The tragedy of our psychic and physical negligence

The tragedy of our psychic and physical negligence

The tragedy of our psychic and physical negligence 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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No one can deny that, making a comparison between the human and the divine, ISIS represents the divine Eternal Feminine, just as OSIRIS is the MASCULINE representation in the pantheon of the Gods, there in the confines of Olympus. On the other hand, here on earth, the male individual becomes —without his divine attributes— the representation of Osiris, and, on the other hand, all women become, microcosmically speaking, a representation of the most sacred Isis.

That said, each male individual must strive in his earthly transit to become a true Man – in the profound Gnostic sense – and every woman must also strive to acquire the attributes attributed to the feminine aspect of God. This is how the binomial heaven-earth works that the divine Theomegalogos has wanted to create on the stage of creation.

Unfortunately, because of our UNCONSCIOUSNESS, neither the positive pole –the pseudo-man of our days– nor the negative pole –the woman of our sad days of the Kali Yuga– feel within themselves the desire to REVOLUTIONIZE themselves intimately in order to reach the heights that the Creator has disposed so that His work may be a faithful reflection of Himself.

It is unquestionable that we live in a world marked by tragedy and the dramas that occur every day in our societies. However, Gnosis has been given to us precisely so that our eyes may be opened to this horrific panorama, and not only our physical eyes but also our spiritual vision.

Thousands of times the V.M. Samael spoke to us in his lectures about the famous LUNAR COLDNESS that surrounds us in all areas of our existence. However, what is serious has been and will continue to be the fact that, in spite of all his dialectical disquisitions, we have not been able to face our psychological and physical situation and we have allowed this terrible disease we call ENTROPY to incubate in our animic and psychic anatomy. For this reason, in addition to not getting used to tenaciously practicing SELF-OBSERVATION of ourselves, we have allowed LAZINESS and INDIFFERENCE to establish their temple in our emotions and thoughts, finally leading us to become parrots who are capable of spending hours talking about Gnosticism, but when it comes to turning those, our words, into real deeds, we simply remain the same.

Master Samael always emphasized in his works and homilies the need to surround ourselves with forces that take away from us that LUNAR COLDNESS that constantly surrounds us and makes us unhappy. And in this regard he pointed out to us the need to have flowers in the house, pleasant music –ambient music or music from the great masters of that art – and, above all, he insisted on the urgent need to tear away from us that carelessness that impels us to speak fatuously without stopping, thus falling into charlatanism of an ambiguous kind. All this ─the Venerable told us─ turns us into something insipid, insubstantial and inconsequential.

On one occasion, in the house of the Venerable Master Samael, I had the opportunity to listen to our Patriarch insisting to a lady on the urgency of not allowing herself to NEGLECT herself to the point of looking like a witch. That lady did not tidy up her hair, she did not take care of her complexion, she did not even have a pleasant smell, and, obviously, among other egoic states, that did not allow her to have a husband. And yet, that lady was always insisting that she needed a husband, all of which became an IRONY.

Continuing his discourse, the V.M. Samael said that he did not understand how a woman in charge of the advanced chambers attended to carry out her functions within the precincts without even grooming her face and clothing. “They look like creatures taken from a cemetery and brought to something as sacred as our activities,” is how our Avatar spoke in those days. But, as always, in spite of everything, many female companions continued to be spectral creatures wherever they went. Enigmas, enigmas, enigmas…!!

In no way, dear readers, could our institution, Gnosis, ever be compared to the hippie movement that emerged back in the 1960s. Such a movement was the product of the bad polarization of the crowds with the Dionysian wave. For this reason, these people preached slovenliness in their clothing, many women even walked around naked at such festivals, many became pregnant without ever knowing who the father of their child or children had been, because they slept with all the rational homunculi who attended these festivals. This has already been explained very well by our Guru in a chapter of one of his works. This chapter was baptized with the name of “THE DIONYSIAN WAVE”. In those hippie encounters, the women’s hair was absolutely neglected, their faces were emaciated and, to top it all off, they, men and women, sank into the consumption of drugs ─LSD and others─ and the men began to grow their hair until they became CAVEMEN. Marijuana began to spread all over the world, as crowds began to imitate THAT NEW WAVE which was the cherry that crowned the degeneration of the human species.

The famous REVOLUTION OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS also involves presenting ourselves, wherever we go, in a dignified way, in a decent way, in a polite way, taking care of our words, our emotions, our actions and, obviously, our thoughts. We are not talking here about becoming prudes or robots, no. We are talking about becoming conscious of our relationships with our physical body, with our friendships and with our own psychology.

The idiosyncrasy of the Gnostic should always be that of a person who flees from his negative thoughts, from his egoic psychological songs, from his sick EGOTISM, always wanting to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION OF ALL OTHERS. It is very unpleasant to have in front of us always, always, always a person who only lives complaining about life and, to top it off, always criticizing all his companions branding them as sleeping people, deceitful, hypocritical, etc., etc., etc.

All these manias and disorders are part of our cheap psychology, and these things close the doors for us of the temples in the inner worlds and create around us an atmosphere that repels our fellow men. In this way we will never have true friends, true companions, true friendships to help us in our three-dimensional world. Why? Well, quite simply, because no one likes to be around those who are always singing their psychological song everywhere.

It is time to abandon our misery, esteemed readers. It is time to fall in love with the beauty of nature, to take care of our homes and not turn them into a house of perpetual messes. It is time to learn to love our fellow human beings and to know how to also listen to their opinions about life in our world and about the spiritual nature.

Let us reflect, friends, on these things that, although they may not seem to be important, they are and VERY, VERY, VERY much so…!!!