The appearance of the Sacred Fire, Johann Kunckel

The appearance of the Sacred Fire

The appearance of the Sacred Fire 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

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The appearance of the Sacred Fire, Johann Kunckel
The First Part of the Curious School of Art and Work, Johann Kunckel

The image shown in this engraving appeared on the first pages of a book entitled The First Part of the Curious School of Art and Work, published in 1696, Des curieusen Kunstund Weerck-Schul ester ─und anderer─. The artist of this engraving was Johann Kunckel, who lived between 1630 and 1703. He was a German alchemist dedicated to experimental chemistry. In 1693 he was named Johann Kunckel von Löwenstern by King Charles XI of Sweden.

To begin our unveiling, we must observe that the central figure is constituted by a woman who has a sun on her chest. This sun lets us see that she is the unfolding of God Father. Moreover, she appears as the mother of the divine Sulfur or Sacred Fire, in other words, she is our Divine Lady DEVI-KUNDALINI or STELLA MARIS.

Another lady lifts from behind a veil worn by the blessed Kundalini. This refers to Her finally revealing Herself to the Initiate and granting him the divine grace of being purified by the Secret Fire. That is what in esotericism we call “lifting the veil of Isis”.

It is important to note that the image of God Mother has four breasts. This tells us that She is the one who feeds the four elements: WATER, FIRE, AIR and EARTH. These elements are outside of us and inside us and, through the chemical combination of them in the laboratory of our organism, they will succeed in crystallizing our PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.

The Lady Adept who lifts the veil of God Mother has a CADUCEUS in her right hand, indicating our spine with its two main nadis, namely: IDA and PINGALA. There is no doubt that the ETERNAL FEMININE will grant the horn of abundance ─spiritual and material─ to everyone who manages to manifest Her in his human nature.

Next, it is good to point out that She, our Divine Lady, carries in her right hand a mini-staff that ends in a hand. That hand has a nail that pierces through it, and this has been captured by the artist to indicate that it is the sign of the Dry Path, which sets in motion the process of our intimate Christ through the esoteric works of the crucifixion and resurrection of our particular Chrestos.

It is also good to note that STELLA MARIS has a lion tied to a string. Here, this is the Red Lion. This lion is the representation of the total unification of our Mercury with our Sulfur, which will constitute the Red Tincture or Red Elixir appropriate to consummate the inner Great Work

Our companions must also grasp that there is a tree close to our Sacred Lady. That tree is the tree of life —our BEING— for She is an unfoldment of our Kether, our Ancient of Days, our Father who is in secret.

I now give you some sentences worthy of reflection/worthy of being reflected upon:

“Joy and love are the two great wings for great deeds.”

“The joy of the soul forms the beautiful days of life in whatever age it may be.”

“Youth is the paradise of life; joy is the eternal youth of the Spirit.”
I. Nievo

“The soul of Man is greater than the seas, and the dust of his remains barely fills the hollow of two hands.”
Fr. Juan Arolas

“For the good man every day is one of joy and rejoicing.”

─‘Better late than never’─.