Perseus Freeing Andromeda, the Secret Path

The odyssey of living the Secret Path or the Hermetic Path

The odyssey of living the Secret Path or the Hermetic Path 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear friends:

I am sending you some words in regards to:


We constantly read statements related to what we call the Hermetic Path or the Secret Path, and in most of these phrases there is a lot of emphasis on the fact that it always ends up being comprehended, accepted and lived only BY A FEW. Likewise, we are reminded of this by words alluding to the same thing as those that emphasize: “Among a thousand who seek me, one finds me, among a thousand who find me, one follows me, among a thousand who follow me, one is mine!”.  On the other hand, Basilides adds: “Out of ten thousand men who seek liberation, two will achieve it,” etc., etc., etc.

All this has led many people to believe that this path is reserved for an elite, but such elite does not exist. What does exist, dear reader, is a total devotion to the guidelines that this path demands of the seekers of Truth, and the souls are not always willing to leave absolutely everything in order to devote themselves to what we call God. Once again we repeat that proverb that tells us: “God does not have favorite children but has children who favor him…”

Let us see, for example, some of those guidelines:

The force of the longings: We have to say that the animic forces that long to connect with the divine Great Architect are not the same in all people. In this, we would say, there is the famous natural selection which is very present in the kingdoms of nature and, strange as it may seem, it also exist in the spiritual things. Let us not forget, to top it all off, that NOT ALL MONADS stimulate their Essences to integrate with them, that is, to once again RE-LINK with the PRIMORDIAL UNITY. Hence, we find people who are very intrepid, brave, daring, etc., etc., etc., and, on the other hand, there are many people who are easily scared, fearful, resigned, lazy, doubtful, in short, without great longings in their interior… 

The knowledge of the doctrine:  It is obvious that, since the Hermetic Path is something new and at the same time something very ancient, it is true that the path of the Intimate Self-Realization involves a series of factors that it is necessary to know. These guidelines about that rocky path had never been publicly exposed to humanity and within everyone’s reach, and it was only with the arrival of the contemporary Gnosticism that the so-called Hermetic Path could be offered to people. This was possible thanks to the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, who obtained permission from the White Brotherhood to reveal the details of the journey that is to take us to the Father of all lights.

Unquestionably, teaching everything about the return to divinity involved the elaboration of a very profound and extensive doctrine, all of which urged the V.M. Samael to write more than seventy extraordinary books, apart from all the hundreds of conferences that he had to give in the so-called advanced and superior chambers of our studies, and which ended up constituting what AGEAC has offered the humanity today with the title of THE FIFTH GOSPEL. Well then, I have always said it and I repeat it in this message: every person who does not want to fail in their esoteric pilgrimage, needs to devour, eat or swallow all this material that the V.M. Samael composed throughout the years in order to prevent the external and internal dangers that surround the journey from blocking them!!!

The love for God above all things: This commandment, although written in the Mosaic Decalouge, has never really been thoroughly studied by humanity. To begin with, there is not even a clear idea among the multitudes of what God is, and, obviously, how can we love someone or something if we do not know their nature?

In this point, much of this catastrophic fact falls upon the KNOWN RELIGIONS that, for centuries, have been suffering doctrinal purges to adapt them to the conventions of the people and, in this way, obtain obscure interests ─namely: money, lavish temples, political power, little parcels in heaven, etc., etc., etc. ─. A mutilated religion becomes a BLIND PATH or a DEAD END STREET, and because of this, today we see the social masses disinterested in spiritual things, for they see that what is preached with the word does not coincide with the facts. This has been very serious, tremendously serous…

The renunciation of attachments: If there is an obstacle that prevents souls from wanting to integrate with the divine, it comes to be constituted by ATTACHMENTS. The rational humanoid, due to the lack of knowledge about himself, has failed to cultivate the superior emotions and, as a consequence, he has been dragged down by inferior emotions. One of those inferior emotions is made up of attachments. We are attached to our family ─instead of considering the entire humanity as our family─, attached to our daily work ─motivated by the “I” of fear: fear of not having money, fear of not having food, fear of the future, fear of what others will say, etc., etc., etc.─, likewise, we are attached to our children ─ignoring the fact that each person has their own destiny and must fulfill it whether we like it or not─….

