La humanidad de Hercólubus

The characteristics of the humanity that inhabits the planet Hercolubus

The characteristics of the humanity that inhabits the planet Hercolubus 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest friends:

I am approaching you with this message based on a VERY INTERESTING compilation that I have made taking as a basis the doctrine of our blessed Avatar: V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

There are two parts: one in which he tells us about the characteristics of the people who live in Hercolubus and the other in which he explains why our psyche is absolutely abnormal.

Without any further words, let us go there, dear friends, to enter into…


Part One

Questions made to the Avatar and his subsequent answers.

Disciple: Venerable Master, you are of the opinion that scientists would be better oriented by looking for life on Hercolubus than on other planets, right?

Master: Well, Hercolubus has life, and if scientists were to dedicate themselves to study life on Hercolubus, they would find it; that is clear. Hercolubus has life. It is a world that is densely populated by a humanity as perverse as that of the Earth. If we are to compare the earthlings and the inhabitants of Hercolubus, both of them live in perversity: the first ones are perverse and the latter are perverse, the same… The inhabitants of Hercolubus are also in Kali-Yuga now, they are in their Kali-Yuga, and they are terribly malignant, that is to say, very similar to the earthlings.

Disciple: So, they go through the same process that we have gone through?

Master: They are in that process. They are as perverse as the earthlings. They have the Ego terribly developed.

Disciple: Is it understood that we then move within the same dimension?

Master: Yes. A very interesting thing is that Hercolubus matches marvelously with all the celestial mechanics, because our solar system travels around the zodiacal belt in about 25,968 years, more or less, since the exact calculation has not been made.

Our solar system makes a journey around the Zodiac. A race does not last longer than a journey of the solar system around the Zodiac. When the journey is over, the race ends with a great catastrophe. But the interesting thing is that, at the end of the journey, Hercolubus always arrives. That is why I do not believe in the 6,666 year long orbits that many have given Hercolubus, I do not accept it. I have seen that Hercolubus only approaches at the end of the journey. So, then, it matches that journey: it comes, exactly, to mark the end of the race.  

Sometimes it is fire that initiates the catastrophe, other times it is water. In Atlantis, it was water that initiated the catastrophe, that produced the catastrophe, although fire  was its duo. Now it will be fire that will be the first to enter into activity, then water. Amidst the fire and the water, the fate of humanity is defined.

Disciple: Venerable Master, and on Hercolubus, the humanity that exists there, as they lead our so depraved way of life, are the intellectual scientific processes that we are experiencing here also advancing?

Master: The same, because these intellectual scientific processes of the present humanity, manifestly anti-Christian, occur on any perverse planet.

Excerpts from the conference dictated by the V.M. Samael and entitled “Karmic determinations for our world”, pages 422-423, volume 2 of The Fifth Gospel─.

Part Two

Let us see what our Avatar tells us about the sleep of our Consciousness:

Questions and answers.

Disciple: Master, it is known that extraterrestrial beings are taking people out of here to take them to other worlds. Is it in order to make them self-realized there or to exchange seeds?

Master: Well, the crude reality of the facts is that some terrestrials are being taken into space to be studied in the laboratories of certain cosmic ships. They are being studied because these earthlings are very rare beings who have stirred curiosity throughout the Cosmos because of the strangeness of their psyche.

Earthlings are sleeping people who are in a state of collective hypnosis. They do not have a normal sleep of Consciousness, but an abnormal one. These are people who are hypnotized; hypnotized by certain forces, hypnotized by the tempting serpent of Eden. And since they live in such a strange somnambulic state and react in such a strange manner, this has attracted attention in the Cosmos.

Many earthlings are taken out of the cities, out of the fields, and taken in spaceships into the Cosmos; there, in laboratories, they have been studied as objects of curiosity, and then they are brought back and deposited in the place from where they were taken. The earthlings, the inhabitants of Earth, are very odd; far too strange for the entire Cosmos, abnormal by a thousand percent.

─Conference “Karmic determinations for our world”, page 422, volume 2 of The Fifth Gospel─.

Let us observe, patient reader, that Master Samael emphasizes the fact that it is one thing to have the Consciousness asleep and another thing to have it asleep in an abnormal way, all of which makes us a special case that worries the humanities of other advanced worlds. This is worth to be reflected upon deeply.

I leave you now some sentences for reflection:

“He who says ignorance says blindness, preoccupations, error, superstition, despotism, arbitrariness, humiliation, misery and immorality.”
Victor Hugo

“The smallest part of what we ignore is much greater than all that we know.”

“The fear of appearing ignorant is a great obstacle to ceasing to be ignorant.”
Madame Arconville

“The disease of the ignorant is to ignore his own ignorance.”
B. Alcot

“There is no darkness but ignorance.”

─‘In the midst of life we are in death’─.