Hercules, Audacity (Kwen Khan Khu)


Audacity 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to send you a few words about…


When we talk about audacity, we are referring to a quality that not all people possess. It is a quality that a person either already brings from previous existences, or it can be, perhaps, an energy that a human creature has had to develop after having faced various circumstances in his life.

Mythology shows us its heroes performing feats that have required the intervention of audacity on the part of those who have performed them. Let us remember Hercules using his audacity to take the golden apples that grew in the garden of the Hesperides and that were guarded by a terrible dragon –Lucifer–, which is why few dared to pick those apples.

It is said by Gnosis that mythology reflects, in a symbolic way, the works that the devotee must perform in his search for the Golden Fleece –namely the BEING–. Those works are summarized in the work THE THREE MOUNTAINS written by our beloved Guru: Samael Aun Weor. There, in those pages, we find with astonishment that such tasks or works are in reality metamorphoses that we must perform in our psychological and psychic nature. Obviously, all this entails terrible psychic and even physical efforts, because it is a matter of carrying out actions that many times not everyone is willing to do…..

It would suffice to recall those moments in which our Avatar was forced to leave Colombia, warned by an angel that people had been sent to kill him. At that time, the V.M. Samael took his few personal belongings, his wife and one of his children and set out on a long journey that took him across entire countries until he finally reached the Mexican Republic, where the White Brotherhood let him know that he could stay without being in danger. When we read these things, they seem trivial to us at first sight, but the crude reality of those situations was tremendously hard, frightful, because the Master walked through the weeds to avoid police controls and customs, since he, his wife and daughter were traveling without papers or documents. Added to this is the lack of food. When someone helped him in a village, Master Samael took advantage of that brief stay to send letters to the companions of the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ─Colombia─, asking them to send him some money ─which was usually about 50 dollars─, and with that help he continued on his way. Against this backdrop, we might well ask ourselves: How many of us would be capable of carrying out this audacious task? Enigmas, enigmas, enigmas…! How far would our longings go in wanting to fulfill the orders of the blessed White Lodge? Etc., etc., etc.

Likewise, the audacity of our Guru was also very daring when he was told to restart his alchemical works and, his wife not being able to help him in the aforementioned works, he chose to obey his Real BEING, who indicated to him who would be the woman that could help him in that other part of the path. It must be said that this type of action can only be undertaken with the ABSOLUTE PERMISSION OF THE GREAT LAW AND THE APPROVAL OF OUR REAL BEING. Even so, all this brought V.M. Samael very hard gymnasiums that our beloved Patriarch stoically endured in order to be able to complete his pilgrimage to the supreme mansion of the Real Being.

What does all this teach us, dear readers? ANSWER: That this path is only for audacious men and women! On this initiatory path there is neither room for the FEARFUL nor for those who cling to the religious dogmas that turn everything into IMPENETRABLE LABYRINTHS.

Who among us would have guessed that our Supreme Guide —V.M. Samael Aun Weor─ was going to lock up the supreme representative of the BLACK LODGE in the infernal worlds? Well, he did, and right now YAHWEH is crucified with his head down and there he will remain until the Black Age of Capricorn, when he will be given a physical body for the last time. That will be the messiah of the fanatics of Judaism who are still waiting for him, and all those blind creatures will roll into the abyss with their tutor.

And, as if that were not enough, let us also remember the audacious task carried out by our Patriarch to turn BEELZEBUB into a repentant soul who now longs for the mysteries of light. It was not easy to convince one of the princes of the subterraneous abyss. It took a whole lot of patience, love and audacity to undertake such a task, but he finally succeeded.

Our Patriarch did the same with another demon known to demonology by the name of ASTAROTH. In this other case our Guru challenged him to a sword duel on the condition that, if our Patriarch won, the demon should leave the Black Lodge and join the ranks of the White Lodge. Finally, after that duel, DUKE ASTAROTH was defeated and today he is the son of a sister of our Avatar.

All these true stories let us see that, in order to conquer THE KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS and earn ourselves a GOOD MASTERY, good intentions or pietistic poses are not enough; it is necessary to arm ourselves with GREAT MORAL, ETHICAL AND ANIMIC COURAGE if we truly yearn to become true CHILDREN OF GOD.


“Have audacity and faith in yourself. Woe to you if you are afraid!”

“Audacity is first, second and third in business.”
Thomas Fuller

“Audacity sometimes bears fruit that the deepest calculations cannot achieve.”

“Audacity is acquired by knowing the world, and discretion by knowing man.”

─‘Never tickle a dragon when it is sleeping’─.