Esoterism and Pseudoesoterism

Esoterism and Pseudoesoterism 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

We have to say that by the hermetic tradition one has to understand that doctrinal system that is capable of binding, or reuniting, a man with his original identity, with his Inner Real Being, the Real Being that philosophy speaks about, through some initiatic parameters, authentic parameters, that are developing inside a person in a practical way, what would be then an initiatic process that leads finally to the Intimate Self-realization of that Being of what we are speaking.

Well, a legitimate hermetic tradition, said in synthetic way and in few words, has to have implicit what the Gnosis nowadays categorises as the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness. Wherever these Three Factors are not implicit: the death or disappearance of the animal Ego; the works related with the Sacrament of Love, that is to say, the alchemical works; and the cancellation of karmic debts through the sacrifice for humanity; wherever there are not present these three ingredients or these three elements, one cannot speak of a legitimate hermetic tradition. They have to be composed in their form and in their depth of methods and systems capable of achieving that which the buddhists call the “psychological decapitation”, the death of myself and of the personality of the practicing subject. United to that, I repeat, so there has to be present the science of Alchemy or of the transmutations or permutations, and that has connotations of a sexual type; and one has to manifest disinterested love for our fellow beings as money of payment to the Archons of the Law or of Destiny so that they allow that person to be accepted in the Initiatic Mysteries, and to be assisted and helped in the course of his life, to reach his liberation.