Verdades que contradicen las falsedades que se nos han inculcado

Truths that contradict the falsehoods that have been instilled in us

Truths that contradict the falsehoods that have been instilled in us 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

I take a little of my time to send you the following:


A. There are only THREE DIMENSIONS, simply only what we see with the senses is real.

A. FALSE. Since Einstein managed to demonstrate with his formula the equation that deciphers energy, today it is accepted that space is multidimensional.

B. Space is a straight line.

B. FALSE. Space is curved and it is now admitted that space tends to a limit, beyond which other infinites that have their own spaces open up.

C. There is no God or anything like that, since we can only accept what we perceive with the senses. God is just imaginary.

C. FALSE. Life continues to exist in the so-called parallel worlds described by Hinton, and that is what exists in hyperspace. The problem is that we do not perceive these other forms of life because our psychic senses are atrophied and our endocrine glands are without sufficient development –read: especially the pineal. On the other hand, the concept that has been given to mankind about God is really childish. What we would call God is an OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT energy. In the animic depth of every person, a portion of that energy exists and Gnostically we call it “the BEING”.

D. The world created itself without the intervention of any God. It was produced thanks to celestial mechanics and began to exist as a consequence of the so-called BIG BANG emphasized by current physics and astronomy.

D. FALSE. The famous BIG BANG to which physicists and astronomers allude only exists as an imaginary creation in their psyche, because no one was there to film that event, absolutely no one. This entire pseudo-theory is based on hypotheses from which positivist skeptics draw their conclusions. In addition, there is no mechanics without a mechanic, and if the Universe had been the result of a mechanism, then who managed that mechanism?

E. The human race comes from the evolution of species over millions of years.

E. FALSE. Mr. Charles Darwin’s vaunted Theory of the Evolution of Species has NEVER been able to prove that the human race comes from the ape, and they desperately keep looking for the so-called missing link that would connect the ape to Homo sapiens sapiens. Instead, Gnostic anthropogenesis states that the human species had its origin in the superior worlds of Consciousness and was materializing as the primordial energy condensed, or crystallized, more and more through that which are called the ROUNDS. Therefore, we first exist during the mental energetical Round, then we continue our existence in the astral Round, then we continue existing in the tetra-dimensional or vital energetical Round to finally reach the cellular, three-dimensional or physical Round. The seat of the human body was just a protoplasm at first, then it became protoplasmic-gaseous until it was defined cellularly. The ape was the result of the sexual crossing of those first men with beasts of Nature, and therefore we share certain genes with the anthropoids.

F. There is no so-called “SOUL” in animals or people. It is an invention of religions to manipulate the masses.

F. FALSE. The term soul or anima alludes to an immutable, eternal energy that survives the death of the physical body. That soul evolves in the mineral, animal, and plant realms until it reaches the human state to manifest itself in the material world for one hundred and eight existences, which constitutes a cycle. However, that soul must really try to make contact with its divine Spirit –namely: the BEING– and for this reason it is assigned THREE THOUSAND CYCLES OF MANIFESTATION. The term animal precisely indicates that there is something that animates the lower creatures –horses, dogs, cats, lions, etc.– and that something is the “anima” or the soul of them.

G. The four elements of Nature exist just like that, as part of the mechanics of creation.

G. FALSE. The four elements are children of FIRE. Fire is the energy from which the other three elements emanate by derivation. Thus, from fire the air is derived, from the air the water originates and from the water comes the earth. All this is controlled by the guiding intelligences of Nature called DEVAS in Gnosticism. All elements are mutations of fire.

H. The life of man does not pursue anything transcendental, we simply have to live it and enjoy it, but when we die everything is over.

H. FALSE. The life of the human being is the effort of the divine Spirit which she carries in her entrails to want to manifest itself in the material world. When such a divine Spirit manages to manifest itself through the bodily envelope of its human soul, it is then said that this Spirit has managed to self-realize intimately.

I. Sex is a function of our organism that only serves to reproduce our species and to have moments of sensory pleasure.

I. FALSE. Sexuality has been given to the human biped precisely to develop him as a TRUE MAN. Sexual energy does not only have the procreative function of our species. No. Sexual energy has subtypes within it, and it is even possible that it is transformed or transmuted into another more subtle energy that, by making it rise through existing channels on both sides of our spine, ends up stimulating all our hormones and glands existing in the human organism, all of which allows the human being to perceive a multitude of physical and metaphysical phenomena of Nature and the Cosmos. Likewise, this energy transmuted into something more subtle creates other energetical bodies with which we can move in other dimensions. Gnosticism states forcefully that SEX IS SACRED and that is why the sixth commandment of Moses emphasizes DO NOT FORNICATE.

J. Birth control through pills, ointments, IUDs, condoms and other artifices are magnificent, because like this the marriage is not filled with children.