And this has been the reason why many souls who had inner values finally rejected the path, considering that we need, like hens, to have our chicks close to us, which is a very unfortunate mistake… We are attached to family traditions and, in this way, if my physical father is a military man, then I will also be a military man, if my uncle is a parish priest, then I will also be a priest, if my family has always been merchants, I will also be a merchant… All these stupidities become obstacles to launch ourselves in search of the eternal, the immutable, that is, the Truth. There are those who boast of being very strongly attached to their famous HOMELAND, when our homeland should be the Earth. These patriotic conceptions are at the base of many wars that have destroyed entire peoples in the course of history and everything has been for nothing…

Perseverance: If there is a fundamental ingredient on the path toward the BEING, that ingredient is called PERSEVERANCE. In the state in which the human being of our days is, perseverance is indispensable in order to be able to demolish our undesirable energies and our psychological aggregates. Entropy has become a monster within us and it paralyzes, whenever it wants, every effort that we want to make to change our nature. “If we do not change our nature WE WILL NOT FIND WHAT WE SEEK”, says one of the four fundamental rules of the alchemical art. We cannot advance even one step if we are not PERSEVERANT IN ACTION.

This involves making us disciplined at all times, not just sometimes. It is important to be disciplined in our prayers, in our practices, in our commitments toward humanity, in our oaths, etc., etc., etc. TITANS are born from perseverance, dear readers. Many times we become enthusiastic about a certain practice because we find it very interesting, but we forget that the results are not always immediate. “Nothing is given for free,” says Master Samael, and even the kingdom of heaven has a price and it is called PERSEVERANCE.

Fidelity: In the mysteries, it is essential to remember the pressing need for fidelity. This must be taken into account with the Guru who guides our steps, with our commitments before the White Brotherhood, with the spouse so that we can see the fruit of the alchemical work, with the Father… Those who are enticed by any doctrine that promises phenomena and go from school to school, must forget about attaining self-realization, it is impossible. We must never change our birthright for a plate of lentils. There have been Masters who have changed their Mastery for wanting more metaphysical powers offered by characters who in reality were a trap on our path and thus betray their Guru and the path itself. Let us remember the Bodhisattva of the Master Sanfragarata ─David Valencia─, who betrayed the V.M. Samael in order to join the ranks of a Black magician called Omar Cherenzi Lind…

The alchemical refinement:  One of the important things to achieve in the making of the GREAT INNER WORK is based on sexual refinement. If it is the animal Ego who practices Alchemy, it is obvious that we will never be able to whiten our genesiac waters, and if the waters always remain BLACK, alchemically speaking, it is clear that then there will be no advancement in our work. If, on the other hand, it is our Essence who perform the sacrament of love, then our waters will become red when fertilized by the electricity of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the awakening of the Sacred Fire and the added corresponding spiritual advancement will arise within us.

Fear of the death of the Ego: We need to be radical and determined when it comes to provoking the death of the MYSELF, of the ONESELF, etc., etc., etc. Many people, when they are really facing the “I”, they end up retreating before the instinctive or dark answers of the animal Ego. This produces chills, shivering, apparent fevers, fears, anxiety, loneliness, sleeping problems, etc., etc. The devotee had to know that every time the “I” feels threatened, it resorts to many tricks or ruses with the purpose of eliminating the will to finish it off. Official psychology knows nothing about the true nature of the “I”, and when some devote goes to the psychologists full of fear, then those psychologists or psychiatrists recommend that devotee to live his life without constraints, without rules, to give free rein to his instincts because if not, they say, he will end up frustrated. This is when the false psychology attacks Gnosticism, considering it a sect that prevents human beings from living a quiet life. Let us not forget that psychology is divorced from its origins and limits itself to recommending innumerable lists of drugs to patients, especially relaxing and sleeping drugs. In this way the human being is permanently stupified. 

