The four Tetrasustainers

The four Tetrasustainers 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Very endearing friends:  

On this occasion I want to approach you to show you this engraving that alludes to… 


This theme appears in the first pages of the book entitled Probaseology; or, practical part of the theory of numbers of nature ─Probaseologie; oder, praktischer theil der zahlenlehre der natur─, year 1795, by the same German writer and mystic Karl von Eckartshausen ─1752-1803─. 

It is important to note that the word tetrasustainers must be interpreted as ‘the four who sustain’… And what do they sustain? Answer: Nothing less and nothing more than our Universe. We are not talking here about sustainers of cosmos or solar systems, no; we are talking about divine hierarchies that keep our Universe functioning. Interestingly, one of these four tetrasustainers is a great Initiate or Hierophantine who in times of Lemuria was the wife of the very Yahweh himself, the highest representative of the Black Lodge and who taught the inhabitants of ancient Lemuria to fornicate. Today he is tied to an inverted cross in the last Dantean circle and, according to our blessed Guru, he will only be given a physical body again in the age of Capricorn. This evil character proposed his wife to fornicate in those times and she rejected fornication. She followed the path to divinity and he was condemned to the ninth circle of hell. Behold two totally opposite paths. 

Focusing on the engraving, there is no doubt that everything, absolutely everything in the visible and invisible Nature is controlled by the laws of weight, number and measure, as emphasized by our blessed Patriarch, V.M. Samael Aun Weor. There is no doubt that all creation is also linked to universal sound. This is why each of the four angels shown here holds a flute in his hands. This is an allusion to the seven musical notes that vibrate with the current of sound in the entire Universe, in the Cosmos and in infinity. 

Let us remember that Gnosis explains to us that the sum of certain universes constitutes an infinity, then a space opens and there is another infinity and so on. 

The four Tetrasustainers

Regarding the figures that appear in our image, some could interpret these four angels as the rectors of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth; however, in reality, the flute of each of them is a living sign that it is something much more profound. 

In our engraving it is interesting to see two angels looking toward the heavens in which a triangle that symbolizes the Theomegalogos shines. Such a geometric figure –or triangle– contains within it an eye that represents the omniscience of the pantocrator. Such an eye, over the centuries, was being adopted by various secret societies, among them Freemasonry. The other two angels look down on what has been created. Thus we are being told that the Demiurges or divine authorities work under the supervision of the cosmic omniscience of the Father. 

Probaseology; or, practical part of the theory of numbers of nature, Karl von Eckartshausen

Below, forming part of this set, appears the figure of another angel who has in one hand ─the right─ a triangle and in the other the same triangle but inside a circle. The first triangle corresponds to the three primary forces of creation, namely: Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, and Holy Conciliating. Subsequently, the second triangle indicates those said three forces but contained in man, such is the symbol of the triangle within the circle. 

Angel standing on a cubic Stone

It is striking that this solitary angel is standing on a cubic Stone to indicate to us that this portent referred to the fact of containing the three primordial forces within us only becomes possible when we have obtained the Philosopher’s Stone, that is, when we have integrated with our profound inner BEING, that is, when we have attained total mystical Self-realization. It is for this reason that the flute of this angelic entity is at rest, because it no longer needs to appeal to the current of sound during its metaphysical practices and much less when it comes to relating to supra-sexuality, because such a Man or such a Woman has already become a TWICE BORN… 

I leave you now some sentences for reflection: 

“It is always late when you cry.” 

“Tears are the blood of the soul.” 
Saint Augustine 

“We are born with tears, among tears our life goes by and we end our last day with tears.” 

“Men rich in tears are good. Depart from everyone whose heart is dry and his eyes are dry.” 

“The eye sees God well only through tears.” 
Victor Hugo 

─‘To err is human’─.