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Cynicism 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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As part of his Machiavellianism, the humanoid of our times has often chosen to want to enrich his impoverished mind with an unpleasant habit, and such a habit is none other than the horrible habit of responding by means of cynicism.

To many intellectuals, cynicism is a symbol of grandiosity, of intelligence, and being able to respond to anyone when a conversation starts between two people, trying to hurt the other one as deeply as possible.

It is written that ignorance is bold, and many are the rational mammals who get things mixed up. The mind of the humanoid is so degraded that it no longer knows how to differentiate when something, even if it seems normal to us, is absolutely abnormal, that is our misfortune.

The companions of the path of the razor’s edge must know that, in order to be able to raise the igneous serpent corresponding to our mental body, they must urgently abandon this unhealthy habit and fight tirelessly to establish in their psyche the lost innocence.

Cynicism is an aggregate derived from pride, and therefore it is capable of manifesting itself in relation to material or spiritual events.

Our Patriarch explains to us in one of his conferences that, while he was once in the infra-dimensions of our world to investigate certain aspects of the Secret Path, he encountered one of the seven demons that we conjure when we recite the Conjuration of the Seven.

When confronted by this tenebrous entity, that monstrosity of hell cynically questioned our Guru with the following words:

“Hey, Samael! What are you doing around here, because I thought you were up there with the little angels!”

To which our Avatar replied:

“You are wrong, I am not here because I fell, I am here because I am doing an investigation, and that is very different!”

At such an answer the demon fell silent and was amazed at the Mastery of our beloved Guru. Then he walked away.

Cynicism often erupts when we are wounded in our self-esteem as a reaction to the words of someone who has supposedly offended us. But those of us who love the Secret Path must not strike back blow for blow, no. Our attitude must always be balanced and, if one day we reach Mastery, we must be even more careful with our word even if we have to resort to the forces of Geburah –rigor–. This must be fully understood.

The sensory mind of mankind does not usually comprehend these things. Historically, let us remember Pilate cynically asking the V.M. Aberamentho:

“If you are, as you say, the son of God, why don’t you dissolve this drama in which you are involved?”

To which the divine Rabbi of Galilee replied:

“My kingdom is not of this world!” ─and he was silent…..

Unquestionably, Pilate was not up to the task of such an event and knew nothing about the mysteries of the BEING and about the mission of Jesus… It was useless to try to explain these things to the governor representing Rome in Judea at that time.

 Cynicism likes to tear others to shreds, especially in today’s world of politics. It’s all based on cynical responses that politicians throw at each other. Curiously, the one who has been the most cynical always wins in such contests, because people like perverse mind games, and whoever knows how to handle such games ends up being a winner…, incredible as it may seem.

One of the professions that uses cynicism the most is the legal profession, especially when it comes to arguing, whether it is an accusation against the alleged offender or in defense of him. In such cases, lawyers resort not only to lies, but also to unusual arguments in an attempt to cynically demonstrate the basis of their defense or the accusation against the accused. This is why the V.M. Samael Aun Weor explained to us that there are three very karmic professions, namely:

  1. Medicine.
  2. Journalism.
  3. The legal profession.

Many are the doctors who, due to medical negligence, end up killing the patient and then say to the patient’s relatives: “I’m very sorry, but he didn’t stand the operation.”

Many journalists also succeed because they have become experts in lying and make many issues that were never true appear as true in their articles. This is how they manipulate the populations of our world.

Finally ─as we have already said─, the lawyers end up allying themselves with Satan in order to achieve victory in the ─fatuous─ courts of the Earth.

A true civilization based on justice and truth would never fall into these human baseness, but in our sad days of the present Kali-Yuga, unfortunately, such baseness is our daily bread.

Esteemed readers, being allies of the Truth and the BEING requires having unbreakable courage, and that implies being ready to go to a firing squad if necessary.

“What is interesting is never correct.”
Oscar Wilde

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
Oscar Wilde

“Cynicism consists in seeing things as they really are, and not as you want them to be.”
Oscar Wilde

“To save civilization is to save the life of a people.”
Victor Hugo

─‘No punishment without law’─.