J. FALSE. Birth control is an aberrant invention created by the humanoid of our days to be able to FORNICATE as many times as he wants without the supposed danger of the woman becoming pregnant. It is not a magnificent invention, because in the end all these mechanisms alter the hormones of the woman, they make her prone to diseases ─such as the contraceptive pill─ and unbalance her nervous system. The system known as TANTRA-YOGA, AGNI-YOGA, SAHAJA MAITHUNA, KRIYA-YOGA, etc., allows the human couple to enjoy sexual pleasure without losing the seminal liquor, that is, WITHOUT FORNICATING. Gnosticism knows these systems and practices them.

K. The human mind is formidable, for it is capable of doing wonders.

K. FALSE. THE MIND is one more functionalism of our hidden anatomy, but it is not all. The mind has many unconscious levels that, unfortunately, the human being does not deign to investigate. On these unconscious levels there are real unimaginable aberrations. Such aberrations constitute what we might call THE “I”, THE EGO, THE ONESELF, THE MYSELF, etc. Those abominable states are the SATAN of religions. The mind can be transformed into something great, but first it must be cleansed of those evil hosts that cause the bitterness of people and society in general.

L. Science is miraculous, it does true wonders, it explains everything, it knows everything. There is nothing like science.

L. FALSE. What we call science today is not such. True science cures diseases at their roots, not simply making painkillers to endure them. The so-called “scientists” of medicine believe they know the human body, but in truth they ignore many things about it. The aforementioned science has been wanting to eradicate cancer for many years and, even with instruments that today are described as ultramodern, it only manages to delay the death of those affected by that malignant cancer. True science is a science WITH LOVE, and it does not seek to experiment with its medical aberrations by using animals as guinea pigs that suffer hell while they are used in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies. A simple shampoo is tested thousands of times by spraying it on the eyes of a rabbit –because this little animal always has them open– and when the eyes of those creatures finally stop rotting then they begin to sell it to people. Is this science or is it Machiavellianism? The same is done today with aborted fetuses: they are used to make creams that are then sold for the purpose of making the woman’s skin appear rejuvenated.

With the vaunted science we have destroyed the ozone layer of our world because of the fuels that power the rockets we launch into space. Now that ozone layer, since it does not exist, makes us prone to suffer from skin cancer due to the influence of the ultraviolet rays of our Sun when falling upon our organism. That same science every day elaborates more and more weapons of mass destruction to be used in a THIRD WORLD WAR. A Chinese laboratory has been the creator of the pandemic that we live today and that we have called COVID-19, a disease that is taking thousands and thousands of people around the world to their graves. And what has science done? Well, create a false “vaccine” that, to top it off, produces horrendous side effects, such as sterility, thrombosis, cardiac arrests, strokes… And the worst of all this is that the same science TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY for those side effects and, to top it off, wants to make it MANDATORY worldwide. And all the governments keep quiet.

M. We are marching toward progress. Soon we will have a society in which peace, abundance and harmony will reign.

M. FALSE. The progress of the human species has become a utopia that only materialistic fanatics can believe. If we were really progressive we would not have generated a First World War, neither a second, and we are about to be caught up in a new world confrontation or Third World War with unimaginable consequences. The pseudo-man of our time every day becomes more and more selfish and perverse. Hunger and misery are wiping out entire societies on the five continents. Water begins to be a scarce commodity for everyone. None of the global organizations destined to bring peace have succeeded in reconciling the East and the West. Each of the world powers boasts while showing its best weapons of mass destruction and there will come a time when they will all use them, all against each other. Then we will witness the GREAT HOLOCAUST that will put an end to the Aryan race, as prophesied centuries ago by many prophets, envoys, enlightened ones and above all our Patriarch, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

N. Finally, everything will be fixed and soon we will live happily.

N. FALSE. Those are the ambitions of the earthly humanoid, but the scientists themselves have already said that there is NO TURNING BACK because climate change will cause spectacular floods like the ones we are already seeing all over our world, volcanoes that have already begun to erupt accompanied by earthquakes that devastate everything, tsunamis derived from the same earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, etc., etc., etc. It has already been proven that the axes of our world are changing hastily and soon the equator will become poles and the poles will be the new equator. Undoubtedly, the origin of such a change is in the proximity of that planetary giant that we call HERCOLUBUS, which every day is getting closer and closer to our world. This is all part of celestial mechanics. This happened with the sinking of that legendary continent called ATLANTIS and it also happened with the continent called LEMURIA. The die is cast, eminent reader!

After these reflections, allow me to add a few sentences that I consider appropriate:

“The lies of the heart start from the face.”

“It is not the lie that passes through the mind, but the one that enters and takes root in it, that does evil.”

“A lie cannot last forever.”

“A lie is like a snowball: the further it rolls, the bigger it becomes.”

“The embellished lie is mistaken for the naked truth.”
Count Cervellón

─‘The world likes to be deceived’─.