El proceso del organo kundartiguador

What has the process of the Kundartiguador Organ been like in other worlds?

What has the process of the Kundartiguador Organ been like in other worlds? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest friends:

I approach you, esteemed readers, in this opportunity, to send you some words of the Avatar of Aquarius, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, which clarify many doctrinal things to us concerning…


It is a matter, dear readers, of some questions asked to our blessed Guru about the problem that arose in the human race as a result of having received the organ that helped to stabilize the terrestrial crust in the times of the Lemurian race, let us see:

“Disciple: Venerable Master, and on Hercolubus, the humanity there, as they lead our so depraved way of life, are the intellectual-scientific processes that we are experiencing here also advancing there?

Master: The same, because these intellectual scientific processes of the present humanity, manifestly anti-Christian, occur on any perverse planet.

Disciple: So they also went through the same process that took place here with Archangel Sakaki?

Master: Well, they had a similar process, even though the Archangel Sakaki was not the culprit there. But it also has its culprits. The thing is that the calculations that have to be done when they want to give humanity the abominable Kundartiguador Organ are very difficult. Any fault, no matter how insignificant it may be, in the transfinite calculations is more than enough reason for it to cause a failure. Humanity is given the abominable Kundartiguador Organ, but the error is in the calculations. The Archangel Sakaki was mistaken in the mathematical calculations.

Disciple: Venerable Master, can we deduce that the Archangel Sakaki –without condemning him, because it is not up to us– simply acted on his own account and not on that of the Father’s?

Master: Well, he works under the direction of the Father, but he had, as a person, his human miscalculations. They are very special calculations in transfinite mathematics, but he failed to be a little more mathematical, he was mistaken in his calculations; he did not do it with bad intentions, but he made the wrong calculations.

Disciple: But he also helped us a lot…

Master: He worked for humanity, he did good for humanity, but he made a mistake, of course. When they wanted to remove the abominable Kundartiguador Organ from humanity, it was too late, it was beyond the normal time, and it resulted in this: when the abominable Kundartiguador Organ was removed from humanity, the bad consequences remained in the five cylinders of the organic machine, and those bad consequences are the psychic aggregates, living personification of our errors; and the Consciousness, naturally, remained trapped within those aggregates. Since then, humanity is submerged in unconsciousness, in error.

Disciple: Venerable Master, if the Archangel Sakaki had been right regarding the precise moment to cut off the Kundartiguador Organ from man, what would humanity be like, balanced?

Master: Balanced and without the Ego. But he made a mistake in his calculations, therein lies the problem. It was a very serious problem.

Disciple: Venerable Master, what would we be responsible for in that problem?

Master: Well, we are nothing but the poor victims of the mistake made by the Gods. This is how I myself expressed it to the Gods when, here, in the Desierto de los Leones, I managed to make physical contact with them.

─Excerpt from the conference entitled “Karmic determinations for our world”, volume 2 of the work The Fifth Gospel, by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor─.


We now add, patient reader, another excerpt from our blessed Guru that we have found very important for all of us to come to comprehend. It is about the role that the apostle Judas had to play by direct instructions of the V.M. Aberamentho ─namely: Jesus the Christ─; let us see:

Disciple: Is Judas Iscariot, then, one of the great Initiates?

Master: Judas Iscariot did not really want the role of Judas; he wanted the role of Peter. But Jesus prepared Judas for the drama he had to play, and Judas performed it wonderfully. But Judas Iscariot never betrayed Jesus. He had to learn by heart everything that corresponds to the Gospel of Judas.

In order to understand the Gospel of Judas well, one must study Zechariah. There it mentioned the thirty pieces of silver with which he was appreciated and despised, etc., the money that was used to buy a piece of land for the deceased, etc. All of that –the type of coin and all that– is described in Zechariah.

So, Judas had to learn all that, review the Holy Scriptures and play his role well. But to say that he had something of a traitor in him, not at all! A role that Jesus taught him and that he did not want to play anyway.

So, Master Judas has a Gospel: the dissolution of the Ego. He himself renounced all happiness and now lives in the Infernal Worlds, working for the lost ones, for those who are beyond hope.

So he is the only one who has not received honors, who has been hated, insulted, and yet he loves humanity, since he sacrificed himself for humanity, and gave up even his own life and happiness for humanity. After Jesus, the greatest man there is is called Judas Iscariot.

And he is the most despised and hated of all and no one has understood his sacrifice, because even for Jesus of Nazareth there are tears, appreciation and gratitude. But for the one who gave his life for all humanity and who taught us the path of the dissolution of the Ego, there has not been a word of praise; there has been nothing but insults since he fulfilled his Drama until the time in which we live.

─Excerpt from the conference entitled “Karmic determinations for our world”, taken from The Fifth Gospel, volume 2, by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor─.

I now add some sentences for you to be reflected upon:

“The true Christian is virtuous, rises above the happiness of earth, despises riches and fortune, and is magnanimous to the point of being a hero.”
Anne Le Fèvre Dacier

“No passage of the Gospel says to the Christian: Be devout!; he is told: Be humble, charitable, equitable!”

“Be eager to know and you will be wise.”

«The man of study has pleasures that surpass all the joys of the world.”
Clemente XIV

“Whatever we have learned we must teach to those who know nothing as yet; in this way we pay a sacrosanct debt.”

─‘To the sage it is enough ’─.