him to advance in time in a great way. That is an Avatar, companions!

These abundant explanations that our blessed Guru gives us in these answers that he offers to the questions that he is asked, clearly answer the reason for so many UFO sightings in our skies. We have come to see, through the Internet and some newscasts, up to hundreds of UFOs that no one knows where they are going. Now we know…

“The critical moment is the current one, my dear brothers; yes, it’s a terrible moment. In other worlds of infinite space the state we are going through is known and we will be given, it is clear, help. Those who deserve it will be saved.

From Ganymede will come men who will teach us to know the fourth dimension from the scientific point of view. From the Blue Galaxy we will also receive help: men of the Blue Galaxy will walk through all the streets of the towns and cities helping us with the doctrine, teaching us the Path.

Those men of the Blue Galaxy, in the past, gave great assistance to humanity. Think for a moment, my dear brethren, of the pyramids of Egypt. It is obvious that they were built, not by Egyptians, as many assume, but by Atlantean giants. Only in this way can we explain why such stones were transported across the desert.

But that the engineers who built those pyramids had been assisted by other people, it is true. They were assisted by the men of the Blue Galaxy. It was precisely men from the Blue Galaxy who came in wonderful ships that had the shapes of red fish. They helped Chaldea, they helped Assyria, Persia, etc.

Currently, at the South Pole, my dear brothers, there are submerged subterranean cities in which men from the Blue Galaxy live. They are willing to help us efficiently in the immediate or medium-term future.

It is also very true, very real, my dear brothers, that at the South Pole, there under the polar ice, there are hidden subterranean cities. Yes, they live there; do not be surprised that those “blue men” of the color of the sky have civilizations there.

And what about the North Pole? At the North Pole there are still survivors of the First Great Race, survivors who know of our history and of the critical moment in which we are. They also have subterranean cities. Those are the glacial men, extraordinary men, men of the First Age.

At the bottom of the seas there are intelligent fish that will be discovered before long.

And from other galaxies we will also receive help, my dear brothers. From the Seven Little Goats will come sages who will dedicate themselves to cleaning the Earth’s atmosphere, who will study infectious microorganisms, because they know that one day we will need such help.

From Ganymede we will receive, as I have already told you, not only complete information about the fourth dimension, but also support in many other fields of science and wisdom. Inhabitants of different planets of infinity are ready to help us.

If currently there are laboratories that Russians and Americans have put into orbit, it is also true that there is another kind of cosmic laboratories: those that extraterrestrial people put into orbit. In such laboratories artificial blood is manufactured, because there will come a time when it will be necessary to have blood banks in the cosmos, in orbit. Yes, there will be people from other worlds who will have to help us even in the field of nursing and medicine.

Think of all this, brethren, meditate and comprehend the terrible moment in which we are living. Having understood all this profoundly, knowing all this, you will then also be able to know of the need we have to expand Gnosis, to open the dead end, to give everyone the wisdom so that they can escape from this horrible hell in which we are.

─Excerpts from the conference “Apocalyptic Nemesis”, given by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor and collected in volume II of The Fifth Gospel─.

I conclude this message by giving you a few sentences to reflect upon:

“The soul is not to be adorned with the beauty of the body, but on the contrary, the body with that of the soul.”
Saavedra Fajardo

“What is the soul? Immortality is man’s aspiration. Without immortality, all of creation for man is but an immense why. Listen also to the brilliant affirmation that springs from the consciousness. The sum of ideas about God that man has is condensed into a single cry: that which affirms the existence of the immortal soul!”
Victor Hugo

“The soul is the efficient cause and organizing principle of the living body.”

“The soul contains the essence of man. The body is but an instrument of the soul, or a dwelling, or a prison, from which it must come out pure in order to enjoy eternal happiness.”

“All souls are immortal, but those of the righteous and heroes are divine.”

“The end crowns the work.”