Sacrifice for humanity: All three factors that constitute the Revolution of the Consciousness are IMPORTANT, however, the third factor ─voluntary sacrifice for our fellow being─ is indispensable, absolutely indispensable. Only by paying our debts that we have accumulated before the Great Law is it possible for it to give permission to our INNER DIVINE MOTHER to eliminate our undesirable psychological aggregates. Likewise, the advancement of our Sacred Fire is related to the merits that we make before the eyes of the Karma. There is no Adept who has self-realized sitting on a chair behind his desk. This does not exist. On the other hand, a way to break the LAW OF ENTROPY within us is, precisely, by practicing the sacrifice for humanity. We must not confuse THE SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITY with this other tremendously egoic thing which would be THE SACRIFICE OF HUMANITY, they are two very different things: the first is altruistic and philanthropic, and the second is absolutely egotistic.

The need to have patience: Master Samael says that these studies are for patient people. The impatient ones must stay away from Gnosis. Those who want to see immediate results of this or that practice, those who go around craving powers, those who want to reach Mastery in a greedy way, will end up failing. The Father tends to test us in our love for Him and with regards to our PERSEVERANCE and, if we do not measure up, the BEING Himself will keep us further and further from our objectives.

To flee from pride and mythomania: These two psychological illnesses have taken thousands of people out from the path. Not wanting to sacrifice our mystical pride and our mythomania or megalomania ─illnesses that present in every human being─ has caused many people of great esoteric value to end up failing. Let us remember Simon the Magician, who because of his mystical pride did not want to follow the V.M. Aberamentho and ended up involuting. Let us also remember the very author of the Christian Apocalypse, the Bodhisattva of the Master JOHANI or IOANES, who, being fallen, began to rise from the mud of the earth and, out of mystical pride, he finally did not want to follow the directions of the V.M. Samael; all of which led him to the abyss.

The importance of humility: Master Samael used to say: “In order to achieve wisdom, one has to be humble and after reaching it one has to be even more humble…” A Gnostic proverb says: “Patience is the scale of the Gnostics and humility is the door to their garden…” These phrases speak for themselves of the importance of humility. Humility does not love arguments, nor impositions, nor arrogance, nor intolerance. Humility speaks when it has to speak and remain silent when it has to be silent, it is true wisdom… Important!: he who thinks of himself as humble, when he has thought about it, at that moment he has ceased being humble…

The control of the word: Many neophytes do not give importance to the use of the verb, forgetting, therefore, that the verb and sex are the two poles of the same journey. Depending on how we handle the verb, the word, it will have its repercussions on the spiritual development and the development of our secret fires. Let us never forget that if one day we attain the incarnation of our intimate Christ, He will end up expressing Himself through the verb. VERBUM EST CODEX, it is said hermetically.

Endure loneliness: Since not everyone manages to take to heart  everything we expressed here in the previous lines, the consequence of this is that, surely, those who manage to do so end up being VERY FEW, and that translates into the fact that, internally and externally, we will always live ALONE.

Few people will understand the walker on the hermetic path. Many will appreciate him, they will offer him their friendship, they will even invite him to many pleasant things, but that DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY UNDERSTAND THE TRAVELERS who set their steps toward the Father. Normally, those who are living the path should get used to always carrying A DREADFUL SOLITUDE INSIDE, even if they are surrounded by people on the outside. Such is the path, dear reader. The traveler knows that only the BEING understands him and that only the BEING can calm that loneliness, when he so wishes, through sacred experiences in the inner worlds.

So, therefore, these are some ─not all─ of the guidelines that we must take into account in order to arrive at a good harbor in our search for our Golden Fleece, our own Philosopher’s Stone.

I now give you some phrases for reflection:

 “In this life patience must be our daily bread, but we need it in particular for ourselves because no one is as burdensome as ourselves.”
Saint Francis de Sales

“Evils that have no strength to end life should not have it to end patience.”

 “The word is more powerful than the cannon.”
José de Laz and Caballero

“To be pessimistic it is enough to direct a superficial glance at things: the contrast of light and shadow more shadow than light is immediately revealed even to the least perceptive sense. To be optimistic, it is necessary to have a very deep and reflective insight into the facts, it is necessary to delve deep into the depths of life and surprise its wonderful logic.”
Amado Nervo

─‘Receive my word and give me yours’─.
Kwen Khan Khu