The answers of the Avatar of Aquarius to very important questions

The answers of the Avatar of Aquarius to very important questions 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest readers:

It is an enormous pleasure and a great joy to reach out to all of you, in this message:



Disciple: Yes, Master. Master, in the case of fallen Bodhisattvas, what could their existence be called, would it be a return or would it be a reincarnation?

Master: Well, as for the case of the fallen Bodhisattvas, I must answer that in them there is reincarnation, since they already possess the “Golden Embryo”, of which I speak in my work entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom. However, there is something of return in them as well; that such return in them is simply because they possess “I’s” – they possess them because they are fallen. They may have been radically eliminated in the past, but when they fall, the “I’s” are resurrected.

Those angels who worked in the past Maha-Manvantara of Padma or Golden Lotus, fell in Lemuria. When they fell –because they entered the purely animal and brutal generation– they resurrected their ”I’s”. It is clear that when these Bodhisattvas come into the world, they reincarnate by the fact that they possess the “Golden Embryo”, but since they have ”I’s”, there is also a return in them, the return of the ”I’s”. In them, there is a mixture of reincarnation with return, understood?

Volume II, conf. “The Revolutionary Secret Path”, p. 347.

It is necessary for the Bodhicitta, that is, the Golden Embryo, the awakened Consciousness, to fall into the Illuminating Void.

Pistis Sophia, Thirteenth Repentance.

Disciple: Master, would you kindly explain to me what relationship exists between your message and the message of Master Krishnamurti?

Master: With the greatest pleasure, my dear brother, I will answer your question. Actually, Krishnamurti is the precursor of the Avatar of the New Age of Aquarius. Every Avatar has a precursor. Jesus had his precursor and it was John the Baptist. That my intimate Real Being, my secret Master, or my Real Being had a precursor called Krishnamurti, that is normal, understood?

Disciple: Master, would you kindly explain to me what the word “Rosicrucian” means?

Master: Oh! You ask me about a word that is also too demanding, my dear brother. In the world there are many schools that call themselves Rosicrucian and that are only Rosicrucian in name. There are also many individuals who call themselves Rosicrucian Masters or Rosicrucian Brothers, Rosicrucian Initiates, etc.

First of all, understand what the “rose” is and what the “cross” is, my brother. If you carefully examine the cross you will see that it consists of two sticks: the vertical one is masculine, right? The horizontal one is feminine. At the intersection of the two lies the key to all power.

Now, the rose is the Spirit, the Logos to be clearer. Do you know what it means to open the rose on the cross, to have the rose bloom on the cross, that is, in sex, in the center of the vertical and horizontal sticks? How will the rose bloom in sex?

The cross is sex, listen well; and for the rose to bloom in sex, what does it take? The rose is the Logos, I repeat, and in what way will it bloom in sex, on the cross? Only through sexual magic, right? That’s obvious.

Of course, with this many may be scandalized, especially the fanatics of the various pseudo-Rosicrucian schools. But in the name of truth, I have to say that only true Rosicrucian is the Logos. Speaking in plural form: Rosicrucians are the Logos. Only the one who has attained the logoic state becomes Rosicrucian.

Rosicrucian, a Buddha; Rosicrucian, a Jesus of Nazareth; Rosicrucian, a Hermes Trismegistus, etc. It is obvious that many aspire to be a Rosicrucian, but to be a Rosicrucian one needs to be a Gnostic. It is not possible to become Rosicrucians if we have not been Gnostic before.

Gnostics work with the “g”. I repeat, we Gnostics work with the “g”; with the “g” of generation, with the wonderful “g” of sex. In order to be Rosicrucians, to become Rosicrucians we must first have been Gnostics. We must have first worked in the Lit Forge of Vulcan.  Only then will the rose bloom on the cross. Understood?

Volume II, conf. “The Revolutionary Secret Path,” pp. 346-347.

Allow me to leave you a few appropriate sentences to reflect:

“The glass of fortune is the Truth.”

“Man does not live on bread, but on Truth.”

“For the wise no truth is bitter.”
Maurice Maeterlinck

“Truth is corrupted either by lies or by silence.

“The truth is true wherever it is.”

─‘The Truth always wins’─.