The mystery that surrounds the woman

The mystery that surrounds the woman 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest readers:

It fills me with emotion to send you a few lines to try to clarify:


WOMAN: The greatest mystery of creation. Daughter of the separation of androgynism which took place in Lemuria. God wanted you to be the possessor of the quality of GENERATING, while man was granted that other quality of FECUNDATING. You have been a faithful reflection of the one who was your original mother, called PRAKRITI by the Hindustanis and NUT by the Egyptians.

You have always been our first home, for in your maternal womb you made us and gave us form and then nourished us with your sacred breasts….

You are part of Mother Nature and that is why she gave you many of her charms. Your voice is soft and delightful like the song of birds. Your skin is candorous and tender like the little flowers of the forest. You are endowed with the hormones that enable you to KNOW HOW TO LOVE beyond what men conceive as LOVE.

You are and still continue to be the receiving element of the human race. This gives you special abilities that allow you to foresee future events and find solutions to many intricate labyrinths. In an innate way, the COSMIC MOTHER gave you a treasure: INTUITION, not only for your defense, but to take care of all yours that depend on you.

You have the double gift that allows you to seduce to create and LOVE to generate and preserve what is created. When you want it you are endowed with the quality that makes you mystical and with it you approach your own spiritual origins. If you cultivate certain special qualities —abnegation, virtuosity, hermeticism, comprehension, humility, chastity, and fidelity— you end up coagulating within yourself the forces of God Mother.

The passage of history and the propagation of the Ego have distorted your true role and image. The pseudo-man, detached from his INNER BEING, has made a disgrace out of you and has turned you into the Greek MEDUSA to want to satisfy his bestial appetites. Your dignity has been trampled upon specially in the present Kali Yuga, during which there is a will to strip away your eternal values and reduce you to a mere instrument of pleasure. It has been intended to turn you into an inverted star so that, precisely the pseudo-men, would not recognize in you the representation of the majesty of God clothed in love.  

True men with souls –poets, painters, transcendental musicians, philosophers, mystics, etc., etc.– have been able to see in you the manifestation of GOD in His merciful, beautifully mysterious and profound aspect, and they have bequeathed us their understandings through canvases, poetry, operas, symphonies, sculptures and extraordinary narratives that move our soul.

All the Gods of all mythologies are born from your womb. Even Zeus himself could not resist your charms and always liked to engender in you the lineage of those who formed the GREEK, EGYPTIAN OR ROMAN PANTHEON.

When we are children we feel sheltered by your caresses and your incessant care, and when we grow old we are full of ineffable memories of everything that fate wanted to bestow upon us through you. Your very nature allows you to possess a jewel that we call PATIENCE, with which you have endured, on thousands of occasions, the heavy family burden, often receiving in return the consequences of INGRATITUDE AND CONTEMPT from your own husband or your own children.

You are already an ornament, the most attractive one, in a house whichever it is. You are, have been and will be the way back to paradise lost, because you are still the secret key to open all the doors, of HEAVEN or of the ABYSS.

Today I honor you with my humble verses and exclaim with all the forces of my Spirit:

Hail, Nut, light from the heavens!

Hail, thee, germinal and atomic Prakriti!

Hail, blessed Stella Maris, savior of our soul!   

Hail, O ISIS, protector of the children of fire!

Hail, Minerva, I praise your eternal wisdom!

Hail, Athena, guardian of the sanctuaries!

Hail, Hecate, Proserpine, unique as Mother Death!

Hail, thee, owner of the palace with transparent walls!

Hail, Devi-Kundalini, queen of inextinguishable fire!

Those few of us who understand your greatness and splendor

we will never forget you and we will never want to

move away from your infinite grace!


Let me now give you a few sentences correlated with this holy theme:

“We despise the one whose soul does not rise higher than the flight of a bird.”

“Vulgar spirits have no destiny.”

“It’s not really easy to be something, except being vulgar.”
Bernard Shaw

“Malicious vulgarity lives and reigns among villains.”

“What is vulgarity? The dictatorship of selfishness, the servitude of routine and the indifference to great things.”
Francisco Giner de los Ríos

“Woman is the most beautiful thought of the Creator made flesh.”
Samael Aun Weor

─‘Death is a swift rider’─.