The astral body

The astral body 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Highly appreciated readers:

I send you, on this occasion, an article published in the magazine ABRAXAS, in which our Patriarch, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, makes some very interesting connotations related to the astral body. This text was published in 1974 in the aforementioned magazine. Here it is:


1. The KESDJANO body ─astral body─, a supra-sensitive vehicle placed by the occultists in the FIFTH DIMENSION, is in no way an indispensable implement for existence…

2. The LINGA SHARIRA, organic vital base, possesses in itself the natural values that guarantee the existence of the planetary body ─physical body─.

3. Unquestionably, the LINGA SHARIRA ─the MUMIA of PARACELSUS─ is the TETRA-DIMENSIONAL aspect of the physical body.

4. The KESDJANO body is a luxury that very few people can afford. Rare are those who are born with the astral body.

5. One knows one has feet because he can walk with them and that one has hands because he can use them.

6. Thus one also knows that he has an astral body when he can travel with it in the supra-sensitive worlds.

7. Whoever wants to fabricate a KESDJANO body for himselfmust work intensively in the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos.

8. The sages were very reserved and never wanted to teach the secret of the preparation of the Mercury. The key is in the Arcanum A.Z.F.

9. When the Mercury ─Metallic Soul of the Sperm─ has been fecundated by the Sulfur ─Fire─, it crystallizes in the splendid and wonderful form of the astral body.

10. Speaking emphatically we will say that the KESDJANO body is a wonderful organism, it possesses its own physiology, etc.

11. The blood of the astral body is the very sacred HANBLEDZOIN contained potentially in the PENTA-DIMENSIONAL aspect of theblood circulating through the veins of the planetary body.

12. Cosmic Astrochemistry elaborates the HANBLEDZOIN thatcirculates in the veins of the astral body…

13. By means of the ALMOADZIANO sacrament, any Initiate can take his astral body out from the world of the dead to make it visible and tangible in the physical world.

14. Unquestionably, some Adepts, after the destruction of their physical vehicle, intentionally materialize the astral body in such a complete way that they look like people of flesh and blood.

15. However, such an astral materialization should in no way be confused with the alchemist resurrection.

16. It is regrettable that some Initiates have confused the sacred ALMOADZIANO process with the esoteric ALCHEMIST resurrection.   

17. It is paradoxical that certain Initiates confuse the resurrection process of Jesus-Christ with the ALMOADZIANO process.

18. It is not out of place to solemnly assert that the GREAT KABIR JESUS still lives with the same physical body that he had in the Holy Land.

19. In no way would it be possible to submit oneself to the ALMOADZIANO process if the KESDJANO body, or astral body, did not carry within it an objective reason and a conscious will.

20. Naturally, it is only possible to produce the aforementioned ALMOADZIANO process when the astral body is still in the Sphere of the Sacraments, in the astral world.

21. In order to understand the essential foundation of the ALMOADZIANO process, it is indispensable to know two specific properties of the HANBLEDZOIN of the Being, that is, of the blood of the astral body.

22. The first of these qualities is that, if any of its parts is separated and removed, no matter how remote the place where it is taken, a very subtle connection is established between it and the concentration from which it comes.

23. The second: when it is introduced into the bloodstream of another person ─as in the specific case of blood transfusions─, the astral body of the donor and the receiver become magically related by means of the bond of blood.

24. This means that if the disembodied Initiate were to carry in his astral body the blood of any disciple, if he carried in his sidereal veins some particles of his HANBLEDZOIN, he could materialize himself after his death to continue instructing him…..

25. However, the mere mixture of bloods is not enough, a certain very special liturgy is required in order for the HANBLEDZOIN of the Being between Master and disciple to be mixed…

26. Indubitably, the HANBLEDZOIN particlesare located within the very bloodstream itself.

27. We will conclude this article by saying in an emphatic way that, due to the great COMMON COSMIC TROGOAUTOEGOCRATIC processthe Adept who has materialized the Astral Body after death and with some defined purpose, once one year has passed, he must inevitably re-enter the Sphere of the Sacraments…..

Samael Aun Weor

Allow me now, esteemed readers, to give you a few sentences for reflection:

“You should only have a fondness for what happens to you and comes from providence, for what could be more opportune for you?”
Marcus Aurelius

“What heaven has commanded to happen there is no diligence or human wisdom that can prevent it.”

“Providence likes to be tempted. This is the secret of the man who triumphs.”
Bernard Shaw

“Man moves, God guides him.”

“God is the Truth and it is up to us to discover it.”
John of Muller

Very fraternally,
Kwen Khan Khu