The strategies of our Avatar

The strategies of our Avatar 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

I am very pleased to send you, in this message, a few doctrinal considerations related to:


First of all, I must emphasize to everyone that, without a doubt, the Hermetic Path is absolutely well explained in the monumental work written by our Patriarch entitled THE THREE MOUNTAINS, this must be very clear.

However, illustrious reader, one thing is the path and its sacred rules and another thing is the capacity that AN AVATAR can have to accelerate or slow down the path in the case of wanting to help a faithful disciple…

Doing an exercise of memorization, a dialogue that the blessed Guru held with the one who writes these lines came to my psyche. In it we begin to deal with the processes that make up the rocky path and, above all, the entry into the so-called desert of the sages, which entails, as is known, the first nine Labours of Hercules, the Greek solar hero.

What I consider interesting for all of us is in relation to the following dialogue I had with the exalted Bodhisattva of the Martian Logos, let us see:

Disciple: Master, this desert of the sages as part of the esoteric journey that we have to travel, it seems to me that it is not just anything, right?

Master: Brother, I really have to tell you that this desert is very hard, frightening and few can manage to tread it, understood?

Disciple: Master, if it is already difficult to raise the five Serpents of Fire and the five Serpents of Light, well that desert must involve many moral sufferings, I suppose, and especially if in such a process we have to go down to the infra-dimensions related to the planets of our solar system. That must lead to many unpleasant surprises…

Master: That’s right, brother, that’s right!

Disciple: But Master, to top it all off, the end times are upon us and, frankly, do you think that there will be time for many companions to manage to do these works in the aforementioned desert?

Master: Brother, that is what I am trying to fix and to that end I have come up with a plan, you will see: I am looking for a way to accelerate these processes in some companions, so that, without them having to be about to enter the desert of the sages, they will be able to pass the ordeals that constitute the same, even if they are simply raising up their Serpents of Fire or beginning to raise their Serpents of Light.

Disciple: Master, and is that possible?

Master: If I do negotiations about it with the Great Law, it would indeed be possible. In this way, brothers who could pass those ordeals of the desert of the sages without being in it, when they arrived later in that desert they would already have passed many of the processes of that arduous part of the Secret Path, do you understand?

Disciple: I understand, Master, UUUUFFFF!, that would be formidable but certainly also terrible, for the sufferings of the desert of the sages are, as you define them,  unspeakable

Master: That’s right, brother, that’s right, but it would be a great help, don’t you think?

Disciple: There is no doubt, Master, there is not the slightest doubt. The issue here would be to be able to endure such pains…

Master: Certainly, certainly…

After finishing that dialogue that I have just transcribed, I have to tell you that I was very thoughtful and entered into deep reflections. And I said to myself, “How far is our Avatar capable of going in his eagerness to help us, my God?”.

Once our Master and guide had disincarnated, after a few years, I precisely had a dialogue with a companion instructor whom I hold in high esteem. As part of that dialogue, that friend came to tell me about an oneiric experience in which he explained the following, he told me:

“Look what a strange thing has happened to me recently… It turns out that I have seen myself entering an ENORMOUS desert. It stretched far beyond my sight. It was all sand and wind blowing and I felt frighteningly alone, very lonely, horribly alone… “

That man continued telling me:

“I don’t think it’s the famous desert of the sages that Master Samael talks about, so what do you think that experience means?”

My answer to that companion was as follows:

“Do you know something? Quite some time ago I had a dialogue with Master Samael in which the Avatar expressed to me that he was going to try to negotiate with the superior Great Law the advancement of processes related to the desert of the sages in those disciples that he considered to be prepared to endure those ordeals, do you understand me?”

That friend answered me:

Yes, yes, I understand you… But that is terrible and if that is my case then I hope the Father wants to help me, because right now I could not assure you that I would endure it”…

That experience that companion had had internally came to confirm the word of our Avatar when, years earlier, in that enigmatic dialogue, he had confessed to me the purpose of accelerating initiatory processes in some men and women companions that he considered could endure them.

The years have passed and those wise words of our Avatar, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, still resonate in my ears, referring to that strategy that he wanted to use with the purpose of giving a little push to all of us, if we truly yearn with all the forces of our soul to free ourselves from the Wheel of Samsara…

Let us meditate, esteemed reader, on these things, for they are the ones that can really help us rescue our soul and integrate us with our divine Spirit.

I leave now, for all of you, some sentences related to these mysteries:

“The glory of God consists in hiding his secrets and that of man in discovering them.”

“Thinking is a mystery, speaking is a mystery, man an abyss.”

“The mystery besieges us and it is precisely what we see and do every day that hides most of the mysteries.”

“Enthusiasm is the salt of the Soul.”
St. Augustine

“If you have never had great success, you do not know what you are worth: success is the touchstone of characters.”
Amado Nerve