God Mother, Caduceus, James Muir

The sacred forces of God Mother

The sacred forces of God Mother 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved friends:

I am pleased, esteemed readers, to send you this sculpture made by an American artist named James Nathan Muir. We have named it as…


First of all, I send you the words of this sculptor about his work, here they are:

“My goal is to create these seven ladies on seven continents, transcending individual differences to become a unifying symbol of the universal kinship of humanity and all creation in a physical metaphor representing the spiritual connection between all things, to help bring the healing power of love to Earth, ushering in a new Era of Peace.”

The work itself is called CADUCEUS. It is made of bronze and has the function of a water fountain with four water outlets.

However, the impressive thing about this work is that it is the very representation of God Mother ─Devi-Kundalini─ coming out of the philosophical egg or Kanda of the Hindustanis. Let us remember that She, Stella Maris, awakens in our organic and metaphysical nature in the heat of sexual transmutation, and has to ascend through the canals known as Ida and Pingala, which are on both sides of our spine.

Caduceus, James Muir. God Mother

That is why these two canals are shown in the form of the two serpents that constitute the Caduceus of Mercury from Greek and Roman mythologies. We do not know if the author belongs to any esoteric order from some corner of our world but it is undeniable that he knows about occultism and hermetic symbology.

The artist adds:

“The word caduceus ─Ka-doo-seus─ originates from the Greek Karykeion, derived from Karyx, meaning ‘a herald’s badge or staff’ [here understood as the God Mercury]. In Latin, the word ‘caduceum‘means practically the same. The caduceus was used by surgeons, militaries, official messengers to, among other things, indicate the cessation of hostilities on the battlefield.”

Legend has it that Hermes ─or Mercury─ saw two serpents fighting each other and to calm them he received a rod or staff from the God Aesculapius ─a Master of Medicine─. Hermes threw the staff on the two serpents and this calmed them, for they ended up curling onto it. All this tells us, illustrious reader, that the spiritual medicine to save our soul lies precisely in working with the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F. ─which Gnosis opportunely teaches us─, and this is the way to reconcile ourselves with the God Mercury ─our own seed that allows us to communicate with our inner divinity─…

The artist of the sculpture adds:

“The caduceus expresses the initial spiritual flow of energy from the Creator to creation.”

This is very significant, because we all know that universal life was crystallized by the original ARCHÉ or NEBULA, which was constituted by the mixture of Sulfur and Mercury of the Cosmocrators.

The crown worn by the Virgin and carrying seven rays symbolizes the animic freedom and the seven degrees of power of Fire. This divine representation wears an ornament between the eyebrows that symbolizes the third eye to denote that She has access to the material world and the other dimensions of hyperdimensional space. Equally, very significant is the Egyptian cross that hangs from her neck and symbolizes the supreme key to the crossing of masculine and feminine energies that are combined during the transmutatory art

Continuing with our description, we must point out that the wings of the Mother Goddess measure, each, nine feet long. This reminds us that our Sacred Fire springs from the Ninth Sphere.

We must also emphasize that those wings are made up of twenty-four feathers in total. This brings us to Arcanum VI of the Kabbalah. That Arcanum represents the mysteries of love.

This manifestation of God Mother wears rings on both hands. The left signifies, according to the artist, the marriage of heaven and earth, and the right the marriage of the Creator with his creation.

From the heart of this Madonna spring twelve rays of light.

The two ribbons in her hair contain twelve suns and stars totaling the number 144. This sum, kabbalistically reduced, gives us No. 9, which again reminds us that we must evoke Her during our alchemical works.

Behind, on her back, this sculpture carries the feather of the Egyptian goddess MAAT.

In a part close to her shoulders we can see the Star of David, representative of the Great Work consummated and, likewise, of the union of the celestial forces with the terrestrial forces. Such a Star of David is printed on a ribbon that covers the neck of the Mother Goddess, a ribbon that borders her on both sides.

For us in Gnosis, the most beautiful thing is to see the philosophical egg from which She emerges already broken, that is to say, allowing the celestial Fire of our Divine Lady to begin its ascent through the vertebrae of our spine to give us, in time, enlightenment in our soul.

It is equally wonderful to see Devi-Kundalini extending her arms to want to help the souls that venerate and honor her by detesting FORNICATION and living, instead, the sacred mysteries of the Igneous Magisterium. This is the authentic regeneration of the earthly Adam and Eve that will enable you to return to the paradise of Consciousness.

Let us conclude by affirming that knowledge united with divine inspiration works miracles.

I now give you some interesting sentences for your reflection:

“Art is truth because it creates what should be.”
Simon Bolivar

“The agitation of art is natural and healthy, and the soul that feels it suffers more from containing it than from letting it out.”
Jose Marti

“All art is imitation of Nature.”

“The transmission of thought by art, like the transmission of truth, is a work of passion and love.”
Ruben Dario

“If the love of virtue does not guide us, if we are not honest but out of interest, we will be cunning but never true good men.”


─‘Rejoice in God, all the earth’─.